Episode-1276- Beth Warford of PrettyLoaded.Org

Beth and Family of PrettyLoaded.Org

Beth and Family of PrettyLoaded.Org

Beth is the founder and owner of Pretty Loaded. Her husband has been a listener of TSP since 2008 and she has listened to many TSP episodes over the years. She has had specialized ICU and Sedation experience in numerous Children’s Hospitals which has given her extensive experience performing under life and death moment stress.

Beth has had 18 years of concealed carry experience, and has been thankful for that opportunity, especially working off hours and in less than safe conditions in urban areas as a young nurse. She is married and has 4 wonderful young girls, lives on a homestead, practices a traditional “real food” Paleo lifestyle, is an organic produce farmer with 28 laying hens, and is CFO for a local health care practice owned by her husband.

Beth has had significant firearms training with an NRA Certified instructor and more specialized defensive training with Fortress Defense Consultants.

She is also an avid upland game hunter and has a private shooting range for honing her skills. She is a NRA certified instructor in the disciplines of Pistol Instructor and Personal Protection In the Home (first and currently only female certified in this discipline in ND) as well as Affiliate Instructor for the United States Concealed Carry Association. She has had extensive Krav Maga training as well and partners with a Master in Krav Maga for martial arts training for her clients.

Beth’s inspiration to start Pretty Loaded came from numerous female friends asking Beth to teach them to use a firearm and basic defense mentality. Although she’s a “the glass is half full” kind of person, she believes in the mantra “it’s better to have the skills and not need them than need the skills and not have them” and doesn’t take the safety of she and her family for granted.

Beth credits her training from Fortress Defense mentors as being critical in focusing her vision on the importance of training women specifically. Her husband, being a student of defense, combat, and firearms for 20 years has always been vigilant and supportive of her development as a skilled and empowered woman.

Beth feels women need to learn situational awareness, self defense mindset skills, and basic firearms training to be fully well rounded in defensive skills. Her goal is to create Women Warriors to protect themselves and their loved ones from the low life thugs that walk our streets and force their evil upon unwanted victims.

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12 Responses to Episode-1276- Beth Warford of PrettyLoaded.Org

  1. Lots of really great points brought up in this episode. There’s actually a lot of stuff here that we’ve been talking about in my family/group recently.

    One of our most recent, recurring discussions has been what makes us targets. I know that you don’t think open carry is smart, Jack, in most instances, but in my part of the state, there are a lot of folks who open carry (because in IN, your permit allows you to carry — it doesn’t say HOW you have to carry). My parents argue that open carry makes you a target, but as a fat, blind woman, I walk around with multiple targets on me at all times. And with ladies, our concealed carry options are a lot different. Our clothes don’t always support it well, our anatomy causes issues, and yeah, there’s always a purse, but how quickly can you get to your side arm when you need it if it’s not on your person?

    I’m not saying that I think everyone should always open-carry. I don’t honestly think open carry makes you MORE of a target though. Let’s take a shooting that happened I think last year up in Indy. An employee was shot at a very famous gun store up there. Yeah, the bad guy knew the employee was armed, but the employee had ample time to kill the bad guy despite a bullet in the belly.

    If my mere presence in public makes me a target, I’d be willing to take what I view as an infinitesimal risk of being MORE a target (b/c someone knows about my gun) to give myself the upper hand in the myriad of situations where I could be victimized without a gun.

    I know several people (including a woman) who carry more often than they ever would have otherwise because they have good holsters that allow them to carry on their belts. Concealing isn’t always easy, and like I said, that seems to be even moreso the case for women. So if the choice is conceal and be inconvenienced/uncomfortable/ineffective or carry on your belt, allowing folks to see that you have a gun (where it’s comfortable, easy to get to, and quick to deploy in an emergency), the choice again seems easy.

    Now, I do understand that not everyone has that option. I’ve noticed though that for ANYONE to carry all the time, it has to be easy, convenient, and comfortable. And like I said earlier, that seems to be more of a barrier for the ladies than the men. Accounting for that fact is important.

  2. Great job, Jack and Beth! It was very eye-opening interview!

  3. I’ve always heard that women should not carry in their purse because it’s the first thing someone grabs. Even if they are just stealing your purse they’ve ran off with your gun.

    • In theory, it’s suggested women “make ready” their purse guns when traversing parking lots, etc. That may mean many different things, but that purse is considerably more critical to keep control of in that scenario.

      • Yeah and she puts her hand on that gun every night going through the parking lot after work for the first couple weeks then begins to get lazy on it. Like Jack was saying, if it’s up against you you think about it a lot more.

    • My wife has a concealed carry purse that she uses sometimes. There are times that if she did not use her concealed carry purse she would not be able to carry at all. To my wife, that is not an option to not carry as long as it is legal. This is what I do know about carrying in your purse, is that awareness and practice are key. When a women is aware of what is going on around her and she practices this daily, no one is going to take her purse.

  4. I’ve shared with some women in my life and on Facebook. Great feedback from non TSP listeners in just a few hours.

    Great show!

  5. I really enjoyed the podcast.

    I felt that the best training that I took in martial arts was a 2 day course in adrenaline training. Over the course of 2 days we had some of the trainers coming at us as individuals and groups. We had to ward them away with our voices first and then a couple of basic moves and finally with a foam bat. The stress and threats would be steadily increased. This training set the foundation for dealing with conflict in day to day life. It helped to alleviate the freezing up that even affects experienced martial artists. I can’t recommend training like that enough.

    Another thing that we need to realize is that nature doesn’t differentiate between male or female animals when threatened. Heaven forbid should you encroach upon a mother and her young. That’s something that we really have lost as humans.

  6. I don’t want to get you stirred up but did you watch the latest episode of raising hope? They were looking for babysitters and went through a montage of bad babysitters and they had one black woman that had a pistol she said something like “and I took the safety’s off so I could use them faster”. Tiss a shame because they had a money episode a couple back called Burt Bucks that seemed spot on the money printing business.

  7. Anyone have a link to the violence studies she referenced?

  8. Does anyone have a link to the study Beth referenced about how criminals picked their targets?