Episode-521- Why I Think The Way I Do

When I talk to folks that have not listened to TSP and they ask me what I do today I generally start with “I run a podcast”, many then need to have me explain what a podcast is.  Often there is disbelief that this is actually what I do for a living but soon the questions begin about “well what is your show about?”

I often soft sell it at first and start with, “I do a show about self reliance and self sufficiency, about how to do everything from stay out of debt to growing your own food and being prepared for things like natural disasters”.

I generally now find myself with one of three types of people…

  • The true the world is going to end believer – They are the worst of the three!  Generally I start hearing about The Book of Revelation, etc.
  • The prepper/modern survivalist – recently some of these types have even gone, OH YOUR THAT GUY!  This is kind of cool when it happens.
  • The person who hasn’t really thought about it.  – I love meeting these people!  Most want to know more if for no other reason that the fact that I don’t have a j-o-b just doesn’t make sense

Eventually though we get into some level of philosophical discussion and unless the person is a listener they are always some what surprised by my view.  Most want to know why I have the beliefs I do, why I don’t fully trust the system but don’t write it fully off either and why even though I am a “survivalist” I seem so moderate and well, normal.  I am not sure how “normal” I really am but I figured if total strangers wanted to know about this stuff than perhaps your guys would as well.

Join me today as I tell you about my life and why I think the way I do including…

  • My family was poor, but I never knew that to be the case
  • I grew up in the woods and holding a rifle
  • I have grown food almost my entire life (took a break in the Army)
  • I served in the military in the 3rd World
  • I became “successful” in the main stream world
  • I am a “trouble shooter” (aka problem solver)
  • I analyze anything I find interesting
  • I remember the details of things, like in a freaky sort of way
  • I am never satisfied that I have learned enough
  • I know the reality of how fragile life and life styles are
  • To me liberty is the most precious thing a man can have
  • I gave up on political affiliation
  • I have given up as much of my personal prejudice as I am humanly capable of
  • I accept that I am at times going to be completely wrong
  • I know I can’t predict the future but I can be prepared for it anyway
  • I believe above all else that I am in control of my life, I know I am NOT a victim
  • I recognize modern slavery as self inflicted
  • I want to help others but understand in the end they must choose for themselves
  • I most want people to know WHY they believe WHAT they believe

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7 Responses to Episode-521- Why I Think The Way I Do

  1. Great show, Jack.

    One thing that I have been thinking about a lot lately is water. For example, what happens when the local river is dried up or people have gone down to get water and just trashed the shore-line to the point where it is unsafe to go the the river or so dirty that you wouldn’t want to drink it. Currently, where I live, I have no access to ground water sources, only surface water or some kind of catchment from the roof of my house.

    The other thing I have been thinking about is cooking in a grid down situation, especially where there is no city gas or propane available. What happens when you run out of matches? I typically use a propane torch as a lighter for my fires because I am basically lazy. I think about what would happen if I did not have that available. I really need to get back to building fires using nothing but a magnesium spark stick or even “rubbing two sticks together.”

    These are a couple things that growing up in the woods of PA or anywhere else in the world helps out because you learn to do things like looking for clean surface water and building cooking fires and preparing properly.

    Things like the above are skills everyone should have if there are long periods of power outages or some kind of public works disruption during a Katrina-like disaster. No water and no heat can be quick to kill in the right situation.

    Keep up the good work!!


  2. LOL!
    Jack your thinking/remembering process (forgetting the laundry and remembering stuff from forever) yeah that is the definition of ADD. That is exactly how I work. Also starting to clean the desk, then noticing that the pencils need sharpening, then while sharpening them noticing that the grass is long, so you go out to cut it but the gas is low so you go to the gas station, but see a great sale at the camping store, then when you get home you wonder why nothing got done…. meh my life

  3. LOL- We are so much alike, yet from some things you said today, you would probably hate me as a person. Love your show Jack.

  4. nobody special

    Wow Jack, I didn’t think you could figure out a way to talk about yourself anymore than usual but you did it. Bravo

  5. Thanks for this show Jack. I feel like I’ve gotten to know you a little better.

  6. Billy the Kid

    GREAT show. This should go in the must listen thread on the forum. Getting the bare fundamentals, the lessons from experience and the philosophy behind the show is really important for people who are just arriving at this way of thinking. The way you put it all together and cut through the BS problems most people erect for themselves is invaluable. You are changing peoples lives (so its good that your humble). Keep it up.

    Also I know what you mean about the curiosity “sickness” haha. its a blessing and a curse. We’ll never be bored but we’ll always be hungry.

  7. Jack, are you my long lost younger brother?

    We have very similar timelines (read: life experiences). This show reminded me of a compilation of conversations I’ve had with folks over the years.

    The most rewarding was last fall when my much younger brother visited. He and I are the only ones who’ve moved more than 100 miles from home and wanted to really make a life for ourselves outside that sphere of influence.

    He showed me his W2 and said “See Bubba?! I wanted to be like you!” The little shit made twice my income last year. Good for him. I asked him if he was happy…..