UCG: Untrained Civilian Goofball

TSP Gear Shop

Note from Glen Tate, author of 299 Days: When the real Team from 299 Days was on the range and people would see us shoot, they would ask, “What unit you guys with?” or “Which agency?” At first when I said, “We’re just civilians,” people wouldn’t believe us. Then one day when someone asked “What department you guys with?” I answered, “We’re UCG: untrained civilian goofballs.” An acronym was born. The reason UCG is so fitting to so many civilians who train is two-fold. First, we’re humble. We’re not trying to be military or law enforcement. We’re just learning some skills and having a good time. Second, by calling ourselves “goofballs,” it’s a polite way of saying, “We aren’t half bad at this.” Besides, telling people we’re “untrained civilian goofballs” is more believable than, “a lawyer, insurance salesman, hospital tech, inventory guy, and rental shop guy.”

TSP Gear Shop has just created a new Untrained Civilian Goofball patch and sticker for Glen and his Team. The items are also available to order in the gear shop. Check out these, and the other great items, at TSP Gear Shop today!



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