Your Chance to Win One of 12 Free SOE Cobra Rigger Belts

Back when I was doing about episode 10 of  The Survival Podcast one of the first people in the industry to reach out to me at the time was John Willis of Original SOE Gear.  Over the years John has donated honestly thousands of dollars in free gear to the the show and the audience.  Well I guess he got the Christmas spirit early this year because he is about to give away 12 Cobra Rigger Belts valued at $65 dollars a piece.  So that means John is donating over $750 dollars worth of his gear in this give away alone.

For your chance to win…

1.  Be sure you are entered in the Listener Appreciation Contest

2.  Tune in on Tuesday the 16th and Friday the 19th next week to get the code words to play for your chance to win

On each day we will give away 6 belts.  I will be giving them to both high and low respondent numbers for the contest so while listening early will give you the highest odds of winning everyone should have a decent chance.

These belts are plain awesome for tactical use or everyday wear of a belt that will outlast you.  They need to be custom sized so winners will be emailing their waist size to John who will be custom making them.

The Cobra Rigger’s Belt is a live load-bearing device capable of serving as an emergency extraction harness. It simply outdoes every other emergency cover-your-butt belt on the market today, and likely will continue to do so for quite some time to come.  SOE Cobra Belts come complete with sizing adjustment and stow-away triangle connector for emergency rigging.

The Original S.O.E. Cobra Rigger’s Belt is in use by members of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and line troops around the globe.  Now you have the chance to win one of your own by tuning in and sharing The Survival Podcast.

John will also be running a discount for all listeners on all equipment in conjunction with this contest, I will release details on that next weekend as well.  In my personal opinion SOE Gear is the best built and toughest equipment available today.  Check out the Orginal SOE Gear website to see what I mean.

Also to see how tough John’s gear really is, check out this YouTube Video, this is just ridiculous really!  This is why the only complain John’s competitors can seem to come up with is that he “over builds his equipment”.  I don’t know about you guys but if my life is on the line with something, I will take over built over under built any day!

2 Responses to Your Chance to Win One of 12 Free SOE Cobra Rigger Belts

  1. Looks like a great piece of gear. Thanks Jack and thanks SOE!

  2. Looks great. Hope I win one.