We Are Giving Away High Mowing Organic Seeds

Get ready, on Thursday July 1st and Friday July 2nd High Mowing Organic Seeds is sponsoring a listener appreciation contest.  For a full description of the seeds we are giving away see the video at the bottom of this post.

They recently stepped up to support our listener appreciation contest with two great seed packs.   Total value to each winner is about 47 dollars.   Please note you will play this contest by sending me a code word in an email ONLY if you are regestered in the Listener Apprecation Contest.  I will NOT tell you the code word either, I will tell you a page on the High Mowing website to get a code word from.  So there are two things you should do today.

1.  Go to the Hight Mowing Organic Seeds Website and book mark it so you can get back quickly during the contest

2.  If you are not registered in the listener contest do so now by going to this page.

Additional details about how to play will be given out tomorrow.  We will give out two seed packs on Thursday and Three on Friday,  I will also do something with the MSB and a limited discount code on Thursday and Friday.  So tune in early both days for the best chance to win.  Next week we are giving away soil cubes and more prizes will come over the summer.

More information is available about things mentioned in this video below

4 Responses to We Are Giving Away High Mowing Organic Seeds

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  2. Hey Jack, will you be announcing the results of the seed pack give away?

  3. Just wanted to add a personal endorsement. I’ve been using High Mowing Seeds for at least 5 years and they are TOP SHELF. I’m glad to see a Vermont Based company making it to your show Jack. Are they sponsors now? Keep up the great work!

  4. Modern Survival

    @Amber, they are on my waiting list. My sponsorship positions have been sold out for over a year. When a slot recently opened the first person on the list that was approved by the listener ad council jumped on it.

    There are about 9 really solid companies on the waiting list right now.