Episode-84 Winter is for Gardening Part Three

Today we wrap up with some tips and tricks to get the most out of your garden in the winter or just use winter to get your garden ready for spring.

Tune in Today to Hear…

  • How to use hot water barrels or a black drum of water to fight off a freeze
  • The proper way to start out a raised bed both for quick use or in prep for the spring
  • Why you never bury sod if you plan to plant your crops right away
  • Tips on using cheap builder plastic and frost blankets
  • Why winter is a great time to pick a “sunny location”
  • Why wide beds are better
  • Why you need to work the sub soil no matter how much top soil and organic matter you fill in a bed with
  • Why leaves are better added to a bed directly rather then composted (in winter time anyway)
  • How to put your beds to “sleep” for the winter if you won’t be growing during the winter season
  • The value of worms and soil critters and how their efforts compound over time
  • Why roto tilling is not always a good idea and how it can actually harm your soil
  • The importance of testing your soil, don’t skip this step it is easy and cheap to do
  • Green houses don’t always need to have shelves, the in ground green house is cool
  • A perfect way to store, deploy and use your frost blankets and make them more effective and give them a longer useful life

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One Response to Episode-84 Winter is for Gardening Part Three

  1. Hi. I listened to Winter Gardening #1. Great subject! I thought that I heard you mention treated lumber for a raised bed garden. I heard that these boards are treated with Arsenic and poisonous. The poison leaches out into the dirt and can make you sick. I’ll listen to it again to see if I mis-heard