Why I Love Harmony House Foods

Today we had a question about making your own bug out bag rations on the show and I mentioned Harmony House Foods.  That got me thinking that I don’t talk about them a much as I should.

I first found these guys about a year ago and even did a couple of videos about them and cooking with their foods.  Those videos are included below. Yet why buy dehydrated veggies when you can make your own?  Well first of all you can get some stuff you may not be able to grow and there is the convenience factor.

Additionally I do a lot of dehydrating but I still use a lot of their items.  Here are some of the reasons I absolutely love Harmony House Foods….

1.  They have a great assortment of dehydrated beans.  While I store the bulk of my beans as simply dried they take lots of prep and cook time.  For day to day cooking with some beans the dehydrated ones from Harmony House are just great, they cook in a few minutes, come in a tremendous variety and store with no refrigeration.  They are also light weight and store efficiently.   With these and some minute rice you can do a lot of creative and FAST cooking.

2.  Quality, man, their food is just good all around, great flavor that you don’t believe until taste it.

3.  Their onions are just fricken awesome.  I hate to dehydrate my own onions. Lots of cutting and stinks up my garage.  The ones from Harmony House are sweet, and I mean they tastes sweet as any onion I have ever used for cooking.  They are every bit as good as fresh, awesome for prepacked meals in the field or for your BOB and sure save time with your cooking at home.

4.  The jalapeno dices are so great to spice up like and omelet or anything at all.  Just soak them in some water for a few minutes and cook as usual even if you are going to use them in a saute or something like that.

5.  With the onions, carrots and celery you have the base for a Mirepoix (traditional French base for cooking).  I really like to use this base

in a lot of soups and stews but when making up a quick small batch I used to skip it, now a few hand fulls, a quick soak while I cut the meat up or what ever and into the pan it goes.

6.  They have sampler packs, as in my video below.  This lets you try a ton of stuff and pick the stuff you really like and will enjoy using in your preps and your cooking.

7.  They actually have good tasting Textured Veggie Protein, let me be clear I DO NOT like TVP in general but the beef and chicken chunks are really pretty good.  The beef more than the chicken, just

wait till the very end of your cooking to add them.  So for trail meals put them in a separate bag.  If I like this at all it is damn good, if you like TVP you will probably like everything they make.

8.  My cooking now has a lot more variety.  With my own dehydrated veggies and Harmony House stuff in my cupboard I add a lot more variety to my cooking then I would if I had to rely on fresh only.  A hand full of mushrooms (man those are good) here, some corn there, a bit of potato in this or that and spinach flakes add such a great flavor to so many things.

9.  Free Shipping – Not on all orders but many times when I order you have options for expedited shipping but if you are willing to wait a day or two you get it shipped free.  I just think that is pretty cool.
Ease of use!  –  Come on we can all just add water.  Many times if you are like slow cooking or making soup you don’t even do that, just toss it in.

10.  Ease of use!  –  Come on we can all “just add water”.  Many times if you are like slow cooking or making soup you don’t even do that, just toss it in.

So Check Out Harmony House see if there is anything there that you want in your pantry.

Visit Harmony House Foods

A couple of videos I did about Harmony House

5 Responses to Why I Love Harmony House Foods

  1. Any chance you can beat them up a bit and get us a discount in the members brigade?

  2. Modern Survival

    I have tried, they have never even responded to the request. I did just order a bunch of stuff and asked marketing to get a hold of me about an interview, may be that will start a dialog.

  3. Great balanced post with the vids!

    Nice to provide obvious “woot” versus cost per item.

    While not Walter Cronkrite style, good e’nuf.


    Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to one and all,

  4. Good video,s good info.

  5. Thanks so much for the info! Great as always. Just placed first order with harmony house and mentioned your podcast in the comments section as how I learned about them (and suggested they do an interview with you!).