Episode-77- We are our own worst enemy at the elections

With the elections close at hand and the campaigns heating up I decided to do a show on politics to get it out of my system for a while.  Today’s show will examine how most people have no clue what candidates stand for, no idea what the president can actually do and why many things people assume to be true are not.

Tune in today to hear…

  • Proof that many have no idea why they are voting for a candidate – from of all sources Howard Stern
  • Why we need to prepare for a down economy with McCain or Obama
  • Why the president has no where near the power people assign to him
  • We should vote for a president based on what they promise to prevent, not what they claim to be able to get done
  • How McCain supports are often just as uninformed about the presidential election
  • Where were the die hard main stream McCain supporters before Sarah Palin
  • Why the Republicans might just be “taking a dive” in this election
  • What the veto is all about and how it is the presidents strongest but often least used power
  • Why we are NOT getting universal health care in the next four years no matter who wins
  • Why Iraq is not about the oil (really its true) and what it really is about
  • How we make more money on Oil in Iran today then Iraq
  • How the Afghan war will continue to bleed our wealth into the Military Industrial Complex
  • Haliburton is only a fraction of the money, look to Boeing, Lockheed, etc. for the real money
  • How the McCain and Obama military plans are actually the same
  • Why we believe all the nonsense we are fed and why the entitlement attitude is killing us
  • My plea to American, get a clue and vote in March
  • The real mess for the economy is yet to come, a quadrillion in derivatives
  • A tax break won’t matter for you if you are unemployed
  • Become at least partially self employed soon if not become invaluable to your employer now
  • Save money in safe investments now
  • Reduce your cost of living now, pay of debt now, become well off with minimal income
  • Don’t bet on a promise for any politician in 2008, we are out money, the worlds banks are bankrupt
  • Getting off the entitlement mentality will happen when the entitlements run out

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One Response to Episode-77- We are our own worst enemy at the elections

  1. Jack, interesting podcast today; as I don’t live in the US, the impression people seem to have is that the President has more power than laid down in the constitution.
    Also, I’ve known of your point about the US Military Industrial Complex for a couple of years; historically, it suggests an empire in decline; in this day and age, even more so.
    As to the suggestion of the Derivatives being the next big powder keg, that is new to me and scares me. That said, as you also noted, it’s now even more important to buckle down, live more frugally and save money; to that end, as I noted to you (what seems like eons ago), my family is looking to (and have decided) to relocate from our current locale to British Columbia, Canada; this will have numerous benefits: warmer climate, better ability to grow our own food, lower the price of the home we need and decrease size too (thereby lowering heating and electricity costs) and work remotely for my current employer. We’ve setup a year timeframe for this to occur, to both keep momentum hopefully (with planning) maximize the available sale of our current home.

    Keep up the podcasts and the forum is great (though, I’ve not signed up as a member).