Reminder the Fall Workshop Goes on Sale Tomorrow

One last reminder the fall workshop goes on sale at 9AM CST tomorrow.  From then until 9AM CST Saturday the sale will be open to MSB Members only.  To order you will have to log into the MSB at that time.  A link to order will be in BOLD RED at the top of the main login page.  Again it won’t be there until 9AM CST Thursday Sept. 14th.

Full details about the workshop are here.

Cost as always is 500 dollars, a deposit of 100 is needed to hold your spot.  The balance is paid upon arrival.  Deposits are technically non refundable but my actual policy is, if you cancel and I can sell your seat, I refund the deposit, if I can’t you lose it.

I generally have a waiting list but when people cancel only a few days before the event, often the people on it can’t attend at that point.  I find this policy to be fair, I hope you guys do as well.

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