Episode-2793- 10 Things 2020 Taught or Confirmed for Me — 25 Comments

  1. Absolute FIRE! It reminds me of the market meltdown warnings from the Jetta. I’m sure you saved a few that needed a kick. It motivates the hell outta me to keep building my actual Galt’s Gultch. Ty! 🙂

  2. Used to listen to your show a good while back and checked back in. You have gone from being an interesting right winger to bat shit crazy! Yes the world is more complex now but it isn’t full of the crazy conspiracy you suggest. Yes the world is more partisan but the simple way to counter that is to consume media from both sides. I’m a UK resident and you guys very nearly lost your democracy to a wannabe dictator. A true “patriot” would be helping repair it not hiding in a bunker or the boonies.

    • I have come to accept people like you are ingnorant of your ignorance. The evidence for everything I said is plain to see, I am just going to say I am glad you are in the UK where your state is even more Nazi then the US so you can enjoy the full force of it as it puts its boot on your neck. Enjoy your full lock downs,enjoy wearing your mask for years, enjoy your untested vaccine, enjoy having no right to defend yourself.

      I have also never been “right wing”, and nothing in this episode was right wing.

      Your solution “to consume media from both sides” amounts to two vs. one bowl of bullshit soup a day. Enjoy it and enjoy a world where “you will own nothing, have no privacy but never have been so happy”.

      You do know that is the open plan right? Here you go they don’t even hide it any more. But you will remain ignorant of your ignorance anyway and well, I am at peace with that.

    • Funny I tuned in to Jack today after a long absence as well. Ioza my friend you are asleep at the wheel. Have you watched the news this year? In America, I have seen:

      – local and state gov limiting freedom of movement and association through draconian lockdown laws
      – far left rioters burn down city blocks while the mayor and police stand down, seen those same cowards swiftly tamp down on any attempt to fight back against the mob
      – Mainstream media as well as social media platforms blatantly suppressing reports that don’t fit a certain narrative
      – Social media shadow ban, suppress and enact algorithms that target anyone who dares speak out against identity politics and other sacred pillars of big tech/media.
      – Seen formerly reasonable people foam at the mouth with rage at the president because they’ve been brainwashed by 4 years of the mainstream media shitting on trump at every turn.
      – President-to-be Biden publish his gun control policy that will cost me thousands of dollars in taxes, if not get my firearms confiscated completely.

      In your country, this year I’ve seen teenage kids arrested for daring to post a photo of one kneeling on the other’s neck mocking the George Floyd incident. Also seen british cops show up at someone’s door for getting into an argument with someone on facebook. You’ve lost whatever freedom of speech you had completely and don’t seem to think it couldnt be you someday that’s being hauled away for wrongthink.

      Have we forgotten the meaning of basic principles like “I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it”?

      • But you and I are just right wing foil hat conspiracy theorists right? FFS you can’t help these people so all you can do is sadly laugh at them and build your own life as best you can.

    • Ioza, Please do us a favor and never “check in” again. If you are going to be a troll, please just go away.

  3. When you talked about science….our idiot governor likes to use the phrase “the science is settled,” to justify her executive orders. Therefore, one can’t debate it.

  4. Jack this was very powerful. Thanks for speaking your mind and it will resonate with those that are looking for truth. I have to admit I’m sad to watch the old days die but I don’t see any other way. At times this is a lonely path. Take care friend.

  5. Willful ignorance is what I have experienced. Back in April I told a friend that the lockdowns were all about control and we were no longer free. He argued that it was a “matter of safety” not freedom. I said, “Yeah, I can’t go to work, I can’t travel, I have to wear a mask, I can’t go to church (closed), I can’t go to my favorite restaurant (closed). But I can CLAIM to be free?! RIIIGGHT

  6. On another front, I have said voting was a waste of time. I got, “But people have died for your right to vote” I said, “No they died in battle because somebody in authority told them to, it had nothing to do with my right to vote.” Others said, “If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain” I replied, “You have no concept of MY ability to complain, lol”

    There was virtually nobody who argued that my vote really mattered. I said, “The two parties put up two clowns to choose from. So do I want Hitler over here or Stalin over there, and will the choice make any difference?” They are all members of the Deep State.

    • “People died for…..” always amazes me and I usually respond with…

      “So were you ever a solider fighting in a war”?

      Response is 95% of the time. “No”

      I respond with “well I was and the subject of defending your right to vote never came up with all the guys around me, not one time. My uncles served in Vietnam and Korea, my grandfathers and great uncles in WWII, none of them ever once claimed to have fought for your right to vote, so where in the hell do you get this belief from? If fact can you tell me a vet you know who says he fought for specifically ‘your right to vote’, just one”?

      This results in one of three things….

      1. A claim I don’t know what I am talking about yet no example of any vet they know claiming otherwise.
      2. Some sort or angry chant of yet another catch phrase.
      3. Throwing hands in the air and mumbling while walking away.

      And in their minds they are still right and catch phrases like “freedom isn’t free” are still proof of same.

      And people wonder why I say to give up on the masses.

  7. Awesome show, Jack. Obviously, no one wants you to be right, including yourself, but you are. I’m pretty sure you know this, but didn’t want to say it, but when you were mentioning how the right/left divide is more divisive than religion. It’s not more or less divisive than religion, it literally is a religion. But not a good religion that people use to make their community together and get together with others who believe the same thing. The right/left divide is more equatable to Scientology or Jonestown level cult

  8. Actually, I have a question for Jack on this. You mentioned Texas being the state that leaves the Union first. I’ve been thinking a lot about this, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the leftist states that try to leave first.
    The scenario that seems the most likely to me is California breaking off, and inviting Oregon and Washington to be part of their new country.
    What I don’t think they understand though is just how red the majority of the land in these states actually is. And so, I think there would be an immediate fracturing of those states with most going back to the US as new states.
    The State of Jefferson would be Crater Lake to Redding.
    Central California (Not sure on that name) would be most of the non coastal land south of Sacramento and north of LA.
    South California would be the area south of Los Angeles County stretching to the Mexican Border, Arizona, and Nevada.
    Eastern Oregon and Washington (Not sure on that name) would likely be one state. If Portland and Seattle wanted to go with California. But, I’m not sure they would.

    The reasoning behind this is that while the right prides itself on it’s Patriotism, the left actually hates the Constitution as they find it too restrictive. So, the idea that the break up would come from the right, seems unlikely without a whole lot changing. But, the left has actually been trying something like this with CHAZ or whatever it was called, they’re in the head space for it to make sense. They just need this new country to have a name they like, and they’ll be all in.

    Am I way off base? Or have you given this any thought?

    • Yea you are off base, totally. The entire nation has been moving to the left for 100 years, they are winning, why would they leave?

      • If you think logically about virtually anything the left does you’re not going to come to the same conclusion they do. But, from talking to them, they feel the opposite. The country is so far to the right, that we’re dangerously approaching Hitler, and the Constitution is in their way to prevent it. Of course, none of that makes any sense at all. Hitler was a socialist, and a document that is completely ignored isn’t in the way of anything, and following the Constitution would be the best way to make Hitler not a realistic threat, but that’s not how they think.

  9. Excellent show, Jack. This comes as expected to me but would be jaw dropping to most people. Being Canadian, I’ve followed the riots, election and media lunacy and thought I had no skin in the game. Then I saw our Prime Minister address the U.N. about the great opportunity that COVID has provided for a Great Reset. After the killing rampage in Nova Scotia this summer, he took another opportunity to ban all AR-15s in Canada, with no debate in Parliament and a non-sitting minority government. For our safety. The gunman acquired all firearms he used illegally. By Border Services statistics, 84% of firearms used in crimes in Canada are smuggled in from the U.S. The total number of crimes in Canadian history where an AR-15 was used? Zero.
    I live in a police state with obedient sheep. Thank you for shining a light on the path to freedom.

  10. “If the government’s propaganda can take root as children grow up, those kids will be no threat to the state apparatus.

    They’ll fasten the chains to their own ankles.”
    – Llewellyn H Rockwell, Jr. (Mises Institute)

    It starts with ‘muh skoolz’…or is that Sesame Street? 😉

  11. I think you were incorrect on your prediction about secession. According to Texas vs white 1869 ruling, it is not constitutional for a state to secede. The ruling states there are only 2 paths to secession: revolution and mutual agreement between the state and federal government. Essentially the only way to secede is through civil war. Do you think it will come to that?

    • Well first my prediction has nothing to do with if it is “legal” or not only that it will or will not happen and I said possible not probable. I think I gave it like a 2% chance vs. a .1% chance as of a year ago, big increase still small.

      Next Texas is not the same as other states it has the ability to secede in the original agreement with the Fed and in its’ own constitution.

      And if you think the constitution even matters at this point as to what anyone can or can’t do I just wonder what world you see out your window.

  12. Jack, I live in California in unincorporated LA County. I moved to the Antelope Valley 4 years ago. Due to custody orders, I’m not allowed to leave the state and can live in only LA or Orange Counties. I would leave in a heartbeat if I could. My child is in private Christian school and I watch her curriculum very closely.

    Any suggestions?