Episode-1468- The World Won’t End but Your World Could

Just Because the World Doesn't End, Doesn't Mean Your World Won't End.

Just Because the World Doesn’t End, Doesn’t Mean Your World Won’t End.

Monday I took a question on “economic collapse” and tried to explain that no that isn’t going to  happen, not the way many think about it anyway.  That the collapse is here, it is on going and it will have both chronic and acute symptoms.  In short instead of prepping for TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) many should be prepping for TEOYWAYKI (the end of your world as you know it)

As usual when you try to explain this some people feel that means, well, “it isn’t so bad” so do we even need to prep beyond say basic readiness.

Also after doing this for so long I often forget that many of the core concepts of modern survivalism might be foreign to even people who have listed (especially selectively) for say two years or even more.  That the ground work I laid in the formative years may never have been heard by many listeners, at all.

So today I will combine a bit of the fundamental modern survival thinking with current modern threats and considerations.  I will try to explain the balance between Doomsday Prepper nonsense and all I need is a flash light and some candles thinking.  Humans by and large are binary creatures with an internal binary code of ones and zeros, this is why the political dichotomy is so effective.

We literally think in two dimensions.  Safety and danger, democrat or republican, Pepsi or Coke, rich or poor, sick or healthy, alive or dead, etc.  The absolutes are indeed black and white but life is a million shades of gray, today my goal is to bring you out into the spectrum and let you see some of those shades.

Join me Today as I Discuss…

  • The disaster probability factor
  • The disaster impact scale
  • The inverse relationship of impact scale and probability
  • How the circles of influence and concern fit into this
  • The six primary needs and a new way to think about them
    • Food
    • Water
    • Shelter
    • Energy
    • Health and Sanitation
    • Security
  • What exactly is a
    • Recession
    • Depression
    • Economic Collapse
    • Currency Default
  • What I consider BASIC common sense preparedness
    • Food for 30-60 days with out complete boredom
    • Ability to deal with initial power loss in 5-10 minutes
    • Power for 14 days with basic needs and comfort
    • Ability to deal with wastes for 30 days if you have to
    • Ability to treat basic injuries and illnesses
    • Ability to keep your home sound in any damage that isn’t catastrophic
    • Water for at least 30 days for all needs, drinking, cooking, bathing, etc.
    • Money to pay all expenses for 90 days with no income without RRA!
    • Security for your home and person’s (ETPP)
      • Equipment
      • Training
      • Procedures
      • Protocols
    • The ability to help neighbors
    • The ability to communicate and get information
    • The ability to move out, survive away from home and get back home
    • A full info and documentation kit
    • Situational Awareness and a Positive Mental Conditioning
    • Basic phyical fitness and reasonable activity
    • A network of friends and contacts you can count on
  • Do that and you are ahead of most of the Doomsday People
  • Don’t think everything is swell just because everything isn’t burning

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16 Responses to Episode-1468- The World Won’t End but Your World Could

  1. We are definitely reaping the benefits of our preps. The cushion we have created has brought us to a comfortable place. It kay hage to do with age, skill, and accomplishments, but, I feel a world of good , while many are flailing.
    I hope for more people to pick up the preparedness, homesteading, survivalist, bushcraft, and primative skill way of life. We would all benefit.

  2. hi Jack,
    Wondering about the green house workshop. Will it be a go?

  3. Good show. I’m one of those for whom you were speaking too so passionately. I led that sheltered life, I didn’t know it while it was happening, but I sure do now. I never expected anything near the difficulties I face.
    I’m glad you are a commonsense guy, and not another one of those doomsday types, they paralyze more people than they motivate with their fear mongering.

  4. Suggestions for teaching critical thinking? Thinking under pressure / stress?

  5. Roundabouts I could use all the help I can get.

  6. How small can “preparedness” get? I listen to so many tales how some get turned on to prepping; the 200k bug, Katrina, 911 terrorist attack, the 2008 financial meltdown and so on. What got me onto it? Somewhere around 1985 I happened to read a Wall Street Journal story predicting the coming rise in price of coffee. I stocked up and for the next year I drank my java at a lower cost than what I would’ve had if not for looking at that article.
    From that I’ve learned to look for forecasts and to weigh them in the light of probability.

  7. There are a couple of things that spring to mind..

    First, recession, depression and economic collapse are happening in the US in some locals. While I don’t think you can say the US is in an economic collapse, many cities and counties are collapsing..

    Jack’s talks about his grandparents not knowing that the depression started or when it ended, because their locale was depressed before and remained depressed after.

    Localized collapse is in theory avoidable, as you could move somewhere that’s booming.

    Second, price inflation is about as certain as the law of gravity. If you’re not planning and expecting it.. continually, you’re fooling yourself. There are two ways you can go with mitigating this: 1) increase your income faster than the price inflation -or- 2) become less dependent on market purchases for your needs. Of course, both would be better.

    • I’m often confusing.. 😉

      Price Inflation – This doesn’t sound like an ’emergency’ but that’s because its moving VERY SLOWLY (most of the time).

  8. Don’t forget divorce. It typically happens to men out of the blue and when they’re doing everything “right” … providing income, sharing parenting responsibilities, etc. The woman just loses attraction and in this environment it’s payday for her.

    • Modern Survival

      It happens that way at times. The truth is most divorce is not that way, nor is it the man’s fault. It takes two to marry and generally two fall short of being there for each other in a divorce.

      That said the court system is ABSOLUTELY slanted against men.

  9. jackofalltrades

    You have mentioned a couple times about using the blue chemical liquid in a bucket toilet. I have hunted for years and use a bucket every year in hunting camp. If you are looking for an economical chem toilet, I would recommend getting a cheap laundry powder for your preps (function stacking). Use one scoop of laundry powder each time you are finished doing your business. Remind family members to “use a tree if you have to pee”. If mostly solids are left in the bucket, it will last about a week before having to replace the bag ; the laundry powder will do a good job keeping the odor down.

  10. Peat moss for a toilet in a 5 gallon bucket works pretty well too. No stink, and safer to dispose of than blue goo!

  11. Jack, I just listened to this show, and I am glad I did. Although I am pretty prepped up, this show pointed to a few weaknesses I intend to correct.
    ALSO, as a 61 year old woman I may be facing living as a widow at some point. I would like to stay in my home, which is now “prepperized”. Would you consider doing a show targeted for the average widow and how we might modify any preps or attitudes for success? For example, I have been thinking about a protocol for being gone – nobody would know I left or if I returned possibly for days.

  12. Evelyn Mitchell

    I like Paula’s idea for a show:

    “Would you consider doing a show targeted for the average widow and how we might modify any preps or attitudes for success? For example, I have been thinking about a protocol for being gone – nobody would know I left or if I returned possibly for days.”

    Thank you

  13. BTW, I am appalled at how many women in my age group (say 55-70) tell me that if their husbands die, they will sell their homes and move into a townhouse or 55+ community because they don’t think they could manage their places on their own. AND, I am not talking about financially. Since my mother lived with us the last 18 months of her life with emphysema I have worked at making my house liveable even with some handicaps like limited breathing capacity (you would be amazed at how robbed of energy this makes you). And, thanks to Jack I was able to convince my husband to help with many self reliance improvements at our place. I don’t want to give up my little “fortress” 🙂