What Exactly Do You Get as an MSB Member

Now is a Great Time to Join the MSB

Right now the Member’s Support Brigade is on sale for new membes or those who renew by mail until Monday when I return from the Self Reliance Expo. 

You can get your first year for only 35 dollars by using the discount code texas.

That is a great deal and MSB is a great way that you can support the show but did you know MSB is actually bloated with exclusive member benefits.

First the Discounts – There are currently 32 supporting vendors of the MSB.  Many provide discounts that will pay for your first year of MSB even at full price, such as Safecastle Royal who’s 49 dollar lifetime discount club is free to MSB members.   Here is a list of the 32 vendors that support the MSB with exclusive discounts for our members.

  • Alerts USA
  • TSP Copper
  • Paladin Press
  • Safecastle Royal
  • Western Botanicals
  • MURS-Radio.com
  • Survival.com
  • The Berkey Guy
  • Self-Sufficient-Life.com
  • Backwoods Home Magazine
  • High Mowing Organic Seeds
  • Seed Savers Exchange
  • Black Belt Magazine
  • People Powered Machines
  • The Victory Seed Company
  • Honeyville Grains
  • Readymade Resources
  • Sawtooth Tactical
  • KnifeKits.com
  • The Soil Cube
  • Camping Survival
  • Patriotic Items for Sale
  • Survival Gear Bags
  • Dr. Greg Ellis
  • Silver and Gold Shop
  • Bulk Ammo
  • Orion Concepts
  • Safe and Ready Life
  • Lenwood Leather
  • USH2.com
  • ValRiazanov.com
  • BeFoundAlive.com

Second the Free eBooks and Downloads – MSB Members get over 200 dollars’ worth of free eBooks and other great downloads in their private members area.  Here is some of what you will have access to when you become a member of the MSB.  All eBooks are in PDF Format.

  • Hurricane Katrina – A Journey of Hope
  • How to Build Your Own Wind Turbine
  • Planting Trees the Low Cost Easy Way
  • How to Build a Top Bar Bee Hive
  • Game Meats Fish and Foul
  • Basic Sprouting Guide
  • Building an EPAK Kit
  • The Glycation Factor
  • Getting Your Household in Order
  • Aquaponics – The Synaptoman Way
  • Building a Traditional Clay Oven
  • Secrets of Ballistic Striking
  • Squanto’s Garden
  • How to Build Self Watering Containers
  • An Introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison

In addition to all of the above you will also get every episode of TSP ever produced in 24 block zip files and 20 videos by me that not available anywhere else.  As you can see MSB isn’t just a way to support TSP, it provides tremendous value back to its members.  The value of the eBooks alone would cover 4 years even at full price.

So if you are not already a member now would be a great time to consider becoming one.  Again the discount code is texas.  You can use the discount code online if you pay by PayPal or you can just write it on the printable form if you pay by mail.  Those paying with silver will simply receive 3 extra months per ounce as a discount.

You Can Join The MSB or Get the Mail In Form Here

4 Responses to What Exactly Do You Get as an MSB Member

  1. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing you speak this weekend!

  2. Just auto renewed for my 2nd year! PROUD to be an MSB member. The truth is, the support for the show is worth the money. The discounts are all gravy!

  3. Old Ordnance guy
    Viennam vet

    Retired Army reserve.
    Want to join MSB
    Take Care