Episode-247- 10 Methods of Storing Food for Modern Survival — 19 Comments

  1. I was wondering. MREs have an expiration date, how long can they go past that and still be safe? I still have my MREs from Y2K.

    • Thanks for adding that resource it has been a few months since I really checked out here channel. I plan to have her on the show when I start doing interviews, which is going to be very soon.

  2. The link to the end of civilization piece was interesting.
    The best book about investing is Graham's, "Intelligent Investor". Reading that book and applying Graham's philospohy can help an investor avoid disaster, IMHO. Not losing money in securities I think qualifies as a survival technique.

  3. I think the sales pitch for joining the support brigade: "if you think this show is worth a quarter…" would be more effective if that statement were eliminated and replaced with something like: "If you find this show valuable consider stepping up to The Survival Podcast Plus for enhanced, advanced, material". I just don't think it is human nature to pay for something that is free.

    The term "support brigade" comes across like volunteering to be on active duty for something, and paying for it. Human nature isn't to pay to support something, but to get something.

    Lastly, the term "brigade" has an obsolete military ring to it that doesn't communicate the nature of The Survival Podcast. It might even contradict it. That is why I'd make a name change to "The Survival Podcast Plus".

  4. Jack,

    You mentioned people being removed from the email notification, I'm one of them. I just resigned. Also, I forgot my password to the member support brigade, and when I clicked that I forgot it, I filled in my email address, but was never given my password. Not sure if the two are related. I do check all the email in my SPAM folder and haven't seen anything.

  5. Jack,

    You mentioned putting a link to a site on how to make a solar dehydration device but from what I have seen you have not. If this was an oversight on your part I hope you can put a link up, if not my mistake. Great show as usual, thanks.

  6. Not all MRE's are equal. You got to be able to interpret the codes on the boxes to find the freshest ones. They don't last forever. Shelf life is similar to canned food. Shelf life is affected by temperature and how long its been at that temp. But you can be pretty sure the cans at the market have been kept in temperature controlled storage. But the MRE's on eBay, gunshows or surplus stores? Who knows since the myth is that they will stand up to anything. For all the skinny on MRE's got to Its the best resource for buying MRE's, menus & shelf life. Covers not just MRE's but other US rations and foreign rations as well. The small community on their forum is very knowledgeable about rations and many hail from around the world. Their topics sometime range into civilian shelf stable foods which would apply here. As a forum member I can vouch for the site. Other than eBay longlife foods is a great resource as if you gotta have MRE's.

  7. Carlos is right… Got the word out that in the field after chug-a-lugging a chocolate shake in the field!!

  8. For people who want to learn about canning, bread making, soap making, candle making, gardening and herbs…go to and check out the Homestead Blessing DVD series. I have just ordered all of them and can't wait to watch. I have seen the West Ladies in another of their videos called Inherit the Land: Adventures on the Agrarian Journey and they are very sweet and are living my dream 🙂

  9. Jack, There's so much info I have to listen with a pencil and notepad handy. When I'm in the car I have to take a mental note of the timestamp to listen again when I get back home. Thank you!

  10. Jack – quick question on the freezing side of thing: do you have any experience with some of the vacuum sealers? I see the claims about them extending life of frozen food by 3-4x, but wondering if thats real or marketing hype?

    Benn doing alot of canning lately from our garden and will keep that up, but thought it might be nice to add some relatively long term storage that would come out a little 'fresher' than what we get out of our Mason jars.

    Love the show and keep up the good work.