Episode-58- TSP Rewind – Why I Switched to Aquaponics

rewindToday is an episode of TSP Rewind, commercial free versions of past podcast episodes.

Today’s episode was originally, Episode-1976- Why I Switched to Aquaponics and was first published on April 4th, 2017.

Here are some resources mentioned in today’s new introduction.  The video playlist of the new aquaponics project is here and the Gerber EAB Lite Item of the Day his here.

You can also find the video for I Won’t Be Home for Christmas by Blink182 here and the LED Lights I am trialing here.

The following are the original show notes from that episode.

A Simple Flood and Drain Bed Made With a 14 Gallon Mixing Tray

Right out of the gate “switched” may not be the best word here, but it certainly applies to my growing of annual vegetables. It may have been a better title to have said, “Why I Changed My Mind About Aquaponics. Today I want to take a new look at aquaponics and try to demystify it a bit so that it is a bit more approachable at the small end of the scale to anyone.

The reality though is until recently I always looked at aquaponics this way, “what a great thing, for other people to do”. I wasn’t opposed to it, I just had my own ways and well they worked. Well until I moved to this limestone ledge we call a farm.

I met a good friend named David and he told me how much food they were producing on their small property and together we designed the systems I now run on my property. Today I will talk about them and give you some simple ways to get started for a few hundred dollars with 100% off the shelf prices.

Join Me Today to Discuss….

  • What is aquaponics in a nut shell
  • The three main grow beds and what they are best for
    • Ebb and Flow (aka flood and drain)
    • Deep Water Raft
    • Wicking Beds
  • Additional components
    • Choosing a Pump
    • What makes a bulkhead a good bulkhead
    • The basics of a bell siphon
  • A simple flood and drain system and a few options on building it
    • 100 Gallon Stock Tank with 4 Ebb and Flow Beds $310.00
    • 150 Gallon Stock Tank with 6 or more Ebb and Flow Beds $460.00
    • 3 x 100 Gallon Stock Tanks with 6 or more Ebb and Flow Beds $560.00
    • 300 Gallon Stock Tank with 6 or more Ebb and Flow Beds $570.00
    • Add $90.00 to the above prices for the larger pump
    • Incorporating deep water or wicking into these designs
  • The value of shade cloth or eastern sun and western shade
  • Some additional ideas and thoughts
    • Adding a duck weed biofilter bed
    • How to make an “aquarium siphon”
    • Protecting your pump with a bucket or a bag
    • When IBCs make a lot of sense
    • Lava Rock, Expanded Shale and Expanded Clay Pebbles
    • Plant propagation with ebb and flow
    • Replanting produce with ebb and flow
  • Final thoughts

Resources for today’s show…

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9 Responses to Episode-58- TSP Rewind – Why I Switched to Aquaponics

  1. I would enjoy rewind shows over the break. Some back to basics kind of shows you haven’t used in previous rewinds would be awesome!

  2. On the rewinds over break, i would actually vote no. Not that i don’t enjoy them, but I feel it would be to much of rewinds. Plus, it would be nice to have a break, think over the past year including lessons from TSP, and come into 2018 ready for the new year and to get back into learning about the gold nuggets of info that comes from TSP.

  3. Jack, if you produce rewinds over the holiday break, I will definitely listen to them.  The break gives me more time for yard & house work which is when I listen most. 

  4. I enjoy the updated commentary on the show that you add on the rewind shows.

    This original aquaponics show in April pushed me to launch a small 100 gallon system in my 6×8 TxPrepper greenhouse.  I killed a few dozen goldfish dialing it in then switched to tilapia. Haven’t lost a fish since.  I saw pics of David’s back yard at last years fall workshop and was blown away by the possibilities.  Any MSB member interested in aquaponics needs to go watch that presentation.

    The small greenhouse and a fish tank heater kept my fish warm through the recent freezing temps we had so I’m hoping they make it through to spring when I’ll be expanding.  For a 9-5r guy like me, Aquaponics is 5x less work than a back yard garden.  Start out just growing left over stuff from the grocery store and you’ll be hooked.

    if anyone in the Houston area needs some help getting going in Aquaponics,  I’d be happy to help.

  5. I listen to your shows mostly at work, so I would love some rewinds.

    I put a post on the FB Forum page, but if you go to the Lowe’s website and search 19251 (small) and 19252 (large) it will take you to “Dywall Mud Pans” also known as Jack’s concrete mixing trays.

    We, also, sell bulk heads (748559)  in the roughy plumbing department with the brass fittings usually.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Count me in on enjoying rewinds; like others, I listen while I work around the house or outdoors. Thanks!

  7. I vote no on the rewinds. Tale a break. Don’t worry about us, we can listen to old shows. Relax. Recharge. And start the new year refreshed. Merry Christmas!

  8. On the rewind shows: I will be on vacation too so I won’t have much time to listen during the Yule week.

  9. How many say tilapia could you grow in a 10 gal stock tank with this type of set up?  I seem to recall seeing something in the past that said 1 inch of fish per gallon of water but that would be the adult size of the fish correct?