Episode-1023- Listener Feedback for 11-19-12 — 110 Comments

  1. Both of my parents died of Parkinson’s Disease. From about 1970-1984 we lived on the north shore of Oahu… right next to the sugar cane fields. When the fields were burned, the ash would cover everything. I’ve “heard” that the incidence of Parkinson’s Disease in the Waialua community is high.

  2. Hey Jack I think something that would help with the mini-workshops is to document the property before Lawton even touches it. Good quality photos and/or video maybe. Seeing how the property has changed would help a lot in understanding the design process.

  3. Unbelievable, there are dozens of people debating for over a month how to put a couple of logs over a ditch? WHAT!? I always played at construction yards, in ditches, in the woods……… and now a kid isn’t even allowed to do anything but hold their iPad. Jeez.

    And, that officer ……….. he should be shot.

  4. Jack,
    Thanks for following up on the Florida caller and others like him. I think it’s great you took time to contemplate the whole situation further , and expand on it.

    One other thing people might consider, when trying to determine why people may feel a lack of sympathy or empathy for random unknown people could be attributed what’s known as the ‘Dunbar’s Number’, aka the ‘MonkeySphere’.'s_number

    • I certainly appreciated hearing Jack’s clarification. I’ve always taught my kids that we don’t call names, but I’ve also always showed them the difference between saying, “You’re a MORON!”, and, “You’re acting like a MORON!” The difference is subtle but important.

  5. Jack,

    Kudos on how you addressed the issues from friday’s episode. Interestingly enough, once again the strange confluence of what you talk about and what I end up reading are lined up again. I am talking about your take on fear and how we either hide from it or face it and work thru it. It immediately brought to mind a couple of quotes from Teddy Roosevelt that I wanted to share with you and the rest of the listeners:

    “To educate a person in the mind but not in morals is to educate a menace to society.”


    “Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right.”

    I think you hit on both those points in the show today, and I know that it personally spoke to me. Thank you once again for all you do and never stop doing it.

  6. I guess that mentality of US vs. THEM is in all of us to some level.
    Sport teams, Political parties, Race, Religion and on and on and on.

  7. Just a comment on the atrocity in our “health care” system. I’ve never worked in a human nursing environment, but I did spent a decade in the veterinary field, and redistribution of medication after a prescription has been filled is illegal. I can’t remember if this is in just our state or if it is federal law. This is because of fear of tampering with medication after it leaves a pharmacy or apocathary. But on the same note, hospitalized patients were never given a presciption until after their release to owner for the fact that while hospitalized, doctors may make changes to the patients treatment (eg. up dosages, changing AB’s, adding and/or stopping medications, etc.). And yes, if a client returned medication to us or if a certain medication was found past expiration, it was flushed down the dumper, sad to say. I beleive it should be incinerated like all other medical waste, unfortunately after the ~90% mark up of drugs, and the exorbitant amount of money paid for hospitalization, incineration just isn’t “cost-effective”. Thanks for all you do, I hope to listen to you for a long time to come

  8. Hey Jack,

    I’ve got a oak plank about 12 inches wide x 2 inches thick and about 6 feet long. How’d that work for a bridge across that ditch?

    • Nooooo sir, that can’t be done. It should be able to carry at least 15 obese people packed with widgets at the same time, all jumping up and down in the center of the bridge. It should also have a smooth walking surface, that plank of yours might have some woody splinters that can penetrate little johnies little toe. The bridge also needs to have a roof and walls, otherwise somebody might deside to jump of the side one day and hurt themselves.

      Now, i’ll bet ya that once that million dollar bridge of theirs is finaly there, kids will still be jumping the ditch just for fun.

  9. Jack,

    So sorry about the flak you got from callers and e-mailers and blog commenters concerning your disapproval of the post-Sandy stance of “I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone who wasn’t prepared or who refused to leave.”

    I think you will wind up chasing people away from your web site with such a hard line against a lack of sympathy. And to that I say “Good.” Anyone who disapproves of your disapproval can vote with their feet and find another web site/podcast/blog/message forum where they are more comfortable.

  10. Hey Jack!

    My name is Chris, and I’m from New Jersey. Yes. THE New Jersey.
    I’ve been listening to you show since the summer of 2008 when I was 13. (I think it was around August.)

    I have watched the podcast evolve and progress to what it is today, and I’ve been transferring some of the information I’ve learned to my family. Over the past 4 years, we have improved our lives and experienced a paradigm shift economically and socially. Even my dad who was a little skeptic at first, now highly respects you and asks me what I’ve learned from your podcast each week.

    My family was looking for a bug out location, and I want to convince my parents to consider it. From what I have seen in the videos you posted on Youtube and what I’ve heard from various episodes it looks like a great place. Would you please provide details about the surrounding area? (proximity to water, surrounding town, sun exposure, ect..)

  11. Jack,

    Thanks for the segment on fear and being able to see past how people act to who they really are. You gave a lot of advice today that Jesus also gave. He was a pretty smart guy, and should be listened to. Thanks.

  12. I need to read the comments more often, and write a manual for listeners, as many sure have trouble understanding Jack after so many episodes, personal growth and evolution of the community
    Ryan, you nailed it, Jack needs to hire a photographer to take an aerial photo from about 500 feet before he moves anything, then same shot after Geoff does his work.

    • Instead of hiring a pilot and an airplane, he should consider having someone take it with a remote controlled quadcopter. The local hobby shop should be able to put him in touch with operators.

      • @Scott I am sure plenty of drones will be taking images anyway so all you guys need is access to the NSA data center in Utah.

  13. Jack ~ I haven’t read the other comment, I wanted to use my own words – so I’m sorry if I repeat what’s already been said.

    1st – you were right. The caller you played today did a much better job responding to Mr Florida 🙂

    2nd – yes, it is the way things that are said that makes all the difference. It’s good for all of us to remember that, whether we’re the ones asking questions, or the one giving answers…

    3rd – the fear thing. At first I thought you were missing the mark on that point. But then after I thought about it; I had to admit you had a point.

    Now, as far as you not being a good teacher. Well, I think you need to look at things a little differently. You may still have to deal with people that have the ‘fear issue’. But you said for 4 1/2 years you’ve been trying to get us to ‘take care of each other’ and ‘watch out for each other’ Did you see how so many in your audience did that with Mr. Florida? Even though he said something we all didn’t agree with – we came together as a community and defended how he was treated. I’d say that shows success in what you are trying to teach.

    Finally, I owe you an apology. When I criticized you I thought you would tell me to ‘go screw’ – but you didn’t; you listened. I’m sorry for selling you short in that regard.

  14. Jack,

    RE: Lack of empathy, compassion for others.
    I am glad you aired the call today as I feel he did a great job framing up the issue and articulating what many of us were feeling. You may lose some listeners, but those folks aren’t likely here to learn if they only want a teacher that mirrors their opinions. I don’t agree with everything you say, but that’s part of the reason I stick around and joined the MSB. You’re right – your show would be terribly boring if you were “a nice guy” to everyone. Thanks for what you do.

  15. I asked my roommate (who works in a nursing home) whether it was accepted practice to flush these medications. She replied that yes, that’s the standard way to dispose of them. But my real question is, what can we do about it on the personal level? Are there testing kits that I can use to test for these medications? Would I have to send samples away to a testing lab? How can I get these chemicals out of the water that I drink and cook with? Will something like a water filtration system actually get rid of them, are they tested to remove these chemicals?

  16. The strange thing is… I rarely feel sympathy or empathy for things that i don’t see with my own eyes. Seeing it on TV or hearing it on the radio only brings me the knowledge of it. Witnessing it personally is what makes me feel something. Its like the commercial with staving African kids with inscents flying around their heads. I can watch that with no problem. But when the ASPCA commercial comes with sad kitties and injured puppies, i can’t watch that. Maybe because I own a cat and a dog. I don’t however own any starving Africans.

  17. Can we just violently beat each parent with part of the bridge. I toss my kids across the room onto a couch or bed. They’re just fine in fact it’s a great game. like the ankle slide game. On a smooth floor have your kid lay down grab them by the ankles and rev em up a little by sliding them back and forth then sling your arms forward and they launch across the floor for about 10 ft. kids need to play hard and should not be afraid to get a little rough sometimes. We play the bang your head game too. Stand in font of the wall and bang your head on it just a little at first and then a littl e more and a little more and a little more. Believe me self preservation instinct kicks in before you hurt yourself. and don’t forget the best boogger game who has the slimist boogger. Kids need gross things and you shouldn’t deny them that. All games for a night at home

  18. Jack,

    Your nurse informant could be discovered if the pictures were taken with a phone. There are free programs you can use to clean that information from the files.

    • Incidentally I had the same thought and looked at the meta. It was taken with a point and shoot and other than a tag of “work” I couldn’t find anything that might indicate “who”or “where”. Looks safe to me.

  19. That is not even a ditch, 1 big step and over you go. A bridge, REALLY? ARE YOU F*CK*N KIDDING ME. They are kids let them get their shoes wet, damn I played in worse than that. This is exactly the kind of thing that has caused spending to the point of wrecking this country.

  20. Jack,

    There is little difference between you and the guy from HOA who was giving people tickets for speeding. Both of you think you are the morality police and you sit on your high horse and wave your badge of honor around telling people what to do.

    Another point – you are no philosopher. You MUST have both light and dark, black and white. For the world to exist there must be a contrast between the two. People like you, who try to eradicate one or the other are missing the point… which is to find an equilibrium between good and evil, black and white.
    Let me simplify this for you – lets say all that is good is represented in the color white, and all that is bad is black. Now take a white piece of paper and draw something on it using white….. doesn’t work does it? Kind of need that black, don’t you? You can’t have ALL good or ALL bad. There will always be both – the yin and the yang. There will always be people in need and there will always be those less fortunate than you.
    I was not one of the people who said “screw the people in Jersey and NY”, I simply said I don’t feel bad. I can’t feel bad for every single injustice in the world, but you had no problem racking me up into the asshole category though. Let me tell you something – if I prepped and my house was destroyed with all my preps in it, I HAVE MUCH BIGGER PROBLEMS THAN WORRYING IF THE WORLD FEELS BAD FOR ME!!!! I would have a life to rebuild and no time to cry about people who may or may not care about my situation. I live paycheck to paycheck and have nothing to spare in between, so I’m NOT going to help. Sorry if you think that’s acting like an asshole. And to all the people in NY and Jersey bitching about people not feeling bad for them – wipe your f-ing tears and start rebuilding. Most of you lost material things only, so instead of saying “wah…. there are people who don’t feel bad for me”, accept the fact that the hurricane was not personal and count your blessings that you are alive and able to live on. If someone close to you DIED in the hurricane THEN I am TRUELY sorry for your loss and I FEEL BAD FOR YOU. However, 97% of you lost material shit. Even the starving children in Africa don’t piss and moan this much… and they have flies on their faces.

    • Gee Dave and people say I have anger issues, I think you just hate the world you live in. I hope some day you find some peace and realize it isn’t everyone against just you.

    • WTF? How do you even get that from what I said? I hate the world I live in…? Why? Because I’m not waiting for it to take care of me? I realize that not everyone is against me, but I also realize that no everyone is for me. It’s that equilibrium thing again….

      • Keep telling yourself you have it all sorted out and that you have control of everything. Keep telling yourself whatever you think you need to hear, it won’t alter reality. You can rant about “not expecting the world to take care of you” if you want but you know how out of place that argument is here.

        • Your mentality of “if you can help you must” implies obligation. This is a free country, so it should be “Help if you want”. What you are promoting here is the seeds of socialism. Go read Atlas Shrugged.

          Before you call me a heartless bastard, know that I donated to Jan Cline, but I don’t intend to donate to any New Yorker whose basement flooded.

          “You are an asshole” or “You act like an asshole” or “I fart in your general direction” is all the same to me. You have an elevated position as a host of an internet radio show, and you used that position to hand out “asshole” labels to people… the same way the the HOA cop used his position to hand out speeding tickets.

        • @Dave, keep acting like a tool if you want to, I don’t have time to entertain you further. I never got mad at the guy for saying he wasn’t going to help anyway, so sad how many of you who WON’T help think that is the point. You get your panties in a wad because you are defending your position when you defend his, but I didn’t say he was an asshole for not helping did I?

          I said he was an asshole for saying, “I don’t have one bit of sympathy for any of them”. I won’t tell anyone they have to help, I might say you SHOULD if you CAN but that doesn’t me they MUST.

          As for an obligation, I agree we do not have an obligation but we do have a responsibility. In a republic every citizen has a responsibility to see to the republics security and freedom. They can all choose how to do so but when so many of your fellow citizens are harmed the stability of the republic is threatened.

          Just know if the guy called in and said something like, “I feel bad for those people but I am saving the charity I can afford for others this time around because I think their are others more in need of my help”, I would never have snapped on him or even said he was wrong. If he has said, “I feel bad for those people but I don’t give charity to anyone”, I would likely have said something about the value of giving and how karma is real but I would not have snapped out on him.

          It was the cold bastard attitude of “no sympathy for any of them”, and whether you have the ability to understand that such statements come from fear or not isn’t my problem, I have explained it, you can now hole up and defend your stance with nonsense about someones basement being flooded if you want to. That is also from fear Dave. I only wish for the people in that area it was simply flooded basements, so keep acting like you have it all figured out if you choose, in the end you are minimizing what happened because as I said you are also afraid, afraid one day it could be you.

    • It is about compassion. You don’t have to reach out to feel bad that someone is in a worse place than you, or give anything to anyone for anything; You know though, you should place your name on a list, so that should something go wrong in your area, no one should help you as you are to busy with your own recovery and need nothing from anyone. You speak as though these folks have had time to work up to this as things in Africa have taken decades and in places centuries to develop. You see if you look at things equally you might find that these folks are doing a bit less bitching bout their lot and more bout morons who are supposed to be helping anyway and aren’t. Taxpayers, government, raise grievance, any pictures. By the way how do you like the way your tax dollars have been spent for Sandy so far, oh you’ve already said, “you don’t feel bad, …, it’s only their shit” so the gov’t is grade A number one in performance then so far. Think past your own nose.

  21. Fear?
    Fear is what created the Florida callers comment?
    I had to go back and listen again.. The caller to quote: “I listened ahh.. just caught up with your podcasts and NY’ers watching movies and taking takeout”……
    Was there anything in your previous podcasts that mentioned what seems to be the callers basis of dismissal for those effected? I dont remember anything like that prior but I miss much of the podcasts because I am usually doing other things as listening. I generally listen to your casts 2-4 times to get a full “cast”. (unless something triggers a full attentive take per subject)

    Outside of where he “took his stance from” I did not hear “fear” in his message. 2-3 days prior the Jersey event, Florida was hit by Sandy…. As all the East coast was… The North East was the “most” effected because Sand hit land at a “densly populated” position with an for most part has an antiquated infastrusture. (as the Governor says “taxes may rise in effected areas”)
    Any sympathy gonna come in the form of “Tax Relief”..?????

    Today, a caller to a local NJ radio show explained how (that person) was using the insurance from (that persons) classic cars to survive because (that persons) homeowners policy would not insure for flood… Sounds like beachfront property or close with a garage and expensive cars….
    Am I sympathetic for the loss, no… Would I grab his hand if in the wash…Yes… Would I worry about his comfort after…No
    The Fla caller seemed truthfull upon his explanation…
    Could he have been “updated/re-educated”… Most likely!!

    Now…. Fear, Dark/Light……… Save that for some “Matrix” movie BS propaganda …….. Really….. Preppers prep because of fear……! Be it from Mother Nature or the Growing Govt. (maybe both)

    Dismissing the North East territory seems part of the evolutionary ideology if one follows the impact this area has across the nation….. I live here and I have no respect for the socialistic mindset that has towered from what it once was.
    I believed I once lived in the Garden State and now I feel like I live in the “Home Owners Assoc.” state/no “Free-be, babymaking welfare” state…. Average property taxes…close to 8 grand….. Paying that much in taxes,… Golden frkn helicoptors should have been picking people from their flooded homes… no? Of course not because there are more “Using” than paying…..

    How much did you pay you pay for prop. taxes last year?

    With that…. A “Prepper takes care of the immediate family/self first, takes care of the local community second and if available, the outside communities when needed. Understand, most of us cannot go up a pole to provide electric to those in need but can send the basics….. (right off our shelves)
    Lack of electric is the longest term effect for those ya wanna save…. The barrior island loss has a high “rental loss” vs “Im homeless” ratio (A bunch of PA residents are now wondering how they’re gonna pay their NJ beach house mortgage)…..

    PS.. Jack, you can fast forward 300 years and there will always be a part of the “community” that will have no “sympathy” for other communities…
    Not because of fear but maybe the lack of, or a simple human self survival.
    (I’m safe, family is safe… fk everyone else ove there..)

    If everyone has to be responsible for everyone else no matter what… Hi Mr. Orwell…. You were right… ” because we were always in war with………..”

    “If you can help, then Why not…? If you cant, then ask why…. Those that can, sometimes wont???” America was built on self survival, local support, local security and community charity when needed… Shame the Govt. that found control/prfitability in that arm of society …….
    Just look up the story of a man that was recently tazed by local police for attempting to put out a fire spreading from his neighbors house/yard ….. (and you think a news piece about kid pizzn in his yard is worthy) It is a sign of stupid, but easily resolved imo, where as a property owner that was directed to “let it burn” was tazed for protecting his property……

    PS…. Your “support caller”… Some funny stuff right there… Greece has nothing to do with the East Coast of America.. (really?)
    Being “poor” was accounted for by the govt…. Disneyland is close to Tastykake soon..

    Now, balls to the wall…. Why dont the pair of you Just come out and say: if you can afford taking 2 -4 weeks off of work–Why dont you Prepper bastards head to the East Coast and take 5 days looking for a charitable place that hasnt been filled by the locals, or….. just get in the fkin way.. Why dont you just go help!!!.. You un-sympathetic pigs!!!

    So, we have.. light vs dark and disneyland with a touch of FEAR…


    Dude, stick to teaching the listeners how to build the nutrients in their soil, solve plant issues, maybe make an off the grid project and how to gut a fkn deer…. (easier)….

    It’s damn funny that some “Preppers” are so concerned about the people (in the news) that consider the term “Preppers” as the rejects in a “hillbilly” cable show………

    I’m starting to think the hosts only saving grace with me will be a vid of him dressing a fresh kill – Doe/Buck, dont care… But, within the hour I’ll need to see him place a chunk of backstrap in a cast iron skillet with some fried onions, garlic and potatos with help of a Killians or two… ( He can season it how he likes,…. onion, garlic and a touch of Disneyland sympathy even…?)

    The GMO thing, up till recently exposed, was supported (against labeling) by ” WHOLEFOODS”.. Yeah, the “Organic” supermarket…
    Texas….. How about the “National Guard” playing security at the Races….?

    Stay a “Leader” for “information” the others dont provide ….


    play the “current events” game with a touch of “My way or you’re a scaredy cat azzclown”

    &**^&%* Me again….. UGH!!!!

    : )

    • Well I may rant but at least I don’t ramble.

      Simple answer YES it was fear. The same type of fear you have the same fear that prevents you from even telling me your name. A man with so much fear in his heart that he hides his name need not lecture others on what is and is not fear based sir.

    • JerseyDevil: Amen to that brother. I will add to your arguments this – there were what… around 100 deaths from the hurricane… out of what… 30,000,000 people? Most people lost their shit in their beachhouse, as you said. Change your diaper and call the fkn insurance company. and quit crying about my lack of sympathy.

      Jersey Devil not telling you his real name is not out fear, it is out of a heightened sense of personal security. Are you going to call him a coward for not posting his social security number next?

      • Never asked him to post his name here, he emailed me directly a few times, uses a fake name even then.

        There is none more afraid then he who claims to have no fear.

    • JerseyDevil,

      There are two things I see in your response.

      The first one is proof that Jack sometimes says things I laugh at and think have no practical purpose only to be proven wrong. Long ago on an episode he told a person, “you talk like a man with a paper asshole”. That line almost cost me a keyboard as I spit my coffee out all over it. I figured it was funny but not really something I would ever have use for, in response your above pile of verbal vomit though, wow what a PERFECT statement!

      The second is you are scared and what was said today hit you in a way you don’t want to admit. I clearly hit Dave too. Now likely you and Dave are serious when you say it didn’t, you really believe that. I don’t always agree with Jack, I didn’t really like the way he handled the caller on Friday but I sure think he did well with the follow up today.

      I have learned one thing about Jack though, he is way damn smarter then most people would ever guess. He really does understand people and psychology very well, probably better then most professionals.

      In my career I work with drug addicts and I have learned this, tell an addict he has a problem and the first thing he says is “no I don’t” the harder he resists the greater his problem really is. Jack showed me today with your help that fear works exactly the same way. Well with your help and Dave’s. The two of you should have coffee together and talk about how unafraid you guys are. LOL.

      • Shawn, you have your head so far up Jack’s ass that the lump in his throat is your nose. I never said I have no fear – go read my post again. There is a place for fear, it keeps you alive. Like Jersey Devil said you wouldn’t prep if you didn’t fear something. Just because I am not going to care weather people feel sorry for me does not equal no fear of bad things happening. Equating us to drug addicts is a nice touch. Lack of sympathy is just like shooting smack.

        Maybe Jersey Devil and I SHOULD have drinks together…. we can tell therapist jokes. How does that make you feel? LOL

      • @Dave far from it. I am one of the minority of self described liberals that listens to Jack in spite of his hard line libertarian view. Likely 10 times of more a week I want to FF to get past some statement about how the private sector can do better.

        People who say “we don’t need to help those who fail to prepare”, actually make a great case that government is needed in many ways. Though I do have to say it does give me hope to see people like Jack so opposed to me on that issue so passionate about doing something to help.

        As for you and Jerseyboy having drinks, great, it will be really fun for you guys and you can mock me or other people that do what I do all you want, none of us will care. I would love to be a table over though to watch you both get T-Rex arm when the check shows up.

    • ” Your “support caller”… Some funny stuff right there… Greece has nothing to do with the East Coast of America.. (really?)
      Being “poor” was accounted for by the govt…. Disneyland is close to Tastykake soon.. ”

      See your problem is you’ve got such a big chip on your shoulder, you just hear and don’t listen. You’d prefer to make strawman arguments to shut out the message of people you don’t agree with. I said that I was reminded of the audiences response to the Greek incident. Which was despicable.

      As for “Being poor was accounted for by the government”
      That is EXACTLY what I meant by “you people live in Disneyland”. You live in this fantasy world where because the government said “Everybody needs to leave” Somehow, magically, everyone is capable of leaving. Do you imagine that the government swooped in and personally shuttled every quadriplegic with no family, every bed ridden senior citizen; every single mom with four kids, out of the area? YEah.. Cause the government never lets ANYONE fall through the cracks in good times, let alone when the storm of the century is baring down. Sure.. The government took care of ALL the poor people, like they always do, instead of making sure the Stock exchange didn’t get wet. Just like they “Accounted for” all the people in hurricane Katrina.

      And thats just the poor people. Not the 20 year old guy with 2 or three kids that has some shit job working a magazine stand whos boss said “Show up or I’ll replace you with one of those guys selling watches out of a suitcase.”

      Really. The people so quick to judge have resources. And, I suspect, they have NO idea what being without resources is like. I have to wonder; Have they ever had nothing to feed their pregnant wife but a can of body builder powder given to them by someone who felt sorry for them? Have they ever spent a month driving around on an emergency spare cause they had to decide whether to buy food OR splurge and spend a weeks grocery money on a tire?
      The people that “Don’t get it” Or should I say “Wont get it”, have this attitude “Well, if the shit hits the fan, I’d bug out, if they didn’t they deserve it”. Good for them, they’ve got a comfortable life and resources. What they don’t seem to understand is for tens of thousands of people The shit hit the fan months, years or even generations ago. And some storm (that may or may not be hyped by the media) is just more shit. And they have to make the calculation between the devil they know, and the devil they don’t.

      So yeah. I stick to it. The people who think that “The government accounted” for cities full of poor people with no resources; the people that think that because the government gave an evac order, somehow magically, everyone has the ability and resources to bug out, because after all, thats what THEY would do, live in Disneyland.

      If its so easy to just up and leave, that even the destitute poor can do it, if people become magically prepared to bug out because the gvt issues an evac order. WTF is the point of prepping?

  22. Jack,

    I work for a FORTUNE 500 company specializing in medical and pharmaceutical waste. Hospitals are just now coming on board with collecting pharmaceutical waste for incineration – the regs (RCRA) have been around since ’76. EPA and the Joint Commission are just now starting to enforce them. What nurses have typically done in the past is flush them down the toilet or put them in the sharps container (which is autoclaved: steam sterilizer with a drain at the bottom).

    I’ve worked with aeveral big name hospitals to implement an incineration program – but there are a lot left out there without one.

    A couples things to consider:

    1. Even with an incineration program, narcotics still go down the drain because of DEA requirements/logistics of wasting drugs in hospitals

    2. These programs are only in place at hospitals – in other words, the only place that a state inspector would go to write up a fine. All long term care facilities, doctors offices, and home use drugs around the whole nation are going into our water. I cannot think of a better sales pitch for a Berkey. I’ve had one for years and I tell all my nurses about it..

    I would be happy to provide more info if needed.

  23. “Every layer of government further destroys a layer of community.” You said a mouthful there.

  24. Watched the “A Far Cry from Uphill, Both Ways, in the Snow” video. Just shoot me now. Seriously, take me outside and shoot me right in the head right now. Before it explodes. I’m dying here.

  25. I think people are to quick to judge. What would jesus or anyone else do to help a fellow man. I lived through mt st helens. We helped each other. I cannot sit by and watch people suffer without giving the shirt off my back. I don’t think about how dumb people are for not evacuating.I think of how evil people can be for not helping your fellow man. Libery can only survive through Charity.

  26. Raymond “Shorty” Butler:

    “You don’t have to reach out to feel bad that someone is in a worse place than you, or give anything to anyone for anything;”

    — That’s what I keep saying, but be careful…. you’re acting like an asshole….

    • Actually that is what I said. Some of you are so entrenched in “I am not required to help” you don’t even get why I snapped on the guy last week. Did you hear me tell him he was wrong for not helping OR for “having no sympathy for any of those people”? When it comes to helping we all determine who, when and how for ourselves but to state publicly you have no sympathy for your fellow citizens as some how they are 100% responsible for their own misfortune is pretty damn vile in my book.

    • Actually Jack, I said “accept the fact that the hurricane was not personal”, does that sound like “you are 100% responsible for your own misfortune”??? This is the problem with America — people have become weak, and would rather bitch about lack of sympathy from others instead of taking the initiative and fixing the problem.

      –“Did you hear me tell him he was wrong for not helping OR for “having no sympathy for any of those people”?”–
      I heard you call him an asshole, then promise to apologize, then tell him he’s “acting like an asshole”. Some apology.

      Let me be clear – you have no business worrying about what I feel and for whom. You are not the moral police, and calling people assholes because of how they feel or think is douche bag thing to do, especially for someone who hosts a podcast with 50K listeners.

      • Let me be clear I have every bit the business and the right to respond to such arrogant and ignorant and heartless thoughts and statements when they are made publicly via my venue. If you were off in your own little world saying such things I wouldn’t give you the time of day. I don’t care what you do in your own life but when you run your mouth here it becomes my business.

        I am also about done with you on this. The more you talk the more you prove yourself to be a fool. I figure you were walking around saying the same stuff the caller did for a few weeks and that is why you feel so stuck in this trench. It is all about your fear and your small minded attitude.

        The arguments you make are things I say all the time, they don’t excuse you from having a sense of decency though.

  27. I decided to wait a while for the dust to settle on the subject of this radical “they deserved it” fellow and Jack’s response to him. I find emotional events sometimes need a little time before a response should be made. The old “sleep on it” rule is a good one sometimes.

    On one hand, I think the caller meant well but his message was portrayed VERY poorly. On the other, I see Jack’s point in that this person has no compassion for his fellow man. Jack did humble himself (which I find highly commendable) and played a call from a fellow who handled the situation differently and got the point across without losing it (with much constraint).

    When Jack made the offer for a lifetime membership for $300, I so very much wished I could take up on that but $300 is WAY out of my range. I am on SSDI and barely above poverty level. I can no more afford a lifetime membership than I could have gotten myself out of the path of a raging storm. I am disabled and while I am able to get around and accomplish some things, there are many things I cannot do. I am divorced and do not have a companion in my life. At my age (59) finding love isn’t easy. I cannot imagine the horror of living where that storm was, knowing I would have no escape.

    This man who was so terribly radical about the people not leaving before the storm hit may very well find himself caught in the storm that is about to hit this entire country in the form of the Owe-Bomb-A-care tax ‘hurricane’ that can very well wipe this entire nation out. Jack is so very right. We are going to need one another. Badly. Will this man find anyone extending a helping hand should he find himself without aid in the coming tax storm?

    Jack….I know you leave religion out of your podcast and I fully understand why. But you do kind of remind me of John the Baptists. He was a no nonsense preacher who could get totally radical and was trying to wake the people up. He had a few rant-fests himself.
    Luke 3:7-14
    7 John said to the crowds coming out to be baptized by him, “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath? 8 Produce fruit in keeping with repentance. And do not begin to say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father.’ For I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham. 9 The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.”
    10 “What should we do then?” the crowd asked.
    11 John answered, “Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.”
    12 Even tax collectors came to be baptized. “Teacher,” they asked, “what should we do?”
    13 “Don’t collect any more than you are required to,” he told them.
    14 Then some soldiers asked him, “And what should we do?”
    He replied, “Don’t extort money and don’t accuse people falsely—be content with your pay.”

    Religious or not….it’s a good passage and message.

    Keep up the good work Jack. I need you in order to survive. We all do. While I finally got in a decent home, it is a constant struggle to just pay the bills here. I need to continue to learn as many survival skills as I can. I will hang on here as long as possible and if I lose it, well then I just do. I will be grateful for what time I did have here and do the best I can with whatever is next.

    God’s Blessings to all.
    Ronnie in Iowa

    • Ronnie you likely are going to get a lifetime MSB from Santa anyway. The show doesn’t have many bigger friends then you, nor does the liberty movement.

    • Ronnie, when you and Jack are done spooning each other, remember that more people have died in the name of religion, because they can’t agree on which invisible man to pray to, than for any other reason. How does THAT jive with your “help fellow man” theory?

      –John answered, “Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none”–

      Seriously? It’s one thing to help a man with hypothermia or something… who would die without a shirt, but it’s quite another to give him a shirt just because you have 2 and he has none. What exactly is stopping people from saying “You have more money than me, so you should give me half!” You are a closet socialist, just like Jack.

      • @Dave you are an angry little man!

        Please remember as a deist I do not share many of the beliefs of many members of this audience but it doesn’t mean I can’t respect them. You have reached a point were I don’t have to call you an idiot as your idiocy is becoming immediately obvious to the most causal observer.

        No one said (certainly not me) to give to others to the point where you can’t care for yourself. If you want to be heartless on this one fine but don’t make excuses for it. Again I never even said anyone had to do or give anything just not be a heartless asshole that doesn’t even feel any sympathy for people who have been harmed. Many though no fault of their own.

        I am no socialist and neither is Ronnie, get a clue dude and bet nice to Ronnie, Ronnie stands for Veronica and she is a lady, didn’t your mom teach you to be respectful to women?

        • You have an outstanding way of avoiding the issues in your answers, Jack. Ever consider a career in politics?

          You said:
          “I do not share many of the beliefs of many members of this audience but it doesn’t mean I can’t respect them.”

          You called ALL listeners who agree with Mr FL assholes, later changed it to “acting like assholes” and told us to seek help and not listen anymore. This is how you “respect” the beliefs of your audience? This shit is what got you into hot water in the first place.

        • Look dumbass I respect the Religious beliefs of others yes. Of course I don’t respect every view and opinion, I certainly don’t respect the opiniion of a person who thinks people who have lost everything deserve no sympathy. And frankly Dave you need help and I do think if you really want to stick to your attitude you should go elsewhere because you won’t be happy here.

          You are also now beating a dead horse, I have given you plenty of opportunity to speak your mind, you have been heard, you have been answered and now you are done on this one.

        • I agree with you 100%, that it will take some time for a voluntaryist world to come about. The plan for me? Home educate my children in the most loving and peaceful way possible. Home educate so they don’t get conditioned statism and illegitimate authority (as opposed to authority that is good). Raise them in a loving manner so they know how people are truly supposed to treat each other. Am I perfect? No. But I hope they will do better with their children. It will take generations. But the process starts now with me and with whomever will listen.

          I’m sure there are other things that need to happen, but that is the base plan.

          Didn’t know you considered yourself a voluntaryist as the ideal.

      • Dave, To give of ones free will and to teach to others that it is good to help your fellow man doesn’t make one a socialist. Socialism implies using the power of the state (i.e., violence) to force people to give. I don’t see anyone forcing anybody to do anything here. I just see people advocating and encouraging others to remember that we are all human and imperfect and that it is good to help one another.

        This is all that I’ve heard from Jack from the last 2+ years that I’ve listened to his show. Yeah, he’s not a voluntaryist, but hey, nobody is perfect. We can argue about that when we get closer to minarchy (what Jack advocates).

        I hope you don’t expect such exact perfection from those close to you too, otherwise I would imagine many people resent you.

        • “Yeah, he’s not a voluntaryist, but hey, nobody is perfect. We can argue about that when we get closer to minarchy (what Jack advocates).”

          Well actually I am, I just don’t think you can go from where we are to that state overnight. I don’t think it is possible and I think removal of the state at this juncture would result in anything but a voluntaryist society. The problem with anarchists is they never seem to have a plan to get from A-Z.

          We should just go from a police state to no state overnight? Sorry man you got to worry about some little things first. Such as Drug Cartels, MS13, The Aryan Brotherhood, etc. just to name a few. Just as I would like to see all modern agriculture switch to a permaculture model but acknowledge that to avoid millions dying you have to dismantle the system a piece at a time.

          Thanks for the support though man.

  28. In yesterdays post you informed me that you apologized to the audience. I listened but I must have missed it. (I should listen again but it’s really not worth my time) I think your apology(?) pissed me off more than the original rant against the “Fla. no sympathy guy”. I did hear about some psychobabble about the guy from Fla. having fear. (where did that crap come from?… it sounded like something some elitist crap from Nancy Pelosi) I don’t disagree with your augment against the “Fla. no sympathy guy” but I think you handled it like a complete ass. I know a complete ass when I see one because I have been one many times myself. The guy that you aired that agreed with you and kept talking about people getting out of Disneyland,…… that’s your defense to how you reacted? Tell Disneyland dude to lay off the weed. Now I can sit back and wait to hear how big of a dumbass I am…….. if I only had a brain.

    • @Gump, well you can expect to be told your a dumb ass and even wait for it but you will just get bored. I am done with this issue, you either accept what I had to say or you don’t. I was over the top with that guy but indeed it is fear that makes people act the way he did. As for “getting out of Disneyland” the caller was spot on, he means people who say “all you need to do is ________” when talking about victims and blaming them for their own misery are living in a fantasy world, such people are.

      • I don’t understand your comment as to what I wrote but of course as usual you are right Jack. What was I thinking?

  29. HOAs are just a microcosm of government in general. Elected officials tend to be busy bodies who want to get in your business. People that don’t care to get in your business typically aren’t attracted to those types of jobs. This goes all the way up the chain, community government, county, state, and national governments. Cato Institute put out a nice short daily podcast on the subject on how big government makes us hate each other. The path to love of your fellow man comes through smaller government because then people can be like, that is screwed up what that person is doing, but I don’t care because that person isn’t making everyone else do the same!

    As for LEOs going after the weak. I think this is also standard for large monopolistic organizations that base employee pay on following rules and conforming rather than doing what is right. LEOs should really be completely privatized to avoid this. Just take a look at the CPS, many times they go after completely innocent families, like our friends, and kidnap their children without probable cause putting the children through psychological hell. No, I now hate statism, all forms of it. I don’t think voluntaryism would be a utopia but I certainly believe it would be much better than what we have now.

    So, I guess my main point is that this is human nature when people are put in systems like these, without these monopolistic systems human nature wouldn’t be allowed to oppress the weak. Also, I don’t think these organizations do all bad. I think they do do some good, but the there are other systems that could make life much better.

    • Jon,

      I have to disagree with the LEO going after the weak. In every construct there are people who get in the door and don’t ever meet the criteria of what that job is supposed to be about.

      There are some folks who just like to be or get used to being a bully, or using the rule of law (bureaucracy) to make themselves feel better or more important. You see it in private business, public servants, and all walks of life.

      Privatizing something doesn’t make it better, just changes its clothes. Understanding human psychology, social constructs and putting in effective and ethical leadership that challenges, enhances, and builds on strengths is the way you improve these organizations.

      Monsanto is a private organization. So is Halliburton. Being privatized or a government agency doesn’t determine their ethics or ability to oppress. But you make that point with:

      “I think this is also standard for large monopolistic organizations that base employee pay on following rules and conforming rather than doing what is right.”

      So I don’t understand how privatizing a group like LEO would be any different, since you would have the same issues, just with a corporation now.

      Even in small groups (like with a volunteer one) you see issues of personality causing problems. As a community it is our responsibility to build leaders and enhance our gifts so that we become better as individuals and therefore better as a group. And being able to properly enhance these personalities for the benefit of others is what seems to be lacking in many of our organizations.

      The challenge is to raise our youth to see that the group isn’t the goal, the ideals are. Even as an adult it is hard to remember that.

      • There are MANY things I want the private sector to take over, perhaps 95% of what government is doing but law enforcement isn’t one of them. Some were shocked to find I support voluntaryist society as an ideal. I do, I always have. I also support no more wars, no more orphans and no more hungry people as ideals I would love for all those things to happen.

        The problem is that many people even with no state (perhaps in some ways much worse with no state) do not desire or respect such ideals. This should be one of the only roles of government, LEOs should exist to enforce voluntaryist society. I know that sounds impossible to some but it isn’t. A society where each man can swing his fist as hard and fast as he wishes but is only stopped if it contacts another man is as close as we can get under the current limitations of human intelligence.

        Private LEOs would be loyal to who ever was paying them, in war they are mercenaries but in private work they are hired goons and thugs. In a perfect society all laws would be enforced locally and subject to only one concept. “Is one person taking from, compelling another against their will, etc.”

        Every LEO should be either directly elected or under the supervision of someone who must stand elections and additionally bound by an oath to a prime directive to only deprive a person of liberty if they have done harm to their fellow man either by intent or gross negligence.

        But making LEOs private HELL NO! Whoever has the most money, hires the most and best goons and you will end up with a STATE that would make the current stable of criminals look like choir boys.

    • @Mortissanguine,

      I don’t think you understand the definition of monopoly. A monopoly only exists with the permission of the state. States grant monopolies and they don’t exist in a true free market. If a “private” monopoly starts charging too much competition is created and they are no longer a “monopoly.” These don’t exist today because there is a fascistic melding of corporations (an entity created by government) and the state. We shouldn’t confuse free market ideas and statist ideas.

      Just reading some of and you will see what police are capable of doing (I know, not all cops do that – not all are bad – copblock just highlights the worst of the worst). What makes what is highlighted on copblock bad isn’t that cops are doing really bad things, it is that they are not sent to jail and prosecuted for the bad things they have done (as Jack said, cops need to put down bad cops). But this isn’t the case. Human nature shows when you make a monopoly (government granted, which itself is a monopoly of violence) this is what you will get, it may start out good, but it quickly devolves to evil.

      You must ask yourself. Why do cops have tanks, swat gear, and soon to have (if they don’t already) armed drones. You must ask yourself why do cops bust into peoples houses in the middle of the night in a paramilitary manner. Part of it has to do with are continuing wars, what war you give abroad, will eventually come home to haunt you, another reason to oppose unjustified war, especially on foreign lands.

      I would suggest the book “Healing Our World in an Age of Aggression” by Dr. Mary Ruwart. A wonderful book that shows how the initiation of force, in all or most instances creates more harm than the good it was supposed to help.

      I agree the most important thing we can do right now is teach our children to understand and love liberty and freedom.

      • @Jon, again I disagree, if you have ZERO regulation those with the most power can indeed create monopoly by creating what amounts to private regulation. To say there can be no monopoly without the state is false. To say most monopolies have been empowered and created by the state is true. To say that ALL current monopolies are state enforced is also true but to day it can’t happen without a state is fictitious.

        For me this is where anarchy always falls flat. Really no monopolies, go to Miami and you will find a single Cartel in control of all drugs coming into the city.

        The a competitor can always charge less only works if everyone has equal access to basic infrastructure and to the market itself. Again this is why I am a minarchist, there are certain things that must be held in check, if not there are people that will absolute victimize others. If those people didn’t exist some say we would not need a state, I say if they didn’t exist we wouldn’t have one.

        • @Jack,

          After reading “Healing Our World in an Age of Aggression” I really do think that we can hold the evils of this world in check through the free market. But we’ll have to agree to disagree there I guess. This is really better played out in reading books on the subject rather than in a comments section (believe me, I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work out, unfortunately).

          I like to operate off principles since it seems when we don’t it can lead to people advocating for universal health care, etc. So, it can be a slippery slope. But I think the biggest thing is that we understand what the principles are in the first place and then understand any deviation from the principle that we might take; which it appears you do.

          I’m always amazed at how many people don’t believe in natural law. That is why I think government schools are the last place we should be putting our kids if we are liberty loving people.

          As for your friend anarchist. Yeah, I think voting/not voting is an individual choice and neither is immoral, unless you are voting for less liberty for others (and even yourself). I didn’t vote in the last election because I didn’t see any point, but I did vote in the primaries (registered Republican since that is what most people vote around here, otherwise I would register whichever other party always gets elected).

          I also think it is important to recognize that everyone fights in their own way. I wouldn’t judge someone for using government aid to get medical care, since we know that government is the reason it is so terribly expensive in the first place. But, at the same time, I think it is important to try and exercise liberty in our own lives as much as possible by getting insurance and living the healthy life style so you don’t need to use government assistance for that.

          I think it is a bit silly when people complain about government assisted health care but then go and use the government schools. They’re one and the same to me. So, I think we all pick our battles and hopefully as we grow and mature we’ll pick more and more battles to fight to get ourselves off the government programs.

        • I’ve read it, I get it, I just don’t agree. We are certainly not going from where we are to there with out a long ride to minarchistville anyway.

    • @Jack,

      Voluntaryism is basically ordered anarchy. So, to say that one believes that voluntaryism is the ideal is to say that a grant of monopoly shouldn’t be given to anyone, including law enforcement officials. What you describe is what I understand as minarchy, i.e., minimal government (which is a grant of monopoly).

      Voluntaryism can only exist when a certain percentage of the population has and understands liberty. Just like minarchy requires the same. So you would have a percentage of the population that doesn’t adhere to the principles of liberty. I agree that they will need to be dealt with. When you choose not to respect the liberty of another person you forgo your liberty and allow for the other person to “retaliate” with no more than than equal force that was done to yourself. Of course, you can hire it out. Like, maybe to an insurance company. Or you can group together with people that live in your town and hire people to protect you. This competition keeps people honest.

      The current system we have through voting is supposed to keep the LEOs honest but, as we can see, your worst case scenario is what we are at or are headed to today. Try flying unmolested. Try driving by the border unmolested. Try telling a LEO, no, I don’t need a license to carry a gun (well, you don’t need one hear in AZ!). Try telling a LEO that, no, you don’t need a license to drive on “public” roads (according to the US Supreme Court – and an understanding of liberty). Look at the “laws” that say cops can confiscate wealth first without due process first (I forget what the actual name is – doesn’t happen in all states but happens in quite a few – scary). The list goes on and on.

      Again, I don’t think all cops are bad. But even the good ones will arrest someone for smoking weed in his front yard. That shows us that cops are willing to do that which is contrary to liberty and freedom in the name of “following orders.” Until cops stop enforcing unjust laws and just try and do their first duty, to keep the peace, will I trust them.

      Since I have your ear. I was wondering if you could address an e-mail I sent you on what you think we should do if CPS comes and tries to kidnap our kids. That is a fear that I have. I know it is pretty unlikely, but the psychological damage it would cause to children is just not worth a precaution to stop it from happening. It would be nice if CPS had higher standards and less leeway to take people’s children. This really scared me after some friends of ours, that cared for their children and treated them well were taken from them, with no explanation. I think if CPS is taking your children away then one of the parents should be in jail also, because it means something that bad has happened. But neither of our friends are in jail. So I believe their story. Another story of how the state goes after the weak.

      • I understand every word you said and this is why I am as you put it a minarchist in reality. We COULD Be minarchist tomorrow if we really wanted to. It is doable and man there would be SO MUCH room in the prisons for the few that need to be there, we could have a great free society for anyone that does no harm to their fellow human being.

        Many of you seem to believe we can get to pure anarchy I don’t, I believe in it as an ideal, not as a practical concept. Would 200 years of minarchism held in check and not permitted to advance get us very close to what you describe, perhaps, I have my doubts but again you can’t get to where you want to be without going to where I want to be first, it is on the way so I am happy to take the ride with you.

        Now one anarchist said was “immoral for voting” this said anarchist is on government assistance by the way. Never mind I only voted for TWO things this year, to repeal the marijuana law, and a congressman who pledged to vote to repeal the Patriot Act and the NDAA, those were the only boxes I ticked because I didn’t get an opportunity to vote for Johnson and figured the rest was a waste of my time. This particular anarchist is now on my shit list, well, right until he tells me I am not an immoral person.

        I have dealt with far more anarchists like the one above then people such as yourself. I would prefer more conversations with folks such as yourself vs. the other alternative.

        To be told that to vote to repeal a law that is unjust is “using to force of the state to victimize the innocent at the point of a gun” is pretty shitty.

  30. Just one last thing. Doesn’t matter that much but there is a distinction between voter fraud and election fraud. Voter fraud is done by the voters. Election fraud is done by the election officials. What you described would be election fraud. Ernest Hancock of Freedoms Phoenix reported on how election fraud happens here in AZ and concerned citizens tried to get AZ’s attorney general involved but he refused to do anything about it. If a vote matters then I don’t see the people truly having a choice in the matter. As Ernest says, “Still voting?”

  31. Wow, I the 100k bridge. just wow.
    A 2×12 would solve the issue & be damn near infinitely replaceable for 100k.
    With thinking like that I guess I should just go to jail for teaching my 9yo how to use a handsaw, she was also swinging a hammer, working on her “fort” with her 10yo sister & friend. Kids need to learn how to use tools & solve problems and figure out what is dangerous (with some guidance)

  32. Dave, I do realize that religion has and still is the cause of a lot of needless death. No atheists ever went to war over who doesn’t believe in God the most. As a former Catholic who researched the faith she was brought up in and saw it as a cult of control, death and torture, I sought out true faith (I apologize if I have offended any Catholics. I am expressing my own personal journey with that particular faith). I hate no one. I wish no one death because they do not believe as I do. I do believe in helping my fellow man. I do believe in Christ’s final commandment that we should love one another.

    I am not a socialist. I am Libertarian. Which stands for LIBERTY. I wrote Ron Paul in on the ballot. Before you get your whip back out and start lashing me please understand that a vote for Obromney or Rombama would have meant condoning more war, abortion, gun bans…need I continue? How could anyone possibly cast their vote in such a manner? I sleep well at night due to my decision.

    q>Ronnie, when you and Jack are done spooning each other<q
    I can tell you are a man with deep feelings. Like hungry, cold, horny, need to pee, etc. Do you need some new haters in your life or something? Are the others burned out and you have no one else to pick on? I'm wondering why you feel you have the right to judge me. You don't know who I am, you don't know what I've been through. There are reasons why I am who I am. When you judge another you do not define them. You define yourself.

    I alone cannot change society for the better. But I can radically transform my own consciousness, overturning the conditioning that limited my potential. We can all do this and over time we can change society from the inside out. We can manifest our birthright and live in a peaceful, abundant world. This is why I listen to TSP. This is why I understand Jack, his wife and their mission. I'm sorry for you as you don't seem to. Jack can't change you. I can't change you. You'll have to do that yourself.

    When Jack says he respects everyone, he means it. A real teacher shows you where to look but doesn't tell you how to see. We're a mixed bag of nuts here in the TSP family and no one gets along all the time. There is going to be conflict now and then. There will be people who get it and people who don't. You celebrate the people who get it and as for the ones who don't, you say NEXT. There is a saying that goes: Everybody's never happy.
    I have to thank you Dave and I must include Gump because you have both reminded me that there comes a time when you have to let go of all the pointless drama and the people who create it and surround yourself with people who focus solely on the good.

    I hope you find a way to be free of the bitterness you are carrying. It must be like being stung to death one bee at a time.

    I don't know who you are, nor you I. But one day I may be the one handing you some of my water or food, or medical supplies. I have very little as far as worldly possession go, but I will share what I have with someone in need. Isn't that truly what this is all about?

    Matthew 6:44

    Blessings to you Dave (and Gump!)….
    from Ronnie in Iowa

  33. I don’t care if we get Bruce Banner Jack or Hulk Jack; in any case we are always learning stuff. Important stuff.

    Some of you cupcakes take this stuff way to personal. Sometimes I think we need to go back to running from sabre toothed tigers to gain a little perspective on modern life.

  34. When we were kids, we would have gone to a local construction site on our bikes bummed some lumber and nails from the foreman, swiped our Dad’s hammer and built our own bridge.

    One thing that we all need to remember is that ants live in colonies or a group that work together toward an end goal. Can anyone remember the last time you saw a swarm of grasshoppers?

    • I just remembered that the woodsy area where we built all of our forts and tree houses was recently developed about 2 or 3 years ago. With the exception of 1 or 2, all were still intact and somewhat usable after at least 20 years of exposure.

  35. Dave,

    You really need to look up the definition of these terms. Maybe take up some courses on logic and reason too. Ad hominens aren’t going to convince anyone of your point of view.

    I know Jack wasn’t eloquent either. But, really, you wish harm for other people? Andrew is right. Part of liberty is caring for the people around you. It is when we don’t care is when you get people vying for a socialistic/communistic government.

    If you listen to past episodes the stance Jack has on this hasn’t changed. It has been the same, from what I’ve heard from his shows. So this shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone.

  36. Jack,
    Good show. You are entirely right in that there are two, and only two basic human emotions: fear and love. All other emotions are just shades of the two fundamental emotions. You sir, are well read. You are a compassionate individual who desires to share your knowledge for the betterment of us all. Keep up what your doing, and don’t fuss at the individuals who can’t catch what your all about. After all, sooner or later they will realize the truth, just as those who have heard about preparing and self suffeciency ignore it until it bites them in the butt. Thanks for all you do.

  37. Jack, I thought you should know that the mounting evidence about GMO plants ( I hesitate to call any of this food) that have been modified to produce BT in every cell of the plant to kill off insects is showing that this is actually causing us to become allergic to everything we eat(among other life threatening issues). As you know, BT is like little razor blades that kill insects when ingested. When we eat organically grown foods that have been sprayed with BT, we’re fine. The BT is on the outside of the plant and easily washed away and never in any dangerous concentration. When the BT is in every cell of the food we eat, in this concentration it works holes in our intestines that allow larger than normal molecules of food through. This causes our immune system defenses to alert the body that this substance is bad and should be rejected. Now we become allergic to this food organic or not.

    I’ve been told by so many school teachers that their students are allergic to absolutely everything these days…

    Just thought you should know. It IS the genetic modification in one kind of GMO and the herbicide on the other. Check out Genetic Roulette by Jeffery Smith.

  38. As you mentioned I am one of those who don’t check the blog since I listen to the podcast driving to and from work, or on my weekends when running errands. The drainage ditch thing had me imagining a serious culvert with about 3 feet of water and large concrete pylons…then I watched the video like you suggested.

    Seriously? That thing is a hazard?

    I would have been jumping that thing in my bike when I was a kid. I am glad these folks weren’t around when I was jumping my huffy off of truck loading docks… I men, I get why playing with Lawn Darts the way we did was dangerous, because, well, we never followed the “prescribed” rules… and leave it at that.

    But man…I just taught my daughter how to climb trees…thank GOD I don’t have an HOA…they would require hand rails and harnesses.

  39. Years ago I listened to Michael Savage as I enjoyed the message he had, however, the longer I listened to him the more ridiculous he became with his listening audience. After listening to him belittle the fourth or fifth caller (and this was with people that were agreeing with him) I decided to quite listening to him.
    @Jack – On Friday I did not agree with your message or your delivery (in reference to the Florida caller). On Monday I did not agree with your message (the fear reasoning) but your delivery and acknowledgement of your error was spot on. Kudos to you Jack for your Mondays show as it reinforced to me why I listen to you. Truthfulness and integrity are two of the things I value most (not whether we agree on all things), and you sir, are truly a stand-up guy.
    James Carpenter

    • @James thanks! I do encourage you to dig deeper into what I said about fear there. I already knew that had I examined it on Friday the first call never would have gone the way it did. “Screw them” really is rooted in fear, when you serve in the military with good NCOs and Officers you learn all about fear, especially hidden fear that ends up manifesting as anger, outrage and apathy. Men in particular have a hard time even admitting to basic fears, when we are asked to look deeper we often just write it off, why? Fear. Fear of what we might learn about ourselves, fear of what it might mean about our past mistakes.

  40. John, I just made this as the message at the bottom of my emails:

    “I think it is a bit silly when people complain about government assisted health care but then go and use the government schools.” <quote from John of TSP

    Amen amen amen amen!!!!!!!

    • Well see the thing is government takes my money to fund schools and fund health care against my will so in some instances I am only left with the government’s options.

      Why do you think the health care bill has a mandate?

  41. IMO

    The strength and vibrancy of a community is a function of the level of interdependence between its members. How much, how well, and how happily they meet each others needs.

    To break its strength, pick apart those bonds.

    First, by convincing members that they need to be ‘independent’ and ‘self-sufficient’ (divide and conquer), that each man should be an island, complete within himself. (If you don’t ‘need’ each other, you have no community)

    Second, by replacing reliance on each other, with reliance on things/persons outside the community. (Care for the elderly by the state, food and life necessities from other countries, ‘security’ via private contractor..)

    In the middle of a disaster (like Sandy) it’s easy to look around at your neighbors, see their need, respond, and create community. And it lies bare the emptiness of the promises of ‘others’ to be our ‘provider of all needs’ (FEMA). Who has your back, your next door neighbor, or some distant uncaring bureaucracy?

    Before the disaster is the best time to become interdependent. ‘When you’re thirsty, it’s too late to dig a well.’ So maybe we should start digging now.

  42. Jack,

    i usually don’t read the show comments, but having read them today I understand now why you sometimes seems defensive about things you said on recent shows. Man, it must bring you down to read all the negativity on here. Whether or not some of these commentators have valid points the communication style and presentation lack the general respect we should all have for other humans and their opinions. I don’t always like your take on things but, SO WHAT, I move on with my day. The time and effort put into trashing you today could have built 4 bridges to cover little bitty culverts for kiddies and still had time to do good deeds for the neighbors. I for one have better things to do with my time! With that, I’m out.

  43. Hilarious, I grew up playing in a ditch big enough to set a house in and it had huge rocks all over the bottom of it. Then we would climb out and put pennies on the rail road tracks that ran parallel to it and collect all the flattened pennies afterwards.

  44. Good news folks. That cop who wrote the ticket for the kid trying to pee in his front yard got himself fired and the DA is not pursuing charges against ‘mom’.

    At least someone in that town has two neurons that fire at the same time.

  45. Wow..I had to double check that drainage depression (ditch? please…) to see if it had been from “The Onion”. Nope. I guess some people want to be the wet nurse for society? There was a YouTube video I saw about people trapped..on an escalator, yelling for help, and being indignant that no one was helping them off the escalator….I soiled myself laughing. Now I am thinking there are folks out there like that…sigh…

  46. Wow…watched the “ditch” video…just wow….I’m only 26 and even I grew up throwing 2x4s down across agricultural canals with powerful undertows to get across. “Ditches” like that one? We would have been building a ramp on one side and jumping our bikes over it….that is just sad.

  47. PLEASE NOTE – If you have been banned from this site due to being a complete dick or spamming it or for any other reason using a proxy server won’t work to get your comments posted. I am not some rank amateur at this you know. LOL

    To the most current offender you know who you are and all you have to do is email me with a commitment not to keep being a dick just to be a dick and I will lift your ban.

    Any complaints about free speech should first go here and read section four,

  48. [] this is nothing new i have two friends who are both nurses here in georgia one works at a jail the other works at a hospital. Both tell me about all the drugs they throw down the drain. Narcotics such as morphine are simply poured out down the sink drain.

  49. Pronunciation check:

    Glyphosate: gly-fo-sayt, not glyphospate

    Giardia: Gee-ar-dee-uh

    Muscovy: Muss-koh-vee (named after the Grand Duchy of Moscow in the Middle Ages)