Episode-85 What if Nothing Goes Wrong

This is a question I think many people in the survivalist community hear from those that tend to stereotype us all as separatist militia tin foil hat types. My view is that survivalists and survival philosophies take many forms.

Tune in today to hear…

  • How the lifestyle of a modern survivaist is not that much different then many typical people
  • Why survivalism makes sense even if society doesn’t fully break down ever
  • What living in the moment can teach us when we do it the right way
  • How planting seeds, shooting a pistol or fishing can teach us true focus
  • How survivalism is often about simply “being human”
  • Focusing on what you can control vs. what you have concern about
  • How you see more of a natural human state the further you get from large cities
  • Understanding our natural role on earth regardless of your religion or lack there of
  • How to decrease fear so you can make smarter and better decisions
  • How to develop your personal survival philosophy

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2 Responses to Episode-85 What if Nothing Goes Wrong

  1. Jack,

    Thank you for the grounding podcast today; in these charged times, we need to remember that hyperbole churns up fear and makes people act out of fear, not out of mutual interest and success.
    I can appreciate the statement you’ve made about living in the moment, not from hunting or shooting (I’ve not done either); but from being outdoors and canoeing or cycling or woodworking. The militia idea that people have of survivalists, is wrong; but it’s how media has spun the community image. You’re helping to correct that image, thankfully.

    Congratulations on episode 85, 100 is coming up fast.

  2. Modern Survival


    Thanks as always for your comments, you really contribute a ton to the show with them I know I don’t always answer them but I always read them. I also really get your point about cycling, woodworking, etc. To me any activity that requires true concentration is therapeutic and if it is related to nature the effect is magnified.