Episode-305- You Can’t Lose as a Modern Survivalist

The number one question I get from non preparedness minded individuals when I tell them about The Survival Podcast is simply, why?

Why takes many forms such as…

  • Why do you worry about so many things you can’t control?
  • Why do I need to do anything different then I am doing now, I got this far OK, right?
  • Why should I spend money on things I may never need or even use?
  • Why should I sacrifice just to be “debt free” because “you’re no one unless you own money in the nation anyway”?
  • Why should I store food?
  • Why do I need a gun, we have a nice town and a great police force?
  • Why do you feel the need to be an alarmist?

Oh and that list of why’s goes on and on, I assure you.  Yet I always answer every single why with the same answer, “because the way I do things my life is better even if nothing bad ever happens”.

Tune in today as we discuss this concept and thoughts on how…

  • Living debt free is the only way to have the freedom we all desire
  • Why most people tolerate things in their life they should never allow
  • Why tax is theft and why understanding it creates freedom
  • Why no matter what people say you do need to prepare for bad times
  • How the media and the government create plastic lifestyles that we choose to live within
  • Why storing food will always pay itself back even if you never have to rely on it directly
  • Why a garden is liberating and a financial gain
  • Why so many people that start to prep fail and fall out and how to change that

Resources for today’s show…

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9 Responses to Episode-305- You Can’t Lose as a Modern Survivalist

  1. ForestDweller

    Great show today, Jack. Also, thank you for the heads up on the post 2012 sale. Sounds great.

  2. Episode 305 is the voice of reason and hit me hard on the debt issue.Ive made excuses too long and I can hear the freedom you posses from not carrying that baggage around.Thanks and I would love for my wife to hear this one.
    Keep up the great work.


  3. from the article on the Lew Rockwell site:

    “Almost a third of the US corn harvest will be diverted into ethanol for motors this year.”


    Wake up folks, people use the word “unsustainable” so much these days it has lost its’ meaning. This is the dictionary definition here.

  4. Outstanding!!! Outstanding!!! Outstanding!!!

    Another top notch show Jack.

    As for not calling you a leader, I am going to have to call BS on that. You may not feel like the leader, but YOU are the voice, YOU give us the insight to look at ourselves and find the answers and YOU started this group, the TSP family. Without YOU, we would not be here. Sure we might find some of this somewhere else, but this is not somewhere else.

    Thanks for everything!!!

  5. Did I miss something? I was only able to listen to the first eleven minutes of the show, and then it quit. I tried the dowload, I tried to play in pop-up, I tried to play in the browser window.

    Please help.

  6. Jack – we have disagreed on CC’s before and I must disagree again … they can also be used as emergency windshield ice scrapes if necessary!

    Awesome show – I’m inspired to squeeze more out of the family budget to elminate the mortgage even sooner.

  7. Jack, great episode again. I agree that getting rid of a Credit Card is a nice idea; but in Canada, it’s hard to do if you want to use some services that require it (or make it very hard to use cash only as a way to pay for the service); you’ve mentioned the Debit cards that have a Visa (or other CC company) component; but in Canada, they aren’t here yet. I do agree with TimfromOhio though, the card does have other uses (as you also noted), in my case, as a glue spreader for woodworking… 😉

  8. credit cards could be useful if you want to bail out of the country and leave the bill here… of course not ethical and not something I am recommending!
    Nice show Jack.

  9. Congrats on your 305th show, I haven’t been around long but ever sence i’ve found out about what you’ve been doing here i’ve been telling and making pretty much everyone I know come here…

    you should think about having codes or something so you can see what guys are ‘enlightining’ their ‘neighbors’. heh

    p.s. I can feel the tin foil vibe.