Episode-2295- EDC Wearable Survival Gear with Dustin Hogard and Nick Blackman

Dustin Hogard, and Nick Blackman of Wazoo Survival Gear

What happens when you combine a Mechanical/Aerospace Engineer, an Adventure Guide, and a mutual love for the outdoors? Wazoo Survival Gear!

They design, create, and field test products engineered to save lives. The adventurer, Dustin Hogard, and the engineer, Nick Blackman, crossed paths for the first time in 2012 near Houston, Texas over a few pints of craft brew. That meeting was the beginning of a very unlikely partnership that has now spawned an entire new industry of wearable gear.

With the office walls covered in working design concepts and existing products such as a business card that can act as a fire starter, a belt with a hidden compartment, a hat with hidden pockets, or a beer sleeve with survival tips, Wazoo continues to strive to make survival sexy and emphasis the “fun” in functional.

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3 Responses to Episode-2295- EDC Wearable Survival Gear with Dustin Hogard and Nick Blackman

  1. This was truly an honor and full-circle experience for us to be able to be on The Survival Podcast. Thank you Jack and Dorothy for the opportunity.

    We apologize for our rambling. We get too excited talking about this stuff sometimes.


  2. I just added a little to the insanity by ordering a cache belt. Hop to!
    Thanks guys, keep it up.

  3. It’s so true that people think “it won’t happen to me.”

    I’m afraid of heights and was on a hike where the trail got really steep. My friend was trying to help by offering to carry my pack for me.  My mind went immediately to “No! if I fall, everything I need until you get to me is in this bag!”

    I’m surprised how often I see this happen and when I tell the story people laugh.  We pack our day packs for a reason and then too many people just hand them off at the most crucial time.

    Great podcast everyone… Looking forward to learning more from you guys.

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