Warrior-Summit and TSP Meet and Greet

The team from TSP Gear Shop and Survival Gear Bags will be attending this year’s Warrior Summit from August 30th-September 2nd outside of Cleveland, OH. Even if you are unable to attended the classes, stop by the range Saturday evening for a meet and greet. Keep an eye on the regional forum board or email TSP Gear Shop for more details.

In addition to firearms training, this year also features other critical self defense skills. Safer Faster Knife Defense with Alessandro Padovani will be offered. Also, a course on accessing and defending your handgun which is incredibly important as we move into the closer ranges where self defense encounters typically occur.The Line up:

  • 1 inch – Brian Bastianelli – Unarmed combatives, weapons access, weapons retention
  • 1 inch – 6 feet – Alessandro Padovani – Sharp Weapons (Safer Faster Knife Defense)
  • 6 feet – 75 feet – Paul Carlson – Combat Focus Shooting
  • 9 feet – 900 feet – Daniel Shaw – Short to Mid-Range Carbine
  • 225 feet – 3000 feet – Adam Wilson – Long Range Rifle

TSP Gear Shop and Survival Gear Bags will have a table selling gear and will be attending as many courses as possible. Come meet us and other TSP listeners and get some amazing training. The event is spearheaded by longtime TSP Community member Paul Carlson of Safety Solutions Academy. Our team has attended several of his Combat Focused Shooting classes over the last couple of years, and we have been throughly impressed with the top notch training.

Start making plans today to join us at this event. For more information and to get registered stop by the main site at: http://www.warrior-summit.com/

3 Responses to Warrior-Summit and TSP Meet and Greet

  1. Nancy Kosling

    Hi Jackie, I just read your canning article. As a widow-lady, I take to canning periodically just to keep my hand in it. I agree with every time you can to read the book and follow the recipe. When the horrid Boston bombing happened and it was said it was a pressure “cooker”, I went on-line and bought another 23-Qt Presto No.2 Canner to have it available if either cookers or canners get listed with Alcohol Firearms and Tobacco as a weapon like my small 38 Special. Living in a condo without land, I can meats on sale. As long as can vegetables are still affordable, I follow the Mormon practice of storing up for an extended rainy-day. You don’t have to be Mormon to be smart for your families welfare. Thank you for your practical advice.

  2. Will Jack be attending?

  3. Jack will not be at this event.