Warm Up with a Great Sale Price on the MSB

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Join the MSB Today and Get 20 Dollars Off Your First Year with Discount Code cold

The MSB is a great value and this is a great time of year for spring homestead planning. So I decided to make the MSB an even bigger value for the next week.

Spring officially begins in just over a months time.  So indeed now is the time to plan.  To get you guy on board or back on board wit the MSB you can now get your first year of MSB for only 30 dollars. This sale is open to new members or members who’s prior membership has expired.

To get your first year of the MSB for only 30 dollars just use the discount code


You can of course use the code to join by mail if you pay by cash, check or silver as well. Those paying by silver will get 14 vs. 12 months of membership per 2 ounces. Those that wish to pay with bitcoin should email me at jack at thesurvivalpodcast.com to make arrangements to get the discount.

You can Join the MSB at the Members Page

If you have been considering the MSB now is a great time to join! There are several benefits that are worth more than the entire first year cost alone. Such as…

  • A free LIFETIME Discount Membership to SafeCastle’s Discount club (value 49 dollars)
  • A free Premium Membership with Western Botanicals (value 50 dollars)

Remember Bob Wells Nursery was Added to the MSB Last Year

Planning that spring planting? Well spring is a great time to plant trees, bushes and many other perennials. Now all MSB Members get 10% off all purchases from Bob Wells Nursery. That means with this one benefit alone a 300 dollar tree order alone would pay for the entire first year at the discounted price.

And if you are getting that spring planting bug remember we have many other great discounts from companies like

Lastly the premium eBook Collection is worth over 150 dollars alone, it includes…

  • Planting Trees The Low Cost Easy Way (value $6.99 )
  • How to Build Top Bar Behives (value $6.99 )
  • Basics of Sprouting (value $6.95 )
  • Building an EPAK Kit (value $12.95 )
  • Getting Your Household in Order (value $6.95 )
  • Building a Traditional Clay Oven (value $18.00 )
  • Building Aquaponics Systems (value $18.00 )
  • Secrets of Ballistic Striking (value $11.95 )
  • The Glycation Factor (value $49.99 )
  • How to Build Your Own Residential Wind Turbine (value $14.99 )

As you can see I work very hard to insure there is a tremendous value to the MSB and I keep working to increase the value for my members. In the end it is also a way you can help support the show.

At 30 dollars for your first year that works out to only 12.5 cents an episode to support the show.

You can Join the MSB at the Members Page

P.S. – If you order using the mail in form, BE VERY SURE TO PRINT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS CLEARLY on the form it is the one piece of data we absolutely need to set up your membership and make sure you get your log in details.

6 Responses to Warm Up with a Great Sale Price on the MSB

  1. On the subject of E-books, I recall you recommending Permaculture One in a fairly recent podcast (in the last two weeks if not last week) but the thing is out of print and acquiring it for a decent price seems near-impossible.

    Is there a chance you could attempt to negotiate rights to share pdf scans of PC1 with MSB members Jack?

    • Modern Survival

      Here is what I will say. Permaculture One and Two along with the PDM are all in PDFs on the web, with google they are not hard to find. If you have trouble this might help.

      Now I have no idea if the PRI is okay with it, but it is out there. My suggestion might be to download them and perhaps make a donation to the PRI of Australia here if you find them worth it, and do what ever amount you see fit.

      Now that the content is out there, there is little that can be done but we who access it can at least make it right with a small contribution.

      You can donate to the PRI here, http://permaculturenews.org/course-payment-options/

    • The advice is much appreciated Jack, though despite my best efforts using that and other tactics I can’t seem to find PC1 for download anywhere. (I’m mostly using “Permaculture One” in quotes to limit irrelevant results.)

  2. Funny stuff. It’s too bad for me that you didn’t offer a Valentine’s Day discount 2 days ago…

    Thanks for all the great work, Jack.

  3. Is there a way to view current status of support term? IE, Im in month 10 of my 12 month membership? Does it email you once you have lapsed in membership?

  4. Love it. Just took advantage of my membership and save some money on the seeds for my garden. Glad I’m a member of the MSB!