Episode-176- Money Equals Debt In Our National Economy

OK so now down to earth prepping skills today instead with all the new people I felt we needed another show on the economy, more specifically how the money supply works and why every dollar is actually a certificate for debt.

This is important to understand because modern survivalism is about building a sustainable lifestyle.  Not “saving the planet” but building a life that you can sustain if times get tough or even if they don’t.  Debt is the number one thing that enslaves Americans today and the number one cause of divorce.  On a national scale money and debt are actually one in the same, ever dollar in your pocket is a certificate for debt.

This is the cause of “boom and bust” no matter which president we have.  It is why inflation must return and by understanding it you can structure your life to mitigate the risks to you and your family.

Tune in today to hear…

  • Why when people call our currency “monopoly money” they are right and what the game can teach us about the economy
  • Why this economic problem is possibly more dangerous to our children then to us
  • How money works in the US economy, it probably isn’t how you think it does
  • What the founders did to control the money supply and how far we have gone away from that
  • Why we every had a “gold standard” and the reason leaving it behind has created fake money
  • Why every dollar in your pocket isn’t money but a certificate for debt plus interest
  • Why running your household as a microcosm of the government enslaves so many Americans
  • Reconnecting to the wisdom you had back when your thought you were broke, rather then today when you really are broke and simply have more stuff
  • Why if no one owed anyone money in the US, there would be no money
  • Where those trillions of dollars for stimulus and bailouts actually come from
  • Why the system is the problem no matter who is president
  • Why we are constantly tricked by the illusion of prosperity
  • Why we are in for bigger falls, simply we are going higher each time before we fall
  • Falling feels like flying until you HIT THE GROUND

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2 Responses to Episode-176- Money Equals Debt In Our National Economy

  1. Jack,
    I just started listening to the show about a week or so ago. On the first day, I listened to three episodes. While I don’t always glean something new, I have been an avid podcast listener for sometime and having a show on these topics and of this caliber has been great.
    I consider myself pretty well versed in the ways of our current economy (thought to say I understand it would be lunacy), but your perspective, or perhaps simply the way you put forth your ideas floored me.
    Keep up the great work and I hope to be able to throw a donation your way sometime.
    CSims, Texan stranded in Yankee-ville