Episode-1234 – Women of Prepping Episode 8


Rianna Stone – The Pagan Homesteader

Rianna Stone has been an RN for almost 20 years but her true passion is homesteading and Permaculture. Three years ago she and her family took the plunge and moved onto 6 acres in the wilds of Oklahoma to create their own homestead.

For the last three years this family of four has lived in 360 sq ft with no running water as they work on creating a sustainable lifestyle. This includes gardening, chickens, geese, and goats.

Rianna is also the host of The Pagan Homesteader Podcast, and she was recently named Survival Mom of the Month for the month of July on the Survival Mom Blog.  Today she and her family live with no running water in a 350 square foot tiny home.

Today Rianna and here family continue to develop their property and improve their lifestyle as modern homesteaders.

Join Rianna and I Today for  a Discussion On…

  • What brought her to the homesteading/prepping lifestyle
  • How they manage without running water
  • Living with a family of 4 in a 350 square foot house
  • Plans for further development of their property
  • How prepping has changed their family
  • The unique challenges and fun of raising geese
  • Earthbag home construction and using it for other needs
  • The reality of tornado season in the south and mid west
  • The response of friends and family with her families new lifestyle

Resources for today’s show…

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8 Responses to Episode-1234 – Women of Prepping Episode 8

  1. i really enjoy this series. its really nice to get a womans perspective on prepping.

    in continuing with this theme i would like to make a suggestion for a show topic. how bout “blacks of prepping” its much more rare to find a black prepper than a female prepper. i would very much enjoy hearing about the challenges faced by black folks when it comes to prepping.


    • I would broaden that out – maybe minorities of prepping – or maybe like how Paul Wheaton describes himself as deviating from the deviants.

      And of course, if you Fred are a minority, you should fill out the guest form!

  2. That was a delightful interview – especially the portion about the chickens and the geese. 🙂

  3. Jack, I love these podcasts. Excellent conversation!

  4. Nice show. She’s a hardcore prepper. If I asked my wife to move into a 350 sqf house with no running water she’d tell me to have fun and come visit her from time to time, and we don’t even have kids. I love the geese stories. I have not tried them yet but I plan to when I get home full time.

  5. A very nice podcast!

    My own method to get my husband on board was to talk about supplies for power failures. Also, whenever we had a big project going and I was too busy to cook he would say “what do you want me to get for dinner?”. And, I would reply “Why don’t I open a couple of cans from the preps instead, unless you WANT to go out?” After a hard days work of COURSE he did not want to drive to town to get dinner!

    I have canned roast beef, rice, and many other good things to eat.

    My husband is now a prepper. I cannot take full credit because there are a couple of other fathers of Boy Scouts that prep and so he gets some moral support there, but having a good meal when things were busy at home helped a LOT! I think that is something that every non-prepping spouse would appreciate: I heard about one lady who broke out bottles of wine and salami and crackers when the power went out! Her husband stopped laughing at that point!

    Since I have covered the food, my husband has gotten us a water filter, a kerosene heater, and jugs of water. He has also volunteered to till up enough land to expand the garden next year. He for sure no longer laughs!

  6. I wanted to respond about the earth bag home Mrs. Stone mentioned. That sounds like an awesome idea for the area you live in. I would like to throw out the name of something we had in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hesco barriers were used to form walls for protection. I don’t know the cost of these items, but it may be a good idea to look into the mass of each vs the cost.

    It is awesome that you could make the change. I have to agree with Dave above. My wife would disown me is I tried that.

  7. This was a great interview. Jack clearly enjoyed it.

    It reminded me of my own interview (I was #7) but I didn’t get into some of the hardships because there were so many things to talk about. Being off-grid my biggest challenge has been refrigeration, though here in Vermont it’s not terrible for half the year.

    I hope you’ll consider roof water catchment for at least half the year.