Win 500 Rounds of Free Ammo from

How would you like an ammo can with 500 rounds of ammo?  What if you had your choice between 9mm, 45 ACP, 40 S&W or 223?

Well now thanks to our new sponsor you can get 500 rounds of any one of those calibers along with an ammo can for free, well at least one lucky listener will.

The great part is all you have to do is either…

  • Do a quick post about them on your blog or web site and send them an email about it
  • Follow them on facebook or twitter and let them know about it

The best part is you can do either one or both and if you do both you get entered twice in the drawing.   The current give away will end on Tuesday November 30th, 2010.  So enter as soon as possible for your best chance to win.

I think it is awesome that as a new sponsor stepped up right away with a give away like this.  I have also been extremely impressed with their inventory, pricing and service.  So check out the contest because you just might win and check out their website for some great deals and a huge selection of in stock and ready to ship ammo.

Click Here to Learn More about the
Bulk Ammo Give Away

9 Responses to Win 500 Rounds of Free Ammo from

  1. I just entered, this is a sweet giveaway!
    Thanks, Jack and!

    Cool Contest for Shooters

  2. Sanford Nagel

    I am posting to my Facebook and will be looking to purchase some ammo whether or not I am selected to win.

  3. Brandt Solovij

    Awesome!!! You guys will be my first choice for ammo purchases – and with the CA ammo ban coming, that means a LOT of ammo im going to need in the next 2months.

    Thanks for supporting TSP!!!!

  4. I just put this up on my website for for Northwest Ohio Preppers. Great Opprotunity and great pricing on Ammo

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  6. Great contest pitch, and crossing my fingers in the hope that the contest may someday expand into 7.62! Consider it posted!

  7. Great promotion for great ammo. Just posted this to my facebook blog.

  8. Hey, just posted on facebook. Thanks for supporting TSP, The good guys.

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