Episode-52- TSP Rewind – Fun, Cheap and Easy Gun Projects and Tricks

rewindToday is an episode of TSP Rewind, commercial free versions of past podcast episodes.

Today’s episode was originally, Episode-1235- Fun, Cheap and Easy Gun Projects and Tricks and was originally published on October 28, 2013.

Okay guys and gals, October has kicked my butt. First 10 days in Colorado, then the seminar at my homestead, then the earthworks course in Louisiana. I need a fun and easy show and I bet with all the crap going on with the government, the economy and other things many of you do too.


Build Your Own M1 Dummy Mag for the 10/22

Today I am going to discuss some cool gun projects you can do and exactly how to do them. None require any advanced gunsmithing knowledge or master wood working skills to do.

We will also discuss some cool and easy to install accessories and where to get them and why they are actually worth having. A little bit on reloading, including my special 44 Mag “quiet load” and even a tiny bit of airsoft shooting.

This should be a fun show, it won’t be a 100% how to show but it will give you a ton of fun projects, let you know what is possible and get you thinking. It may also give you a few projects for those long winter nights when many of us get a bit of cabin fever in January and February. It sounds crazy but those days are just around the corner.

Join Me Today As We Discuss…

  • The easiest money saver, rehabbing old break action shotguns
  • The “rubber washer trick” with the NEF/H&R break action rifle
  • Conversion of the NEF to 357 max or “k-hornet”
  • Getting started reloading with the “lee loader” it fits in a shirt pocket
  • The 22 LR “flat point” jig
  • Restoration of Military Surplus Arms (without ruining them)
  • Turning a mosin nagant into a “scout rifle”
  • Creating in stock survival kits
  • Starting a fire with a rifle
  • Cut shells for the shot gun (slugs on demand)
  • Convert a 10/22 to an M1 Carbine Clone
  • Build a black powder rifle from a kit
  • Build a “survival sling” from leather or paracord
  • Loads so quite you don’t need a suppressor
  • Build simple “airsoft” reactive targets for cheap or suburban practice

Resources for today’s show…

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One Response to Episode-52- TSP Rewind – Fun, Cheap and Easy Gun Projects and Tricks

  1. Update on the .22LR flat nose.

    CCI makes a SGB (Small Game Bullet) that is basically what you describe. I have no idea when it was introduced, but it seems to be in stock now.