Episode-50- TSP Rewind – 15 Items for the Prepper Kitchen and How to Use Them

rewindToday is an episode of TSP Rewind, commercial free versions of past podcast episodes.

Today’s episode was originally, 15 Items for the Prepper Kitchen and How to Use Them and was originally published on July 5th, 2016.

Today we are back after the 4th of July with the number one voted on show for July’s Tuesday “Just Jack” shows. I didn’t really expect this topic to do well, it was just something on a lark, may be people will like it.

One of the Greatest Kitchen Tools You Can Ever Own

One of the Greatest Kitchen Tools You Can Ever Own

Though as I have often said cooking may be the most relevant of all modern survival topics in our daily lives. The benefits are numerous, real, relevant and frankly immediate.

Think about cooking this way, it is the preparation or preservation of food. What is more relevant to our daily survival and long term welfare than that?

Additionally it has both immediate and long term positive impacts on our wallets and our health. Show me a family that eats out 5 times a week and I will show you one bleeding money. Show me a family that eats processed foods 5 times a week and I will show you one destroying their health.

Do you realize that in some households no one ever actually cooks anything. I know of families where 100% of food is restaurant, take out or delivery. Seriously!

The thing with cooking is it can be intimidating. No one wants to mess up and make a bad meal. Want the secret to cooking, GET THE F OVER IT and just drive on. To this day I still occasionally screw something up, over cook something, make it too spicy for my wife, etc. I never even let people tell me something is good when I know I did something wrong. But the way forward is “duly noted, don’t do that again, move on”.

Today we look at 15 items for your kitchen, how to use them and how they fit into making great food at home, storing food for the future and enjoying it all at the same time.

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