Episode-603- 12 Planks of Modern Survivalism — 22 Comments

  1. I’ve listened to you for a long time now I would have to say I think this is the best show, don’t get me wrong now all the shows have been great but this one just stuck with me for some reason! Keep up the great work and I wish you much success. Later Willie M.

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  3. >”Prepare for Everything Including Nothing Going Wrong”

    This is why I have also been reinvesting in my business – new workstation; phone system upgrades; skype upgrades; updated software licenses; lcd projector; new marketing websites; etc. If I was 100% certain that TEOTWAWKI was going to happen in 2011, I would not make these investments. However, it might not happen until 2012, 2013, 2014, or even later — until then investments in my business at worst maintain my existing income and at best will increase it. All of this is depreciating infrastructure and most of my old equipment was at or near the end of its useful life and unlikely to last until 2012.

    However, I am not neglecting my preps but my focus for 2011 on preps is on long-term self sufficiency – primarily for energy and heating.

  4. Totally unrelated but I just wanted to let you all know that I received my 100 copper coins today and they are superb in quality, finish and craftsmanship. I need to order another 100. Thanks to Jack and everybody that was involved in producing these coins.

    • @Chuck W, just got mine yesterday as well. I wanted to order a 100 more myself but even I can’t get them till the next batch comes in. Sis put 200 into reserve in case anyone had issues with their existing shipments.

    • @Jayne,

      Nothing but solar energy or riding a bike or buying a carbon credit won’t help a single one of them. Besides they don’t need saving they are doing just fine.

  5. As always, you’re spot on with so much Jack – why do you seem incorrigible to the evidence about the earth’s climate changing? I know there’s people getting rich off it, there’s conspiracy around it perhaps too – but that doesn’t make it untrue. You’re letting that throw you off.
    The earth’s climate has always been changing, and will keep on changing. Climate change is a fact of life on this planet, like it or not. Humans or not. Whether C02 is making a difference – well, that’s pretty likely given the last 500,000 years of climate record. Either way, you should drop the energy you spend on this issue – climates changing, always has, always will and that needs to be addressed by our preps. Of course.
    And Jack Spirko the polar bear expert – come on buddy – who knows how they are doing? You don’t, nor do I. But given the state of the planet, is it believable that they might not be ‘doing fine.’
    You’re stubborn on this topic buddy.

  6. @Ben, There is evidence of NOTHING, the earth has been warmer and it has been colder and it will be warmer and colder in the future. Believe the bullshit if you want but don’t waste your energy on trying to convince me this massive lie is anything but a massive lie.

    • @Ben and many scientists believe that the correlation is warming temps mean more CO2 not the other way around and if you read that research it is a hell of a lot more plausible then the tripe we are fed by main stream media.

      CO2 also has a saturation limit and this is SCIENTIFIC FACT about how gasses work. The carbon that’s already up in the atmosphere absorbs most of the light that it can. CO2 only ‘soaks up’ its favorite wavelengths of light and it’s close to saturation point.

      The natural greenhouse effect is real, and does keep us warm, but it’s already reached it’s peak performance.Throw more carbon up there and most of the extra gas is just ‘unemployed’ molecules. They manage to grab a bit more light from wavelengths that are close to their favorite bands but they can’t do much more, because there are not many left-over photons at the right wavelengths.

      You can argue with the above but I defy you to disprove it.

  7. And I agree with you, it’s been warmer and colder – climate’s changing, always has, always will. Doesn’t mean carbon credits are bogus. But you seem to be saying that just because there’s people getting rich off it, and there’s conspiracy and poor science and even lies, the whole concept of climate change as potentially being caused in part by human’s moving massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere from the geosphere is null and void. Plain old commons sense would say otherwise – moving lots of ancient carbon into the atmosphere from the ground probably will do something to the atmosphere. And the science does back up this common sense understanding as well.

  8. Jack,

    Thank you for clarifying some things about “Climate Change”/”Global Warming.” I would love for you to do a show on the specifics of why and how these things are bogus. I think many of us in the community would love to hear you explain the ins-and outs.



  9. Jack,

    I am an Emergency Management student and am in my second year. Listening to this ‘cast made me smile due to the comparison you gave of disaster probability v disaster preparedness. At least that is what I think you said. The term disaster is defined as: Deadly, destructive, and disruptive events that occur when a hazard(or multiple hazards)interact(s) with human vulnerability.

    The vulnerability plainly put is not being prepared to mitigate a disaster in your life, whether that be a death in your immediate family,loss of income,loss of your home,natural/man-made or technological disasters. To not prepare is a death sentence for your family and yourself in any event. Gold/silver will not feed your family when there is not food to be had if and when infrastructure collapses.

    I was part of a damage assessment team for 31 days for both Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. We were assigned a parish that was pretty rural and had spread out utility services and severe damage to all in place infrastructure. When we were done with our assessment and turned our findings in to the powers that be to determine when and where rebuilding efforts will start.

    With this in mind the response we received from FEMA was that “they are in the outer areas, they will be last to receive relief or reconstruction services”. How crappy is that?! Because you do not live in a municipality you are pretty much on your own. I had an idea from serving 11 years in the military that “Uncle Scam” would hang us out to dry and that help will not come in enough time to save my family or immediate community members.

    The US Government pretty much triaged off over half of an oil producing state and region during a major natural disaster and said they are on their own until we determine we can get to them. When the team and I heard this we sped back to the parish emergency mgr/sheriff. We had to sit down and tell a man that had been holding together a community on a thread that help was not coming. You could see all emotions run through his face, and when he finally spoke he said “I had a feeling they were going to do this to us”. They being our own government.

    As I sit here and type this I think what if this happened here locally, what would we do, if we had to evacuate-where would we go, what would we eat? These are alot of questions to answer and digest. My answer for all of these, is to prepare for what I can and mitigate the rest as they come along, and the whole time building my preparedness measures to check one more box on the list of things to prepare for. Having basic preparedness measures in place for an “All Hazards” approach to the possibility of a disaster.

    • @mountainmanpreparedness

      What you just explained is the best case for reestablishing a county level militia system I have ever heard. Listen to Stewart Rhodes discuss this on episode 602 and I think you will find the parallels striking.

      Imagine what a civilian militia with organization and structure would have meant to that sheriff if they were willing to report to duty under him. Further if they have a stock pile of emergency supplies ready to use for the people of the county as well.

      As Stewart said, “no one will take care of you the way your own will”.

  10. Great show today Jack, one of the best! I also really enjoyed yesterday’s show. Both were top notch. Thanks again, keep up the good work.

  11. This is a great episode. Prepping is a lifestyle not just a hobby. We all need to codify for ourselves what we need and want and how to maintain those things in good times and bad.

    I’m reminded that in Florida people will buy a generator before a big storm and then sell it if the storm misses them. Well, it is a good way to get cheap generators, often still in the box.

  12. Anyone else having trouble with iTunes downloading this show? It’s the first one I have not gotten to directly download in iTunes. I picked it up direct, just odd that iTunes did not like this one for me for some reason.

  13. Jack-On people not connecting with their food supply. Last year my wife and I went to the county fair, and made our usual trip through the 4H barns. Along a fence in front of the pigs was a poster, showing in a cartoon-like diagram, all of the different cuts of the pig. There was a mother, standing in front of that poster, arms outstretched,blocking the view so her kids couldn’t see it. She complained the whole time about how her kids should not know that what they eat comes from a pig. We later talked to one of the girls there, and that mother complained to the fair office to have that poster removed. Ignorance is one thing (eggs from a chickens butt just being one example), but choice of not educating future generations is another. I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh at this lady, or start an argument. *sigh*

  14. Slowly catching up on some old episodes (very late in commenting). I wanted to say something about the preparedness documentation and encrypting numbers for bank accounts, SSN, credit card, etc. Be careful with the encryption idea that you use, just adding a few numbers or subtracting from each number would not work. Credit cards especially have a format that can be used to to help crack your encryption if you are just adjusting the digits by a common amount. The length of the number would help ID the credit card type, and some of the digits used in them are going to be guessable. Same for phone numbers, area code commonality and branch extensions could be guessed, cracking the whole encryption scheme. I would suggest using pass phrases to make the transformation of each digit different, and using several pass-phrases for different types of numbers. If you were to encrypt phone numbers, only do the last 4 digits. Any number being hand encrypted could have some extra digits thrown in at known places to help pad it and throw of attempts to decrypt. It would be a bit more work, but its better to be on the safe side in the event your information gets stolen.

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