Update on The Survival Podcast Disaster Response Team Concept

The following is an information update prepared by the Board of Directors and the support team codenamed “Team Blackjack” (Note – Team Blackjack was chosen because the original team was 21 members, it has nothing to do with my name).


For IMMEDIATE Release:

Citizens Helping Citizens, INC

March 1st, 2013

Update from Team Black Jack regarding The Survival Podcast Disaster Response Team.

– Jack’s original idea has been brought to life by a team of dedicated individuals all with a desire to help their fellow citizens in time of need.

Where we are at:

-The corporation has been formed, it was filed in Colorado. The Board of Directors has been elected and voted to name the the non-profit  “Citizens Assisting Citizens, Inc.”   CAC for short and for legal reasons to distance itself from the TSP-DRT name.

Citizens Assisting Citizens (CAC) was chosen to differentiate us from governmental agencies and other non-governmental organizations. The Board felt that the name provided a short but concise description of the non-profit’s broader goals.

-The Board of Directors and the Executive Director were elected from the original group of Honchos.  Those who were elected are:

  •  John Ackley from Pennsylvania
  •  Furman Baker from Alabama
  •  Mike Damkot form Virginia
  •  Greg Gray from Texas
  •  Jack Spirko also from Texas
  •  Tim Priebe from Colorado
  •  Mark Sharman also from Colorado
  •  and Tom Patterson from Arkansas as the Executive Director.

The Board of Directors will set the direction and mission of the CAC and handle the operations of the corporation.

The Executive Director will have the responsibility of guiding the larger vision.

The rest of the Honchos will be assisting in the set up of CAC and work together as an advisory board for items such as training requirements, etc.

-The BOD is currently formalizing the general direction that CAC will embark on and completing all of the administrative details. The current items that we are actively working on are the By-laws and the IRS non-profit filing.

What it means:

-Things may appear quiet now but the TSP-DRT will soon be ready to provide its services in times of need.

-We are laying the foundation for a solid, professional organization.

-The Survival Podcast’s Disaster Response Team will soon be looking for people to help (hopefully not to a town near you!)

Once the foundation has been laid, the call will go out for those who want to be the “boots on the ground”.   Training requirements will be decided on and announced soon. We are projecting that the call for signing up volunteers will begin in the spring.

– For more info see TSP Episode 1018 from Nov 12, 2012 and the TSP Disaster Response Team area of the TSP Forum. There are also forum threads for updates and a suggestion box for any brainstorm ideas from the community.


12 Responses to Update on The Survival Podcast Disaster Response Team Concept

  1. I cant wait for this to get going even more and I believe the CAC name sounds way better this is a good thing and cant wait to get more information

  2. Brian W/NorIDhunter

    x 2! 🙂 Imo, while a great concept, the DRT had a kind of negative implication, while CAC will deliver a more positive connotation to to society at large and will be harder for the MSM to spin badly .

  3. Do we have a way to contact the local board members?

    For instance, I live in PA and would like to touch base with John Ackley.


    John b.

    • Modern Survival

      Not at this time, the team is working on full formation of the system. We will let folks know how to get involved when that is completed.

  4. Im very proud of everyone involved with this. Let us know when its time to get involved. Nice job guys!

  5. I find it unfortunate that the group has chosen to distance itself from The Survival Podcast community, which gave the group birth. I suppose it was inevitable, given the need to snuggle up to the government so they can have access to disaster areas, but it bugs me nonetheless.

    If any of us get to work with CAC, will we be able to wear TSP clothing when doing the work?

    • Modern Survival

      NO NO NO NO NO NO NO gooooooood GOD and you of all people dude. That is NOT what is going on here. We have set the corp up with no direct LEGAL relationship so that if I am attacked, sued, etc. (highly possible) the funding within CAC is NOT at risk.

      The entire thing was my idea and our legal officer agreed fully. It also protects ME personally if anyone ever comes after CAC.

    • Jack, this just goes to show what I know. I think a lot of people are like me. I have no idea about the legal landmines that must be avoided in stuff like this. If it was me, I would have used my existing brand name (TSP) to get the group’s name out there, not start at ground zero with a new name. But this is why I’m just an engineer, and not out doing marketing stuff like this. I’ll stick to designing things, and let people who understand stuff like this do it.

  6. What do you think of this idea for a 72 hr kit?like, comment or share

    Posted by LPC Survival Ltd. on Friday, March 1, 2013

    This would be a good utility uniform.

  7. Count me in! Anything going on in the delco pa area?

  8. Great stuff. Instead of saving the world, save the individual. Instead of free handouts, give to those that have prepared but need a little boost. Instead of waiting for help from a stranger, get assistance from a friend. Do what matters in life, help a friend that needs in their darkest hour.

  9. Keep us posted, be looking to see if you get any where near StLouis.
    Jake, just IMHO, google ” grey man”