Episode-43- TSP Rewind – Emergency Vehicle Preparations

rewindToday is an episode of TSP Rewind, commercial free versions of past podcast episodes.

Today’s episode was originally, Episode-283- Emergency Vehicle Preperations and was originally published on September 24th, 2009.

The following are the original show notes from that episode.

Today we take a look at emergency vehicle preparations. As I discuss these please note that item one is your bug out bag, (BOB) hence something in your BOB such as a first aid kit or pair of gloves, etc won’t be mentioned today. We will be doing another show on BOBs soon. Today we are focused on turing your daily drive in to a proper bug out vehicle (BOV) and making sure you can deal with day to day inconviences as well.

I do welcome your input and comments though so if you have additional items you want to suggest please do so in the comments section below.

Also I want to remind you again to consider going by the Freedom Watch website and posting a comment thanking Judge Napolitano for allowing me to appear on freedom watch, you can do that here. Jack on the Judge.

Tune in today to hear…

  • Why parts and tools should be part of your vehicle preps
  • Why you need to have preps in your vehicle beyond your BOB
  • The importance of maps, navigation aids and basic map reading skills
  • The rules of three for evac, three destinations, three routes to each destination and three rally points on each route
  • Having proper documentation
  • Having back up methods of communications
  • Reserve fuel – think in range not gallons
  • Day to day uses for items that can also help in an emergency
  • Plan on using your vehicle during a disaster, going on foot is last resort
  • What is the purpose of a BOB, what is not the purpose of a BOB
  • A winch is your friend, so are tow straps
  • If you own two vehicles one should be a truck or a jeep
  • Carrying firearms and less than lethal options
  • Common sense for dealing with check points, government over reaction, etc.
  • Properly stocking a BOL so you have a place to go, you can’t carry everything
  • Using a modular approach for items you don’t carry day to day but would need to load fast during an evac

Resources for today’s show…

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8 Responses to Episode-43- TSP Rewind – Emergency Vehicle Preparations

  1. This is timely. I’m working on this right now.

  2. I’m following TSP for over 7 years, but I missed this episode. I wonder how many ideas I came up with by myself, or took in from other episodes.

    This summer I spent 6 days on a bike with a friend, our trip was for over 280 miles. I wanted to see if it’s feasible to bug-out on a bike. It is, unless you don’t have to carry your kids or elderly parents. If you do, there’s nothing better than a car that you use early enough (not to get stuck on the way out from the city).

  3. Great show, hadn’t heard it before.
    Just wondering did you do the ham radio licence and would you recommend, is it worth the effort do get a ham radio and do the licence these days?

    I remember years ago a college lecturer explaining that military planners never fully rely on satellite communication because in a war situation a satellite is very vulnerable to being destroyed. And that the army invest a lot in the technology of understanding and using natural layers of the ionosphere to bounce radio signals long distance as well as use longwave and shortwave as a more reliable way for terrestrial communication, hence the huge long fishing rod antenna on some army vehicles. I wonder is still true ?

    In a doomsday situation with electricity grid and cellular network down would a ham radio powered by a car battery be a use full asset to get information.

  4. TheMidwesterner

    Did Jack ever elaborate on the “Frisco Aspenites?”

    I’ve listened to every episode except for a small backlog of recent shows and don’t recall ever hearing more about them.

    • Modern Survival

      Oh they are suburbanite woman of high income or more accurately with husbands of high income that live in Frisco and surrounding well to do communities. They shop for a living basically spending the old man’s money as fast as he can earn it and generally bitch that the old man works too much leaving them bored and with nothing to do but shop.

      I call them Aspenites because as soon as the temps go below say 65 degrees you see them dressed for an upscale Aspen winter. Leather boots up to the knees, scarfs, etc. The whole nine yards!

      Daily they are wearing clothing worth about 5-6 bills minimum but when “winter” comes again meaning 65 degrees or so, they get out those special clothes and generally are walking around with about a grand of clothing on or more, then of course they all head to Starbucks because it is so cold they need a 9 dollar fluffy coffee drink to curl their hands around as though they were camping around a fire at night in the rockies.

      I WISH ONE WORD OF THIS WAS EXAGGERATION. Sadly it isn’t, it is a real thing and exactly as I have just described.

      • Something I have observed in life is that people with little motivation in life and low creativity who somehow stumble on big wealth (be it through inheritance or marriage) tend to later become unhappy with life and are likely to become addicted to alcohol or something similar.

        But a creative person who plans and builds his way through life by work, grafting, continuous learning and developing skills will tend to be much more content with life.

  5. Jason Silberschneider

    Neither sponsor of the day link works.

    • Those links are 8 years old, or so. Tea Party Silver has been defunct at least 5 years. Safe Castle is still there, but their URL may have changed.