Episode-31- TSP Rewind – Creating Your Vision of Liberty

rewindToday is an episode of TSP Rewind, commercial free versions of past podcast episodes.

Today’s episode was originally, Episode-635- Creating Your Vision of Liberty and originally aired on March 30th, 2011.

I chose this show for today because it tells the story of listeners who early on in the history of this show totally transformed their lives.  And it then inspired many more such transformations.  I decided that it was time for these stories to be told once again.  In hopes that it will once again inspire more people to make that positive change in their own lives.

The notes below are the original notes from that episode.

Today we hear from two listeners who have found their own path to individual liberty.  Not in some Utopian sense of some mythical new nation that recognizes the liberty we claim to recognize in America today, rather they have claimed their own personal liberty their own way.

Both of these couples said, screw it and JUST DID IT, and not in the cliche way of the Nike catch phrase.  They took decisive action, they stated their intent, they designed a road map and they acted.  Today my hope is many of our listeners will do the same in their own lives.  Freedom is something no man or woman can define for another, by its very nature it is individualized.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • How a simple post in the forum changed many lives
  • How one listener spent two years and gained back 15
  • How a couple in NJ, changed with out moving far, for now
  • How you begin your path to finding your own vision of liberty
  • You don’t have to be rich to live like a broke ass redneck
  • That broke ass redneck is probably happier then you are
  • Why you must define what you don’t like to find what you do like
  • Why what you think you hate may not actually be what you hate
  • How figuring out what you love can lead you to more of it
  • The moments etched into your soul are your key to personal freedom
  • Why 99.9% of ships reach their ports on time and what it teaches us
  • The difference between simple and easy and why it matters

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One Response to Episode-31- TSP Rewind – Creating Your Vision of Liberty

  1. Jack,
    I just watched a comedic Netflix movie called “Waffle Street” about a young financial guy who got the ax and took the fall for the Mortgage scams his firm ran.

    He took a job at a Waffle house-type restaurant that ended up rearranging his priorities and helped him discover his true passion which is eluded to in spots through the last half of the movie but the ah-ha moment is on a park bench.

    Not a great movie but it was funny, and worth watching if you are trying to find your way and nothing seems to be jiving for you.