Two Awesome New MSB Partners Were Just Added

I work hard to bring new discount partners to the MSB, I really do.  That said there is a ton of overlap in our industry, how many places do I let in that sell the same stuff?  While rhetorical let me answer that question with one or two in general.  So I am super psyched to bring you two today that are totally unique to all our other partners.


yoyitoFirst – now offers MSB Members a 15% discount on all orders with their MSB discount code that has already been added to the benefits section of the MSB .

Their survival fishing kit is the result of two years of R&D, the goal was to create a pocket size fishing kit that you could literally bet your life on. Their product is handmade in our Florida production facility by their family and neighbors.  Made in the USA – Taking America back one job at a time!

This kit has neen successfully used to catch all popular saltwater and freshwater fish species in and around the Florida area.

For more information please visit their website at


gruphoeNext up, The Tool Merchants now offers MSB members 10% off of their entire unique collection of effective and durable hand tools for the garden, homestead and farm.

Based out of their homestead in Southern Oregon, The Tool Merchants is dedicated to helping you succeed on your land.  Tools are not really an expense what they are is a major investment when you buy top quality stuff.  That is why I am excited to bring this new partner to you.

To see everything they have to offer visit The Tool Merchants Website and use the code on the benefits page of the MSB for 10% off all orders.


More on the MSB Sale can be found Here.

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One Response to Two Awesome New MSB Partners Were Just Added

  1. Nice additions! The Tool Merchant has Clarington garden tools, that’s awesome. Importers are hard to come by these days. Wish they had the strapped forks, but even for unstrapped, it’s a damn good price. For the uninitiated, these are nothing like HomeDepot tools which weather, bend and break after a season of hard use. These things will be inherited by your great grandchildren.

    Awesome addition. If you’re like me, what you’ll save in replacing broken shovels each year should pay for your membership 😉 The only downside is if you loan anyone one of these tools, you’ll never see it again, lol.