Two Recent Interviews

Wanted to do a quick post to let you guys know about two recent interviews I recently did.  I don’t do a ton of interviews as I do a show five days a week so I figure most of what I have to say gets said right here.  I did have two recent ones I did recently and wanted to share them with you guys.

  • Primal Power with Gary Collins – I recently had Gary on my show and was happy to return the favor and be on his new show.  Gary is an amazing guy who will definitely be back on TSP again.  He is one of those few folks that I have met and felt instantly as though I found a long lost brother.  We recently did a show together on my results with Paleo and how Paleo and Permaculture overlap, you can hear that show here.
  • The Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann – Scott is doing great things for permaculture and I was surprised to learn he actually started his show in part due to being inspired by TSP.  We discussed permaculture both at the technique level and at the macro level including some things I feel that are holding permaculture back from its full potential.  You can hear our discussion here.

2 Responses to Two Recent Interviews

  1. The Permaculture Podcast is one of my go to weekend podcasts. When I saw this post about you being on I said “holy shit!” out loud at my work desk. Can’t wait to listen

  2. Also enjoyed hearing you on Tom Woods the other week too.