Episode-2494- 10 Low Carb Meals and How to Make Them — 10 Comments

  1. This is so cool Jack, I just got my snack of Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Tomato’s and Cucumbers in small bits so I could get each one on the fork at the same time. Clicked on the link in my email then here you are talking about low carb meals. I’m at my ideal weight but I do follow the low carb diet, actually it’s the way I eat. I started a very long time ago by cutting out half the serving of pasta or bread and replacing it with either veggi or protein, which ever I wanted that day. At the time my goal was just to restrict carb’s, this was in 1979 and I was getting a little chubby and didn’t like it. It eventually evolved into a low carb, high protein and sensible fat diet.  Oh and I can tolerate Sardines now, thanks for recommending the French Guy. I can’t find the episode though, but it was recent.

    Thank you for the spreadsheet, that will be a really good help, it also gives me incentive to play with Excel more.

  2. Hi Jack,

    I have the same problem that you mentioned at the begging of the episode.. I try it for a while, it works.. then I stop, gain weight, then try it again.. and so on…

    Thank you for sharing this, I shall start once again.

    One technical detail, I think you missed a link in the text above.

    “10 Meals that Fit Phase One and You Won’t Mind Eating – First Five are In this PDF” <– there is no link to the PDF 


    • Dang it the link is in the resources but missed it in the episode bullets. Fixed now.

  3. I’ve been on low carb for over two years.  I stalled out so I switched to Whole 30 for a little while and that kick started the weight loss back into action.  But eventually, that eating plan causes weight gain for us carb watchers.  A doctor friend told me about intermittent fasting and that is simply awesome.  I’m doing the 18:6 version.  It took me about two weeks to get in sync with it but now I love it.  I’ll be getting back on both the low carb combined with fasting very soon.  Things got side tracked quite a bit due to a shoulder replacement in April and I just got a new knee Aug 5th.  Friends bring food…I eat it.  So I’ve gained.  But I’ll get it off again.  Just have to get through another rough period.

    • I really think “stalling out” is from over eating carbs by not counting every single thing. The hidden carbs I am finding this time around is blowing me away.

      • I should phrase that,

        I really think “stalling out” is mostly from over eating carbs

        Phrases I despise include words like always and everyone. The only absolute is that absolutes are wrong, even this one.

  4. A note you may want to make on the jimaca: peel it, don’t eat the skin of the root like you might a potato. The skin contains a toxic chemical in it called rotenone and will make you nauseous and possibly throw up. I found this out the hard way last night. Rotenone is also used in insect and fish poison. Have a google on it.

    • True but I doubt anyone would eat it. It isn’t just toxic it tastes extremely bitter.

  5. hi all

    another great resource I have used is called Carb Manager

    there is a free app and web site

    there are a ton of already stored foods and recipes and you can add your own.