Episode-470- What Is Modern Survivalism

I call myself a modern survivalist, well what does that mean.  What is the difference between a modern survivalist vs. a traditional survivalist or a primitive survivalist.  What are the fundamentals of modern survivalism?  What does it mean to survive anyway?  Why are we coded as humans to survive and what are we surviving for?

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Join me today as we discuss…

  • Why I choose to make the term modern survival synonymous with the TSP brand
  • Why are humans “hard coded” as survivalists
  • What motivates us to create societies
  • Why societal collapse always results in rebuilding
  • Why economics and politics must be part of modern survivalism
  • Why debt elimination must be part of the equation
  • Why we all should store food and how it prevents hoarding
  • Understanding that the unprepared are the most dangerous after an event “ends”
  • Why we must pay attention to emerging threats
  • The difference between planning and paranoia
  • Why you really can have a better life as a modern survivalist

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6 Responses to Episode-470- What Is Modern Survivalism

  1. If you want to see “normalcy bias” in action take a look at this photo from wikipedia – 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. I’m willing to bet no one in this photo lived.


  2. Jack… excellent show! Loved it.

  3. I want the soil cube tool! did you talk about it today and I just missed it?

  4. rockinstroll

    When is the Mike Gasior interview? Thanks!

  5. The knife kits site looks great. And they ship to Canada!!! I’ll be purchasing from them in the near future. Good choice for a new sponsor Jack.

  6. @Phil, if nobody lived, how did the photo get out?