Episode-1406- Well, Why Isn’t Everyone a “Survivalist”?

Today TSP is a great episode to share with new folks, especially those new to prepping.  Every once in a while I have to take a real back up and discuss things at the basic level and frankly the starting out level.

Funny quick story here, when I started The Survival Podcast and coined the phrase modern survivalist in 2008 I was advised by many well meaning people to use the term Prepper and rebrand as say the Modern Prepper Podcast or something.  Why?  Survivalist was considered scary, tin hattish, new world order obsessed, etc.

I stuck to the following, this is what modern survivalist means.

  • modern – of or relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past
  • survival – the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances
  • ist – a suffix that means to specialize in

So modern survivalist means – one who lives in the present here and now and specializes in creating a life that will allow them to continue to live a good life in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances.

Now do you see why I ask, “why isn’t everyone a survivalist”?  Frankly if you are raising a child is this not what you would want for them?  Would you not want to raise a young adult that can continue to thrive “in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances”.  If that is what you’d want for your kids, don’t you think  you should set a good example?

Now of course the funny thing is Prepper is just as maligned and considered “crazy” today as survivalist due to stupid nonsense like “Doomsday Preppers”.

Join Me Today As We Discuss…

  • Yes modern survivalism is just common sense
  • Not long ago preparedness was considered a virtue in America
  • The story of the grasshopper and the ant, the original one
  • Setting up basic redundancy, some really simple first steps
    • A basic black out kit
    • A 72 hour kit
    • A basic documentation package
    • Protocol and procedures and the differences between the two
    • Basic food storage
    • Basic water storage
    • Basic situational awareness
    • Basic financial management and debt elimination
    • The most important thing, a survival mind set
  • Where to go from here

Resources for today’s show…

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19 Responses to Episode-1406- Well, Why Isn’t Everyone a “Survivalist”?

  1. Regarding how long it can take the police to show up… They may not show up at all.
    911 Dispatcher Tells Woman About To Be Sexually Assaulted There Are No Cops To Help Her Due To Budget Cuts

  2. Jack,

    Where is the link to the documentation show? Or am I blind? Lol.

  3. NW Bowhunter

    Episode 148

  4. I would like to increase my water storage to my outside storage shed, how do I keep it from freezing in winter (it can get to -20F in winter)?

  5. Great show today Jack. I’ll be sending this out to a few people that I know are ready for it.

  6. Jack they still close the schools in my area of Ohio, on the PA border, for the opening day of deer gun season. I love where I live.

  7. This was such a great episode Jack. I’ve got a list of at least 10 articles to add to the wiki from listening today. I’ve also been keeping an eye out for a nice introduction show to share with a few people and this fits the bill perfectly.

  8. Back in 2001 I came up with the term “Prepper”, when I started getting into the Survivalist philosophy. I came up with Preparationist (Prepper for short) when I was tired of all the racist, and conspiracy beliefs that were tired to the Survivalist movement. I felt that the term “Survivalist” was tainted and could not be rescued. It felt better to tell people that I was a Prepper, that I prepared for possible events, rather than tell them I was a Survivalist and be met with the usual jokes or concern about my mental health. I eventually started a Yahoo group called “Preparationist”, after finding that no web content discussed this.

    I still call myself a Prepper and a Preparationist, despite what Nat Geo has done to the title.

    • Modern Survival

      In other words by trying to avoid a sterotype you ended up in one. Why not just say what you mean and tell others to screw the hell off if they don’t like it? It always works better in the end.

  9. Is there an episode or website that I can reference for more details preparing a document package?

    As a relatively new listener, this was an amazing episode. There were so many parts that REALLY hit home, especially Jack’s closing line. If you love so-and-so enough to die for them, do you love them enough to live for them too? (paraphrasing). THANKS!!

  10. Thanks! Will search first next time – there’s a wealth of info here!

  11. Love your comment about BS in preppers, you say,”forget the acronyms!” Acronyms scare people as a cult to not consider preparing. Probably the best program you’ve ever have done, this podcast inspires because we care about our families for their protection. Discernment is seeing a danger ahead and preparing for it.

    Been through a threat of fire evacuation, 4-Hers got their trailers and got all the livestock animals out. I ask the people who are listening, do you have a procedure to get your animals out?More people are injured with livestock/ animals, than those without. In the Oakland, CA fire, man burned to death looking for his cat! Discernment is in 20 mins of a disaster, the freeways will be jammed.

    Can you get out onto the freeway in less than 20 mins before gridlock? Do you have a procedure? Jack, so grateful for your suggestions- protocol, procedures, 3 routes, 9maps, marker can for rally piece of mind, and hotel phone numbers, having being given peace is beyond price.

    Finally, my toddler brother grabbed a loaded pistol under the bed, with safety off and came into an adult party waving it. No excuse to not have your loaded gun be locked up, see Glock ad- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2gCFOtaZPo, empowering to have gun access. Your final words is your song-A better way to do this, Live that better way. Revolution is you. Jack, thank you.

  12. It’s easy to explain why most can’t make the choice towards survivalist, self reliance, it takes work and most are too lazy, too conditioned to let other think for them. The two things IMO that make our lives easy and less physical are rampant use of fossil fuels and unlimited credit(temporally). Heavy use of mechanized equipment for so many things has made us not only soft but independent cause we don’t need to rely on our neighbors to harvest crops or cut firewood, etc, if we to get hurt. The other thing is unlimited credit by our federal government allows them to right checks for those on food stamps and welfare to those fat cats on corporate welfare in defense, big ag, big pharma, and all those working people getting checks that they shouldn’t like me. I take care of the sick in the end stages of their life and too many want to hang they should be cashing in their chips, but their selfish desires won’t let them.

  13. Jeff rubelmann

    Jack , I have been listening to you for a few years now
    Got turned onto permaculture and took Geoff’s Pdc. I played this podcast with my wife while having dinner and I think she really was moved as well as myself with your passion for what you share and believe. Love what you do. Heart felt. Thank you.

  14. I think there is distinct variations between a survivalist and a prepper and while I might emphasis preparedness in general and even engage in “prepping” I prefer to consider myself more a survivalist.

    One of the key difference I see preppers in my opinion put all their confidence in their personal preps whereas survivalist tend to lean more towards capability and skill. While I might participate in putting things to the side to save and have extra of that constitutes preparedness items I also acknowledge the fact that I may one day find myself in a survival situation in which I have little to none of those preparedness items at my disposal.

    If you’ve ever looked into joining a “prepper” group they generally want to know what have you done thus far to prepare and your quality is measured by the volume of preps you have. Those with no preps are laughed at.

    This attitude from “preppers” tells me that they are pretty much doomed in the event they lose all their preparedness items and I don’t want to suffer such fate.

  15. Another “thank you” for your words on “financial liars.” I’m currently sitting on the phone listening to a webinar put on by New York Life, the company that administers my company’s 401k.

    She just said, “the only thing that will outpace inflation is stocks.” No mention of precious metals, goods, real estate…nothing. Really? I feel bad for the others in the herd on this call that don’t know better.