Turn Any Truck into a Rolling Power Station – Workshop with Steven Harris

Class Dates are February 20, 21 and 22. Property open for Camping from February 20th-24th.

Please Note in the Past Our Workshops have Sold Out Extremely Fast! If you want to attend we recommend you reserve you spot quickly.

You can Reserve your Seat and Sign Up Here.

Imagine if you knew how to build a system that would harvest energy from your vehicle’s daily use that would provide you with virtually free electricity!

That is what Steve and I will be teaching you how to do in this amazing workshop.  We will show you how to use simple tools and off the shelf parts and build one of the most flexible alternative power systems ever developed.

We will show you a simple truck based system can…

  • Provide emergency power in a crisis
  • Provide mobile power during disaster assistance
  • Make camping more convenient then you can imagine
  • Turn your vehicle into a power source for an off grid BOL
  • And more

Do You Want to Build Solar and Wind Energy Systems?

Well then get to this event!  We won’t be working with wind energy but here is the truth.  Adding a wind turbine  to a battery bank is actually very simple.  It is sizing the inverters, selecting the batteries, wiring those components, etc. that is the complicated part.  Once you attend this workshop you will be able to install back up or off grid power just about anywhere!

We will be adding solar panels to these systems though, so you are going to get direct hands on experience with solar power as well.

So get ready to join us for an incredible event with chief instructor Steven Harris on mobile and stationary battery back up systems. This will be a hands on workshop were every student will get stuck right into it.  Again essentially we will be teaching you how to transform any standard pick up truck or other suitable vehicle into a rolling power station. This will include

  • Battery Selection
  • Inverter Selection
  • Cable Fabrication and Soldering
  • Cable routing and safety considerations for the same
  • Charge Controllers
  • Alternative Charging Methods
  • The Advantages of a Mobile System
  • Battery Testing and Maintenance
  • System Wiring
  • Full System Build Out

We will also show you exactly how to build a simple stationary system that can be housed in a closet as a back up power option in your home. In short when you complete this workshop you will have all the knowledge and confidence to build back up battery systems for just about any application. While we will not be working directly working with solar in this workshop but again adding solar to these systems will be simple for you to do and we will tell you exactly how to do it.

Bonus Classes

In addition to the awesome class above Jack Spirko will be conducting two one hour bonuses classes. One on Cover Cropping and the other on Home Brewing and Kegging Systems. These will be approximately one hour long each and conducted with demo equipment and a power point presentation.

Home Brewing

  • Basic Brewing Equipment
  • Specialty Graing
  • Hops for Bitterness, Flavor and Aroma
  • Malt Extract
  • Adjuncts Such as Honey and Molasses
  • Kegging vs Bottling
  • Yeast Selection
  • Fermentation
  • Racking
  • More
  • If Time Allows We Will Brew a 5 Gallon Batch of Homebrew (about a 99% chance we will brew)

Cover Cropping – This will essentially be the same presentation I gave at the food forest workshop if you happened to attend that one.

  • The results of cover cropping
  • Reasons for cover cropping
  • Primary roles of cover crops
  • Creating seed mixtures
  • Useful species for your seed mixtures
  • Our go to selections
  • How to formulate seed mixes for any needs and any climate

Of course we will also provide a full tour of our property, the design planning that is actively being implemented and answer all questions about that as well.

There are also always other bonuses, special guests, added instruction, free consultation with experts at all of our event. Many students at the last event felt their entire fee was worth simply the consulting they received from our guest instructors alone.

For those that need to fly in DFW Airport is your best option. All location information including camping information for those staying on site and group rate hotel information will be provided after your spot is reserved and your deposit is received.

The cost of this workshop is 500 dollars with a 100 dollar deposit to reserve your spot.

You can Reserve your Seat and Sign Up Here.


11 Responses to Turn Any Truck into a Rolling Power Station – Workshop with Steven Harris

  1. I WILL Be encouraging the 2 guys bringing their vehicles to be part of the workshop to BRING SOLAR PANELS… so there might be some solar there for the work shop. They are down to $150 each right now. Steven Harris

    • Modern Survival

      Well in that case Steve I will add a panel to my equipment as well. So solar will happen too.

      Now if we were to light saber it and put a windmill on top of the truck, then……………..ROFLMAO but I had you about ready to tweak out Steve.

  2. Have fun, people! Wish I could be there.

  3. Jack.. .you are going to have to determine if you want a 100 watt panel or a 250 watt panel… I’d probably go with the 250.


    • Modern Survival

      @Steve you said,

      “I’d probably go with the 250. ”

      To whit I say, “so let it be written so let it be done”.

  4. Sounds like it will be fantastic! I just went back and listened to Steve’s episodes and have been shopping some of the items mentioned, more for the home based battery bank rather than the mobile option. Wonderful ideas and products.

    Please, whom ever attends the class, don’t spill wine on Steven’s pants – it makes him grumpy!

  5. Sounds awesome, I wish I could go.

  6. I am glad I got in on this, and frankly am surprised you don’t yet have 24 people signed up yet as I’m writing this on early Thursday afternoon. Perhaps a lot of us paid for the videos on this already? Not sure; but was quite surprised to find out you’re going to feed us for three days; extra Q&A sessions, barter blanket, and more! for the cost you are charging, quite a deal.
    Looking forward to the event!

  7. DVDChris, we’ll see you there. 🙂


  8. Will this be in video form for those of us that cannot attend on your website.

    • Modern Survival

      No not really. Steve already sells a DIY DVD for that purpose. I have promised him that I will give him rights to all footage so he may improve that product. I see that as only fair. We will video the two bonus clinics though.