Two Recent Media Appearences

This has been a busy week, I did three interviews this week and two are available online and the other will be available next week.  I won’t be doing a show on Labor Day so I thought these two segments might fill in if you were hoping for a show on Monday.

First I was featured on the Sept 4th show for Financial Sense Show with Jim Paplava.  Jim did an awesome show for Sept. 4th with a huge focus on prepping.  The show is broken into three segments due to size, I am in the third section titled, “Preparing For and Learning to Survive the Coming Perfect Storm: Part 2” but the entire show from the 4th is really great.  I just discovered Jim when I was approached with doing his show, it is exceptional and I have subscribed to him in itunes.

A cool bonus for those who have been asking me to interview Cody Lundin, while he has not agreed to appear on TSP he was on this show with Jim Paplava and in fact his segment follows mine.  You can get the Sept 4th edition of Jim’s show at again if you are reading this in the future at some point it is the Sept 4th show.

Second two of my favorite folks Baldy and The Blonde (Michele Gaudin and Tom Kowitz) host a great show during prime time drive time in New Orleans on WGSO 990AM called of course the “Baldy and the Blonde Show”.  My appearance was for about 15 minutes on Sept 1st.  The entire show can be heard here

Third I was asked to appear on Alex’s Socialism Survival Podcast for his 50th episode.  Alex has not published this show yet but I will let you know when he does.

4 Responses to Two Recent Media Appearences

  1. great love seeing you become such a go to guy !!!

  2. Nice job, Jack! congratz!

  3. Jack, it was great to hear you on the FSN podcast. I’ve been listening to that show for about four years now. I consider it and the survival podcast to be my two top priority podcasts. It was exciting to hear them “crossover”. You and Jim think a lot alike. You sounded very professional. Keep up the good work.

  4. Jack, once again you proved to be one of the most knowledgeable and informative guests we have had on the show. And that’s saying a lot, because we have had some world-class guests. You are welcome to come back any time! Those of you who would like to hear Jack’s first interview on Baldy & The Blonde, go to and listen to the April 3, 2010 podcast.