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Guys and gals, I continue to be amazed at what my intern Josiah has done with  Just about 5 months ago I remember sitting with Joe and discussing what name he should use, today it may be the largest single source of articles on all things homesteading, tactical and liberty oriented assembled in one place.

The thing is I think very few people realize just how much awesome information Brink of Freedom has and how much awesome new content comes in each week.  The biggest thing is I don’t think Joe has made the ability to subscribe to email updates visible enough on the site.

So I figured as a good mentor I would help him out with that and give him a little subscriber shot in the arm at the same time.  So while Joe figures out how to make his updates more prominent I am going to simply ask that you subscribe and give you the direct link, here it is…

So here is the deal click that link and subscribe to Brink of Freedom’s email updates between now and Sunday at midnight and you could win a free lifetime membership in the MSB.  While only one person will win that, another two will win one year subscriptions.

What if you are already an MSB member?  No problem you will have a few choices.  You can use it to extend your membership.  Of course if you win the lifetime membership you can use it to convert your account to lifetime.  You also have the option to gift the subscription to anyone you want.

So take a shot, it doesn’t cost anything to play other than subscribing to some great content.  And hey if you only want content on certain subjects, you can select only the categories you want when you subscribe.  Again just get over to this link and get signed up for free…

Then Monday Joe will select three people at random from the new subscribers and send them to me.  One will get a free lifetime MSB valued at 300 dollars (when they are even available that is) and two others a free year of MSB valued at 50 dollars.  Remember you can’t win if you don’t play.

16 Responses to Win A Free Lifetime MSB Membership – Register for the Brink Of Freedom Newsletter

  1. That is a really good thing you are doing Jack.

    I love the concept of The Brink of Freedom site. I would love the site more if there was a bit more depth to some of the articles I have read on the site. One way might be some supplemental information such as links to more information on a subject. Jack does this in his write ups to his podcasts and often the great thing is I learn a lot more and travel through the web into other good information.

    Thanks and keep up the great work Joe!

    • Good point man. I am working on getting more linking implemented. As you can imagine this is quite the conquest with the 30+ writers we have. Thank you for subscribing to the magazine!

    • I can imagine Josiah.

      I just want to stress man you are doing a good job and the site is an excellent idea.

      My hope is you do not think I am being negative man. I want to send you positive vibes because it is not easy. Might be you will soon need an intern of your own just to go through a slush pile for submissions.

      Again the site looks great and is organized well. There is great info.
      Thanks for the site Joe!

  2. Timothy Dillon

    Being my birthday today, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I’m one of the winners. Thanks Jack and Josiah.
    Take care,

  3. You got me to subscribe – and I took it one step further and “liked” his BOF Facebook page. Anything else? Thanks for the “push”!

  4. MSB giveaway and MTKnives has their knife raffle too. Pretty good week so far!

  5. Thank you Jack, for your generous giveaway. And thank you Josiah, for the awesome site! Well done, sir!

  6. beewhispererwyosurvival


    Love it and send it out to all my people to get signed up…O and JO, you are a big word in other circles. You, Jack, and my self got LOLed on IN THE RABBIT HOLE for humus.

    Episode 110: The Basics of Beekeeping

    by Aaron Frankel on January 20, 2014

    in Urban Survival Podcast Episodes
    Episode 110: Beekeeping [ 1:32:10 | 42.69 MB ] Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

    Michael Jordan of A Bee Friendly CompanyIn this episode hosts Aaron and Jason discuss all things beekeeping with Michael Jordan of A “Bee Friendly” Company Inc. And a special on why Aaron is mad at Jack Spirco.

    Let’s face it, bees and beekeeping scare the crap out of most of us. But in this episode Michael brings us into his world, shows us around, exposes himself to his bees to show us their safe, and shows us it’s not so scary after all.

    All you urban farmers listen as we discuss…

    Show Topics:
    ?Methods of beekeeping from commercial to small scale.
    ?How not to keep bees and costly mistakes to avoid.
    ?Different styles and purposes of different hive types.
    ?Bee and hive removal.
    ?African Bees
    ?Russian Bees
    ?Catching bees.
    ?Tracking bees.
    ?Getting free bees.
    ?Sustainable beekeeping.
    ?Urban beekeeping.
    ?Do bees attack rabbits?
    ?And a whole LOT more.

    Episode resources:
    ?Beekeeping articles by Michael Jordan
    ?A Bee Friendly Company’s Facebook Page
    ?IPUG Prepper Group
    .- See more at:

  7. I had no idea BOF had a newsletter. I signed up and signed up for his twitter feed.

    I use twitter now almost exclusively for updates to sites I enjoy.

  8. what if you already are on the list for the newsletter at BOF?

  9. It seems to me Joe might be a past software guy, or maybe more of a web developer, or a graphic designer. Whichever the case you might have the nicest looking website in the homesteading/prepping scene. That is the opinion of someone who has been in web and software development for 5+ years. Great job.