MSB Week In Review 005

Here is this weeks MSB insider’s only video of our week in review. We want to make these videos really cool for members of the Support Brigade, so after watching it please be sure to leave questions and comments for what you want to see in next weeks updates.

The purpose of these videos is to give MSB members a behind the scenes look at what we do at the the Spirko homestead and with the operations of the TSP business itself. This will generally be things that we are reserving for our private members only.

All the videos are posted to Vimeo and are password protected. The pass code will be the same for all videos and it is prominently displayed on the main page of your MSB Private Area. You will see it as soon as you log in. You can’t miss it. It is in BOLD RED at the top of the page when you log in.

Sorry this week’s video is a bit late coming out. We have had a flat out brutal October. While it has been fun it has been energy draining to be gone from our homestead for over 15 days in a 31 day month. During this week in review we were in Saline Louisiana at Nick Ferguson’s Earthworks Course where I was a co-instructor along with Nicholas Burtner, Nick Ferguson and my intern Josiah Wallingford.

This Video Covers…

  • The construction of a deep trench hugel bed that is on contour and acts as a swale
  • How to build a comfrey tractor
  • Campfire cooking by me of a rabbit and squirrel that were killed by a Harris Hawk
  • Why Joe didn’t like his piece of rabbit liver
  • Pond construction at Nick Ferguson’s permaculture site
  • Why pine trees dying can be a sign of something very good
  • Back filling hugul trenches with small material to fill in spaces in larger material
  • Why you might make a hugul with wood deep in the ground
  • Dealing with very sandy soil and creation of micro climates
  • Plans for the upcoming TSP workshop on earthworks, a working workshop
  • Finding cell phone signal where there isn’t any signal, using power lines
  • A special guest appearance by Scarlet the Harris Hawk

You can view this weeks video at

13 Responses to MSB Week In Review 005

  1. maybe if you’re super excited to eat hawk harvested liver it just tastes awesome no matter what.. anyway, great time, great event.. Nick Ferguson is the man. he hosted an awesome event and sent me home with comfrey. can’t wait to start the comfrey tractor and for the next event!

  2. Jack,

    Just to let you or Josiah know that I can access this video without entering the passcode. I’ve checked this on another computer as well just to make sure that the code wasn’t being cached somewhere.

    Right, I’m off to watch the rest of it now 🙂

    All the best,

    Matt (MSB Member)

  3. Sorry I can only watch 3 seconds of video before it stops and reverts like I never hit the play button. Dont know how to fix this or if its just me. Thought you should know.

  4. These videos always leave me wanting more. Especially liked Scarlet. Very cool.

  5. Love these MSB updates! Thanks for giving us so much value for our money.

  6. Who in the heck would “dislike” this? These videos are excellent!

    Tremendous value for my MSB spend.

  7. I’m going through withdrawl… wondering when the next MSB video will come out!

  8. Jack,
    Will there be any more videos? Really been missing this series that you started.