Episode-83- TSP Rewind – Bugging In vs. Bugging Out – Answering with Logic

Today is an episode of TSP Rewind, commercial free versions of past podcast episodes.

Today’s episode was originally,  Episode-502- Bugging In vs. Bugging Out – Answering with Logic and was first published on Sept. 1st 2010.

The following are the original show notes from that episode.

Do I stay or do I go!  Not just a great old song by The Clash but an ongoing debate and topic of discussion everywhere preparedness is discussed.  Some are sure they will bug out, they have a plan to live off the land (good luck with that) and others just know they are going to guard the fort and hunker down.   The reality is this is one of those issues that is very situationally dependent.  The same person (if they act with reason and logic) will choose different answers.  To help me formalize this process I developed 12 questions to ask yourself both in advance of and during a disaster to make this decision with logic vs. emotion.

Tune in today as we consider the following…

  • Logic vs. emotion
  • Which choice gives you the best chance of survival for the scenario at hand? (this is not always clear)
  • How well prepared are you to bug in?
  • What exactly are you prepared for? (a forest fire is far different from local rioting)
  • Have evacuation orders been given?
  • What is the nature and probable duration of the threat?
  • Well staying put change anything as far as “saving your home”?
  • Where will you go and how will you get there?
  • Do you own a bug out location or have double up plans or no place to go at all?
  • Will you be able to help your community if you stay?
  • What will the impact of staying or going be on your family, can they handle what you can?
  • What can you take with you and what must you leave behind?
  • If you leave what exactly is waiting for you at your destination?

The time to answer these questions is not in the middle of a disaster but right now.  At this point you can plan, form contingencies and be prepared for a variety of outcomes. That way if the day comes your mind is ready to act and you can make the best use of the resources you have.  As always how you act and how you think is more important then your resources.

2 Responses to Episode-83- TSP Rewind – Bugging In vs. Bugging Out – Answering with Logic

  1. You may have discovered this since you origionally recorded this, but PLEASE don’t use Snopes for truth or fact. Snopes is run by leftwing Socialists (Baby Communists) and a very large percentage of their content is bald faced lies and half truths to advance their cause.

    Thank you and keep up the GREAT work!

    • Modern Survival

      The above is what we call an ad hominem fallacy. Is snopes leftist, yes, does that mean not to trust them, sort of may be and no.

      Why? Snopes in general provides verifiable sources for their conclusions, you can verify them independently. I think it is very sad that the right simply says “they lie because they are leftists” and in general just for confirmation bias.

      Snopes is a useful first step in verifying things. They have been wrong a time or two, they often issues biased opinions (everyone does) but 99% the sourced facts are easy to verify.

      In other words don’t be lazy, don’t just write off a source because it fits your perception bias.