Wheaton Laboratories PDC

I recently found out that my old friend Paul Wheaton is hosting and teaching a permaculture design course at his place in Montana, Wheaton laboratories in late May/early June.  Paul has been a friend of TSP since 2010 and has been answering questions since we started the expert council.

Well, now is your chance to do a complete permaculture design course and in this case, the emphasis is going to be on design!  This is going to be epic, folks.  This is not some holding hands and singing songs PDC.  The main instructor is Tim Barker (Paul assures me he will be teaching a big chunk of the course as well) who ran PDCs for Geoff Lawton, and if you don’t know who Geoff Lawton is, just stop right here, do a little reading, and then come back.

Register for the PDC and ATC here!

There will also be a bunch of guest instructors including:

  • Thomas J. Elpel
  • Helen Atthowe
  • Ernie and Erica Wisner
  • Jacqueline Freeman
  • Davin Hoyt

Paul talks about the PDC and all of the instructors on this episode of PETV’s Permaculture Smackdown with Josiah Wallingford.

Josiah (Joe) Wallingford informs me he will be attending as well and giving out PermaEthos PDC seats to whoever signs up for both the PDC and the ATC. You can contact him directly for more details on this josiah@permaethos.com

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