USB Drives at Liberty Forum

If you are coming to Liberty Forum I wanted to let you know I will once again be selling USB Drives with a ton of great content on them.  Some of the including things are…

  • 8 Past Presentations and all presentations being done at Liberty Forum
  • Commercial Audios including 4 Awesome interviews with Geoff Lawton
  • My Business Series on 8 Forms of Capital
  • My audio series Food Forest Development
  • 8 educational PDFs on grafting, permaculture, etc.
  • 6 Awesome PDFs on aquaponics systems
  • All power point decks from the presentations
  • 40 hand selected podcasts on herbal medicine, money management and lifestyle design
  • A discount code to get my MSB Program for 25 dollars a year for life
  • A video that explains a complete business plan for a web business in 10 minutes flat

I will be selling these for 25 dollars at Liberty Forum, they may be purchased for cash or crypto, just see me or David Seigler to obtain one.  Note that the 25 dollars discount is a lifetime discount, meaning these drives pay for themselves in that alone.  The 16GB drives themselves are worth about 10 dollars making the real cost of the data they contain only about 15 bucks.

You can put all the data onto your computer and use the drive for other things, so it really is a good value.  I will have 100 of these drives available, typically at large venues they tend to sell out, so see me asap to get one if you want one.

4 Responses to USB Drives at Liberty Forum

  1. I will never make it to liberty forum ,
    Love to purchase the info as a download
    Is it possible ?
    Cheers , Bela

    • Modern Survival

      No I keep these items for people that attend events. Sorry it is something special I do for people when I do appearances.

  2. Jack,

    Any chance you will attend the Texas Libert Confrence in Austin Feb 24th? I know Vin Armani will be speaking there.

    • Modern Survival

      Given no one from there has reached out and how busy my winter has been it isn’t likely.