Episode-1199- Personal Libertarian Living Can it be Done — 39 Comments

  1. Jack did I hear correctly that you’re not yet ready to start taking applications for a head Admin for the Walking to Freedom board? Or are oyu just not looking at the ones you get yet?

  2. Jack,
    You say you may give up on voting? One reason to continue voting is to help out a smaller party you may actually like. If a small party gets 5-24% of the vote, they are eligible for presidential campaign funds the next year. Ben Swann did a good video explaining it.

    Yes, it’s public money for a campaign fund. But shouldn’t you make the most out of something if it’s going to be their anyway?

    You should still vote for whoever you want. And I would say, go as far as writing someone in if it comes down to it. But don’t give up all together.

  3. Interesting show. I do want to say that I’m not sure what the relevance is of the history segment… I’ll probably skip them in the future.

      • Dude, you cant’ call yourself a history nerd based on that. It was basically read straight from the 1199 Wikipedia page… Seriously, check it out and compare.

        • The point is to put some historical context OVER time into our current situation that many believe is some how different than any time in history.

          If you don’t like it, FF is your answer. As for Tyler not calling himself a “history nerd” because I read this from Wiki is nonsense. Of course I read it from Wiki, I SAY I DO on the air, there is no deceit.

          And a self described history nerd could read 1200 years in a few days but it doesn’t have the same effect of getting it in small bites over time. Try listening and looking for the links to current behavior in society, you MIGHT learn something. Or hit FF and skip the short segment it won’t harm my feelings.

      • Gosh, Stephen, I think I can call myself whatever I want. You’re welcome to disagree, though. I don’t call myself a history nerd based just on that, I base it on a general love for learning about our past, from books to documentaries to random interesting tidbits.

      • @ Tyler, Yeah, you can. Sorry, just reread what I wrote and it came off more dickish than I meant it to.

        @Jack, Didn’t think you were deceitful, I just think that you do some high quality content on this podcast, and doing segments straight from wikipedia seems a little under your level. That’s all. I’ll FF to the good stuff.

        • Thanks for apologizing to Tyler.

          As for reading from Wiki, I am giving my views about it, but I am also LEARNING with you, I don’t have a clue in the world what happened in 1201 but will learn as soon as I produce today’s show.

          I know I can come off like I know a shit ton of stuff and I do but I don’t know everything. It might be good for that to be seen.

          Anyway I plan to run this for a couple weeks, then do a poll and if most don’t want it, I will cut it, if most do I will keep it. I serve you the audience but I have to serve the majority not the individual when it comes to content.

  4. You mentioned going first to a “problem” neighbor and try to amicably resolve the issue. I think sometimes we need to look at ourselves and ask am I that “problem” neighbor. Go over and have a chat with the neighbor to try to reach a solution that allows mutual existence before they have the whole neighborhood marching with pitchforks and torches
    Yesterday I shot 3 Canadian geese in the back yard, plucked them, waxed and dressed them. I kept the largest to roast for supper last night but I took the other 2 over to the neighbor and asked if he wanted them, he was excited, said he was going to make jerky and would give me some of it. He is never ever going to complain about my shooting a shotgun in the back yard and it only cost me a little time and a couple 12 gauge shells.

  5. Jack, thought it started a bit slow and boring; however, by the end of the show, bravo, firing on all cylinders, well done.

    Your ideas of an anarchy community are a bit far-fetched, but everybody needs a moon to shoot for even if you never make it. What you are wanting is possible if it was created with something other than humans; we just have too many shortcomings for what you are envisioning. On a long enough timeline, all those shortcomings get played-out. But that is merely my opinion.

    Your reminders at the end about always learning, realizing what you are interested in has worth was excellent. Most people never take the time to go deep, and gain true depth of skills anymore. Technology has made everybody ‘smart’ with the thinest veneer of familiarity with many subjects. But only the very few drill-down into true knowledge that would be considered mastery of a subject.

    I don’t agree with you about geniuses or people with high IQ being the only people that can truly get to that elite level of knowledge or opportunity. I think almost anyone can, people just need to be ready to put in the time and effort to get there. People with high IQs generally always fall short of true potential, but that is another discussion.

    • @Scott, I don’t think you understood my point about people with high IQs, my point was they often break free from the system, learn on their own but because they went to school and got good grades the system claims credit for them.

      My point wasn’t only the truly gifted can succeed just that the gifted often do great things in spite of the educational system, not due to it.

      That said the average person DOES most often become a drone in the service of the educational system and the sociatial systems it feeds. It does take something special to break out of it.

      As for an anarchy community, it isn’t far fetched there are groups like this all over. I know of several. Such groups exist along side the current system and understand what they can and can not currently influence. Humans certainly do have the capacity for self government, just few choose to access it. Sort of like my point above about the educational system.

      My view is ANY reasonably intelligent person could take the basics school does teach decently, such as how to read, basic math, a basic concept of history (even if much is revisionist) and a basic understanding of science (even though much of what is taught ignores the very scientific method taught at the foundation of sciences) and break free from said system. Just most won’t do it, it is too easy to follow the lines, connect the dots, mark the bubble, etc. then to step up and out.

      Sure most people can self govern and most people can self learn, sadly most people won’t or will do only the minimum necessary to be a cog in a machine they would hate, if only they fully understood its purpose.

  6. This show was a good description of a different “L” party – the “Leave me the **** Alone” party.

    If you want to smoke pot? Fine – we’ll leave you the **** alone.
    Do you want us to subsidize your behavior? nope – Leave me the **** alone.

  7. It would go well with the “Calm the **** down” parenting method. easily switched into a political decision making tool. “People are killing other people on the other side of the world? Calm the **** down.” or “you think we all need to buy something to help save the planet? Calm the **** down”

  8. right at 53 minutes in a Valerie Asinov is mentioned with regard to an unnamed fighting art. Either I’ve spelled the name wrong or my google is broken. Anyone have an idea what the unnamed style is?

  9. Jack, a few months back you read some of the Armed Citizen reports from one of the NRA magazines. I thought that was a great idea and since it’s only monthly would go along fine with the “today in history” segment- which is great, by the way and helps give some perspective.

  10. I like your point on intellect. I always felt that true intellect was not just your knowledge, but your ability to use it to help others or to help yourself. I know a lot of knowledgeable folks that would do well on Jeopardy, but they couldn’t apply that knowledge to save their life.

    “I can name all the bones in the human body!”
    “Great, do you know how to mend them or set a broken bone correctly? Better yet do you know how to manipulate them to force an assailant into a different direction?”

  11. Bill Gates and all of his buddies that created the world of computer programming in a garage were all “pot heads”. They went to meetings in flip flops, long hair, bell bottoms, etc and walked into a room full of suits and sold their programming. Gates sold programming that hadn’t even been created yet and pushed his guys to make it happen. Gosh….hmmmm……….. yup…billionaire pot heads.

    • Don’t know about the drugs, but you may have been misled on some facts. He and Mr. Apple jointly (but not in a friendly way) stole ideas from Xerox. When IBM came around looking for an OS for their junk (as they thought) home computer the Digital Research crew had a better DOS, but failed to dress up for the suits, which pissed off the suits. Bill was smart enough to get everybody cleaned up, dressed well, offer what the suits thought was a great deal (only $5.00 per PC sold) and meet on business terms. The rest is history.

      • No drugs. Just cannabis.

        It as been a while since studying on this subject at the technological college I attended a few years ago. The history on these folk was quite out of the ordinary and I am aware of the Gates/Jobs feud. And that some underhanded methods were used to do some serious ladder climbing. And yes, eventually they got hair cuts and put on some ‘business’ clothing.

        However, the fact still remains that they were avid users of cannabis.

  12. I have made the paradigm shift. Next election, should the economy still be functioning. Libertarian.

    With the Republicans hosting a hole bunch of Wieners like McCain, Lindsey Grahm, Boner, and Chris Crispie. I am done with them.

    Sure. I’d vote for Rand or Cruz. But IMHO, they will be harpooned by the media and squeezed out by the RINO’s.

    Good luck. And may God have mercy on our souls as O prepares to attack Syria.

  13. I have been listening to your podcast since just about the beginning and this is one of your best shows. Boy do I ever wish I had the opportunity to listen to this a decade ago. Looking forward to hearing more about PermaEhthos. The state I reside in just about made the “naughty” list and Texas sounds interesting.

  14. Maybe it is a mental holdover from another blog site, but isn’t sad that we have gotten to the stage of culture that so many need Jack to have the father-son talk via podcast? Damn, bums me out.

  15. Jack you nailed it. Being libertarian is all about respecting the rights of others as long as there’s no harm via force or fraud. Laws ought to guarantee the rights of individuals, not use the force of the state as a means to infringe on the liberty of others. Yet people are so terrified of others if they are different.

    Take for instance the the GA constitutional amendment of 2004 that expressly prohibits gay marriage. The State at the time did not recognize gay marriages nor was same sex marriage legal anywhere in the state, but 76% of the voters felt it was necessary to add it to the State Constitution. It wasn’t even an issue, but this gives a clear indication of how people talk about liberty but really don’t grasp the concept.

    The preamble to the GA Constitution says, “To perpetuate the principles of free government, insure justice to all, preserve peace, promote the interest and happiness of the citizen and of the family, and transmit to posterity the enjoyment of liberty, we the people of Georgia, relying upon the protection and guidance of Almighty God, do ordain and establish this Constitution.” They should add, “unless you’re gay..,”

    How does it infringe on anyone’s rights if two people of the same sex are married? It comes back to ethics vs morality. It’s unethical to deny people the freedom to do what they want to do when their action does no harm to their fellow man. However, religious doctrine introduces “morality” into the equation which then is used to justify curtailing someone else’s liberty. Doug Casey has a great article on ethics v morality.

    • You want conservatives to accept whatever the left comes up with and let it be, but the far left will never give up trying to push their agenda. Jack says that the idea of men kissing makes him sick, guess what that is considered hate speech and he is a homophobic hateful person to them.. Why should I waste any of my time or brain energy worrying about the far left crap ? Why defend them when you are obviously going against your own instincts ? Your spirit and intuition is telling you that this is a strange thing, yet you are out there spending time and energy defending it. Obviously there are some people who seek to harm others, but that is not the political aspect we are talking about and is not even anywhere near the majority of what is going on.

      • Let me speak for myself brother. Yes I said it grosses me out to see men kissing but saying that without saying I respect gay rights and even feel they should have the same protection under the law as strait people (marriage contracts) if they want them, makes me look like what said leftist will call me.

        See I am not conservative or liberal, I am libertarian. I know there is NO SOLUTION in the politics as well. I don’t care what neo fascists say any longer, be they neo liberal fascists or neo conservative fascists is of little interest or difference.

  16. David Graeber’s book “Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology” describes some societies without government.

    • Let me tell you a great one we should talk about some day, Stalin’s Siberia.

      How the hell can Stalin be credited with an anarcho society.

      Many sent to Siberia didn’t go to salt mines or gulags, many just were dropped off in the middle of no where and told you are on your own. About 50% on average died in the first year, but many villages and towns were built by survivors.

      Eventually as rail traffic was increased in Siberia the commie government types that went out there saw these successful settlements and started “helping them” once again. But said societies were absolutely successful and absolutely anarchist by any sane definition of the word.

      They were technically subject to the state but no one from the state bothered to do anything with or to them, they were simply left to die and decided not to.

  17. Jack, your comments on education were very good. Father Guido Sarduci (SNL) did a comedy bit called 5 minutes university that was so funny and so true. He illustrates that every thing you still remember five years after graduation graduating from college, could be taught in five minutes. I have posted this on my website and other education websites asking for a solution, nobody has one (except for me of course). Here’s the link to Father Guido on youtube.

  18. @jack…
    Did I hear you correctly, or was I half asleep? Did you say that Chamomile is illegal to ingest?!? I must be confused… Are we really that far along?

    Also…. It makes me SO happy to see you “come out” anarchist. Thanks for being a positive example. And putting it so….Rationally.

    • Yes you misheard, comfrey is illegal for internal use. It isn’t actually illegal to use it that way it is illegal to recommend it or sell it for internal use.