Episode-461- Why Survivalism?

That is honestly a fair question and one I get from a lot of people.  Here I am this guy who has a lot of computer and internet knowledge, I know how to make Google do my bidding with the art of SEO (search engine optimization), I have been in sales for global corporations and I have about a million interests.

Why in the hell would a person like me…

1.  Be a survivalist?

2.  Make teaching it and spreading it my life’s work?

Join me today as we discuss…

  • What survivalism is to me
  • Why my roots make survivalism part of my make up
  • Why I don’t shun modern technology like say a GPS or a computer
  • Why I still value ancient skills like fire making, tracking and trapping
  • Why I believe that survivalism is a “human concept”
  • Why I tend to stay away from a lot of typical survivalism stuff like the New World Order
  • Why I see gardening and permaculture as survival topics
  • Why I really love guns but only discuss them may be 10% of the time
  • Why I believe that survivalism can actually save America
  • What the covert mission of The Survival Podcast really is

Resources for today’s show…

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6 Responses to Episode-461- Why Survivalism?

  1. Right on Jack! Update on me: left Zone 4 for Zone 8, and have plant-now seeds. At sea level, I noticed the difference coming from the mountains of Montana. At sea level, hot is heavy hot, and the you can feel the oxygen. Good feeling!

  2. Should this be episode 461? Yesterday was 460.

  3. Modern Survival

    @CPH, thanks for the catch I got it right on the file name but not the post title. All fixed now.

    @Chad, cool on the move man, love to know where you are at. If you don’t want to say publicly drop me an email.

  4. Ditto’s…”Grit” is largely missing from this society. My father is 70 and would still kick my @ss.

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  6. Epic show! Thanks Jack!