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Two New Benefits for the MSB!

I love when I get to bring you guys a great new MSB Supporter and we don’t really have anything like them already.  Well that is what today is.  Many of you guys loved the interview I did with Evan Folds.

Evan is a great guy and very switched on.  We already have him booked for a second interview on hydroponics this time around.

Well I have gotten him to do a full 10% discount at both of his websites, here are the details.

  • Progressive Gardens – Progressive Gardens is your garden consultant. Not only does our online store contain ALL the products you will need to grow the best garden of your life, but we have the know-how to help you make it happen from the start, even in poor soil conditions. We stock hydroponic systems & fertilizers, natural lawn care, rain barrels, organic gardening supplies, natural pest & disease control, composting & compost tea supplies, worm farms, beneficial insects and so much more!  MSB members now get a 10% discount on all products.
  • Progress Earth –  Global distributor of the Vortex Brewer® system, Progress Earth specializes in the creation of living, organic compost tea. We have a complete turnkey system that uses BioEnergetic techniques to bring balance and harmony to living systems. This reduces the need to fertilize and use toxic biocides, as well as increasing yield, brix, shelf life and flavors.  MSB members now get a 10% discount on all products including Compost Tea in a Box, Wheatgrass in a Box, Earth Tonic and more. Visit  to get started and for a chance to win a FREE Vortex Brewer®.

The discount codes are for these two new website are now in the Member’s Private Area of the Member’s Brigade.  If you have been considering joining the MSB this is just another example of some of the great discount benefits we offer.

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3 Responses to Two New Great MSB Benefits

  1. Would Evan be willing to be an expert council member? Oh, and where can we find those water stimulators that he said construction workers liked? I hate that feeling of water on my stomach when I’m exercising.

  2. I was really hoping you might work something out with Evan. Nice work Jack

  3. Just ordered the Compost Tea in a bucket. I had been looking for an aquarium pump at garage sales with no luck. After hearing the podcast just yesterday with Evan I decided to order the bucket. I checked the TSP website and to my surprise, eight bucks off for MSB members, thanks Jack and Evan.