Update on Tonight’s Meet Up for TSP Folks in Iowa

A quick reminder we have a meet up scheduled to begin right about 6PMish at Jimmy’s Big 10 Restaurant and Bar in West Des Moines.  The address is 1238 8th St, West Des Moines, IA 50265.

Just show up and we have the back patio reserved.  Note this is not the patio you pass on the way in.  Go through to the back and there is a nice covered patio that we have reserved.

Getting there from the Val Air Ballroom where the Self Reliance Festival is going on couldn’t be much easier.  Just take Ashworth west about 4/10ths of a mile and then go North on 8th Street for about 3/10ths and look for Jimmy’s.

If you are wanting to spend some time at the Self Reliance Festival this evening don’t be in a rush to get over to the meet up, I plan on being there at least until 10:30 PM.  So for those that are going to the event after work, take your time coming over, we’ll have a cold one for you when you show up.

5 Responses to Update on Tonight’s Meet Up for TSP Folks in Iowa

  1. Ronnie in Iowa

    :, ( Not gonna make it.

  2. Will there be a Saturday meetup as well?

  3. Trucker Nate

    Wish I could have made it there today! See you all tomorrow. My wife and I are very excited for your lecture.

  4. I was very glad to meet you Friday and wished I could have stayed for both the meet up and the impromptu “alternative cooking” presentation that you got roped into. I also wish I could have come back and seen your presentation Saturday, but alas farm life is a relentless pursuit that requires a seven day a week commitment. Thanks for all you do.