Episode-1665- Listener Feedback for 10-26-15 — 11 Comments

  1. Jack,
    Would Q2’s Justin benefit more from becoming a WOOFER and seeing established farms and learning and networking from and with those who have done it before? I know I would steer my son in that direction if presented with this scenario.
    Good Luck Justin.

    • Perhaps but the danger I feel for woofers is that they can get the wrong idea by going to an established operation and not really comprehending what it takes to get to there.

      So woofing can be great but one must understand that you are most often looking at a farm that is established and likely you won’t be starting with an established farm.

    • For Justin,

      Becoming an Officer isn’t the only way to get funding for college. The enlisted side provides college benefits in the form of the Montgomery G.I. Bill & Post 9/11 Bill. The MGIB is allowed to be used for certificate type education & vocational training. The 4 year commitment results in $56K in return toward college, certifications, vo-tech training.

      I would present another outlook to joining the military and “throwing away” 4 years of your life. I say 4 years can have a great R.O.I. (Return on Investment). You receive payment for your employment. You receive free room & board. (Your option if you want to spend more than $367.92 a mo on food. Same goes for housing…you can go more elaborate than the money they pay to house you, once you are authorized to move off base).

      Trade skill. My discipline is Satellite & Radio Frequency Communications. School was 7 months and I earned 36 college credit hours during those 7 months. There are multiple disciplines across all the braches, so don’t overlook that skill set.

      Exposure to bureaucracy =+) Nothing has helped me realize that I don’t want that rat race anymore than living in it. Jack can tell you a similar story, but from a corporate America background. That exposure has me driven to making it as an entrepreneur more than anything. 4 years is tolerable…I can’t spend the rest of my life in it though.

      So now you have a steady income, shelter, and food…what can you do in your off time?? You can start a scalable part time business model. You can us that MGIB to acquire education. You might get deployed and have your eyes opened to different lifestyles & see the amount of opportunity that we are blessed with in this country.

      How about SAVE MONEY! Don’t be frivolous like the rest of your peers. You have a goal in mind so live more frugal to have a nest ready to jump ship at 4 years and go get it.

      I joined right out of high school and will be retiring in the next few years. I didn’t touch my MGIB for 10 years and I’m glad I waited. I KNOW I retained soooo much more of my college education once I was more grown, than I would have if I had gone right out of high school. ANY student that is studying something that they WANT to learn…..they VALUE to learn……they NEED to learn will retain that information so much better than someone checking a box.

      Best of luck Sir. You sound very switched on.


  2. Thank you for your response on air rifles. I really like the idea of a variable pump for times when over penetration could be a problem, and the shorts gun is a plus. And I would prefer iron sights over a scope only, like the most of the break barrels are.
    Thanks, Jeremie

  3. Regarding 22’s, if one is worried about cycling sub sonic rounds, why not go to a lever action like A Henry or Marlin. I shoot CCI’s 710 fps and it’s so quiet, I never get complaints. I did get complaints with standard rounds and I don’t need that hassle. With lever action, jams have never been a problem for me.

    Only problem is, finding the ammo, even online has been difficult for me.

    • I have a single shot .22 that I shoot .22 shorts out of. But like you said, finding the stuff is still hard. I did find some CBs for 35.00 for a 100.

  4. Making the break from full employment. I guess I was lucky that my wife was on board. She was able to give up at $140+K per year job to work with me. Personally I was able to work part time with the National Guard while my business was building. This took about 5 years.

    Ask your wife what it would take in order for you to quit. Let her give you the circumstances then hold her to it when you achieve them.

    As far as having enough money to cover the difference I’m more of a scaredy cat. I had over $50K in cash assets and my business had been paying out a solid $4,000 a month when I quit doing my part-time gig. If it were me, I would air on the side of caution, it’s easier to build up a large cash reserve and not need it than have to go back to work full time. Currently I’m 100% unemployable.

  5. I can’t see anyone that would force someone to go into debt for college especially a parent. I knew I wasn’t college material that’s why I joined the Army at 18. I learned a lot in the 8 years of active duty. I did like Jack’s phlosophy on becoming an officer. Don’t do it unless you love it, otherwise you will be a piss poor officer.
    Becoming an enlisted person and taking college while you are in might be a better option and like one of the other commenters said. Find a field that will give you a skill.

    Also I’m 100% for certificate courses, community college and the like. Find something you are interested in, learn it and now you will have a skill that will help you on your journey to becoming a sustainable farmer.

  6. Just a note on air rifles. The benefit of the single cocking rifles over the pump is that the velocity will be nearly the same with each shot. This will give you better accuracy especially at longer ranges. Smaller pellet calibers usually have the best stability and accuracy between 800 and 1000 feet per second. The closer the smaller pellets gets to supersonic the more unstable they tends to be. Not sure about the larger calibers since they have more mass.

    Pellet guns come can be had in .117,.20,.22,.25,.30,.357,.45 and .50. The video included is a person shooting a .45 in long range competition. It is a PCP style pellet gun.

    Pre-charged pneumatic air rifles use compressed air as their powersource. These guns will either have a air tank built into the gun itself or the air tank will screw on to the gun. The air tanks are filled with a hand pump or a scuba tank. Benefits of pre-charged air rifles are multi shot power and accuracy. Depending on the gun you can get around 30 high power shots without refilling the tank. In the video he is actually connected to a air tank.

    Enjoy, George.