Episode-56- TSP Rewind- Episode-534- Prep? Save Money? Or Enjoy Life?

rewindToday is an episode of TSP Rewind, commercial free versions of past podcast episodes.

Today’s episode was originally, Episode-534- Prep? Save Money? Or Enjoy Life? and was first published on Oct. 19, 2010.

The following are the original show notes from that episode.

A question I get often is some variation of the following….

  • When do I stop prepping for a while and simply save some of our money?
  • When have I invested enough into prepping and should just start blowing some money once in a while?
  • How do I stay positive in the face of all the problems headed our way?

In essence these folks are asking at the core of things….

  • Is there hope in spite of the danger?
  • Is it okay to just have fun in spite of what might be coming?
  • Is there a such things as a “maintenance mode” as a prepper?

The nice thing is the answer to those last three questions are yes, yes and yes.

Join Me Today as We Discuss…

  • A quick refresher on commonality and probability
  • Exactly what is “money” anyway, why do we have it
  • What is life all about, what are we surviving for?
  • Setting your personal goals, the big ones
    • Time to debt freedom
    • Time forward in self reliance
    • Percentage of self sufficiency
    • Where you will go if you have to leave
    • How you want your daily life to be
    • What you need for basic comfort
    • What you need to be truly happy
    • What level of physical security do you desire
    • What level of financial security do you desire
    • How much redundancy do you want
  • The reasons most people won’t ask these questions
    • They require you to be 100% responsible for yourself
    • The answers are subject to your self imposed limitations
    • We have been conditioned to think focusing on what we want is selfish
    • The resulting answers require massive action
    • We all have a desire to “fit in” on some level, even me
    • Your plan is going to require sacrifice for some period of time
  • Why you can make it happen
    • In the end you make the decisions
    • You have the courage to ask the questions
    • It ain’t as hard as “they” make it out to be
    • We don’t have to prepared for “the end” just change

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