10 Keys to Unlock the Chains of the Systemic Slavery – Epi-3067 — 14 Comments

  1. Hey Jack. You’re killing me. I know everything you are saying about school. I homeschooled my kids yet my daughter and her husband are choosing to put their kids in the indoctrination center. I have said and done everything I can do but they are there in the belly of the beast. He is a coach and you can not believe the level of commitment that he is expecting from the kids. Parents are secondary. Sports are primary. I do everything I can. Do you want to address this for us grandparents? Love your perspective.

    • Minh just did, all you can do is advise your adult children and support them and be ready if they change.

      You raise your kids, your kids raise their own and like it or not they decide what grandparents get to do along the way.

  2. Hey Jack, in 15 years, if they still have social security and you will receive 2 grand a month, will you take it ?

    • Since the fuckers steal about 14 grand a year from me in SSI plus my own match to it, you bet your fuckin ass I will.

      If someone robbed you of 300K and the police managed to get your “restitution” in a fractional amount a year for the rest of your life and that was the best you could do, would you “take it”?

      I will never get back what they have stolen and it is times 20 with lost opportunity costs. I will never even consider the ethics of “taking” government money (tax payer money) until such time that I am made whole and I expect to die deeply in deficit.

  3. There is no correlation between the number of drugs prescribed by a doctor and payments they receive based on the billing criteria used by Medicare/Medicaid which have been adopted by essentially the private insurances. Here is the billing criteria for common office visit (

    The only criteria that could be said to be effected by a doctors prescribing decision is “prescription management.” However, even stopping medications is prescription management(

  4. Dr Barry confirmed that you don’t have to prescribe more medications to increase you billing at 22:58 when he said “…or at least change a medication.” The AAFP is an organization trying to help doctors get paid, and they list the criteria for medical decision making ( which allows them to bill. Internal medicine doctors, and family doctors prescribe some of the most medications, because they manage a wider range of health conditions and are not the best paid (

    • I may have phrased it poorly but how many meds do you think you are on when you have multiple chronic diagnosis? Seriously and what happens when you get to bill more every time there is a managed side effect or you simply change a med. I will correct the way I explained this Friday however, if you are saying you don’t get paid more to prescribe more meds after seeing this you either don’t want to understand it, or you fail to understand it.

  5. Not saying that people don’t end up on (too) many medications, and I agree that the incentives are far from optimal, but aren’t strictly designed to make doctors prescribe more medication, though it an unintended effect of it, since governments also need some appearance of cost containment. Would you agree on this?

    • If you don’t think that system was designed specifically to increase the amount of prescribed drugs you are beyond all help. Who exactly do you think wrote that policy in the first place? Let me guess you work in the industry, right?

      • On the outback with Jack episode 3071 @ 56:00 you say that I wrote “it kind of one of the best systems we have.” That is not true! Which sentence above do I say that in? My conclusion was “the incentives are far from optimal, but aren’t strictly designed to make doctors prescribe more medication.” Yes, I am in the system, and there are ways around prescribing more medication and still billing higher levels because I do it every week.

  6. Preface. I am a public high school English teacher. I’m blessed to be able to write my own curriculum and teach the way I want to teach. I LOVE my job. I love educating kids. I love being a positive male role model in a low socio-economic area with a high number of absentee (literally or might as well be) fathers.

    And as long as people are depend on the public school system, and as long as I maintain the freedom to teach the way I want, I want to keep teaching.

    All that being said, I will unabashedly tell anyone who will listen and has the means, homeschool your children. My children will be homeschooled.

    If every teacher was like me, I’d feel differently. But, the VAST majority of teachers are not like me. And sometimes they don’t have an option because their school or district enforces stupid shit. But whether or not it is the teacher’s fault is irrelevant. The majority of the public education system is horrible.

    Homeschool your children!