Episode-39- TSP Rewind – “Unconventional” Fishing Methods

rewindToday is an episode of TSP Rewind, commercial free versions of past podcast episodes.

Today’s episode was originally,  Episode-1374- “Unconventional” Fishing Methods and was originally published on June the 24th, 2014.

The following are the original show notes from that episode.

The first thing you need to know is that some or all of these methods might be illegal in your locality and it is up to you to determine the legality of any of these methods before using them.

Some of these methods are best suited for an actual “survival situation” or at least a bush crafting situation.

Join Me Today As I Discuss…

  • Why leave the rod and reel behind
  • Thoughts  on “unconventional” or whatever you wish to call it
    • Jug fishing
    • Limb lines
    • YoYos
    • Trotlines
    • Noodling
    • Spear Fishing
    • “Trapping”
    • Nets
    • Bow Fishing
    • Gigging
    • Beer Can Fishing (hand lines)
  • Thoughts on why these methods should be considered

Resources for today’s show…

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One Response to Episode-39- TSP Rewind – “Unconventional” Fishing Methods

  1. Wheaties and strawberry pop regular not diet. Dough bait for carp. Friend of mine caught many carp that way. Pressure cook them fast way to soften the bones.
    Search for “Cleaning carp to eat” there is a “mud vein” that’s good to remove.