Win Awesome Stuff in the Safecastle Freedom Awards Contest

The Safecastle Freedom awards are on and you can win BIG TIME by creating some awesome content on the TSP Forum.  What can you win?

1.  Grand prize, for overall best in show (video or article):  a brand new, fully geared-up Joey-XP Teardrop Trailer, list price of $7065.

2.  First prizes for the best video and best article:  winner’s choice of an EcoloBlue 30 atmospheric water generator , list price, $1500.

OR a portable solar back-up system by POWERENZ — the LFP10. list price, $1550.

3.  Second prizes in the article and video categories will be awarded a Katadyn Pocket , value $320. Third prize in each of the two categories will be Excalibur 9-Tray Dehydrators, value $275.

4. All finalists will receive a Safecastle Freedom award.

5.  Sponsoring blog/forum owners for the grand and first-prize winners will receive Safecastle gift certificates worth $250 each.

We have a special board for your submissions on the TSP Form, you can find it here.

At the top of the board is a sticky post with the rules, read the rules fully and please follow them to the letter if you want a chance to win.  Vic is giving away some crazy big time prizes here, so take a shot and you just might win big.

6 Responses to Win Awesome Stuff in the Safecastle Freedom Awards Contest

  1. Carson from Canada

    Ho, ly, crap! That is a smoking list of prizes! I better start getting creative…

  2. I don’t think we can receive the prizes living in Canada… 🙁

  3. Carson from Canada

    Hey, run it up the flagpole, see who salutes! On a side note, what province are you in? AB here.

  4. I’m in Ontario, the ol’ armpit of Canada. I can say that cause I live here hahaha. Whats your name on the forum, I am SamsonSimpson

  5. Carson from Canada

    How does all of our money feel out there? Oh wait, it just gets funneled through Ottawa to Quebec… LOL. Um, as for the forum, I registered, browsed it a couple times, and then haven’t been back in half of forever, but I am re-registering my handle tonight of pninja, and hopefully I’ll stay more active…

  6. Carson from Canada

    Whoops, nevermind, it’s actually CarsonfromCanada.